How To Keep Sweatshirts Soft - 8 Quick Tips To Nail It in 2024

Jun, 17 2022
Posted by The Archer
Each of us owns at least one sweatshirt in our closet. And there is a matter that we all have to face up with - How to keep sweatshirts soft?
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    Keeping your sweatshirts as new and fresh as the very first time you bought them is not a challenging task at all. However, it requires you to put a little effort into taking care of your sweatshirts. After many times of wearing your much-loved sweatshirt, it will gradually lose its softness for sure. Below are the best solutions regarding How to keep sweatshirts soft.

    How to keep sweatshirts soft and fluffy?

    Method 1: Do not use fabric softener

    • The fact is that using fabric softeners has become one of our daily habits when it comes to washing clothes although it is optional to do so. But little do you know that fabric softeners are created from chemical silicone oil, which makes our clothes seem to be smooth and aromatic.
    • However, in fact, they cause harm to the fabrics of clothes, and in this case - to your sweatshirts as they contain chemicals that reduce the sweatshirt’s ability to wick away moisture as well as absorb water and detergent. 

    Method 2: Wisely remove stains

    • It is inevitable to have stains on your sweatshirt. Apparently, the first thing that comes to your mind to help remove stains from your sweatshirt is to use stain removal products. However, these contain strong chemicals that damage your sweatshirt’s fluffiness. The solution is to use natural stain removers instead, such as baking soda or lemon. 

    Method 3: Choose the detergent carefully

    • Choosing the right detergent is a vital step as not all the detergents are suitable for your sweatshirt. Some consist of harsh chemicals that might damage the sweatshirt’s color. Printerval strongly recommends you use mild detergents to make your shirt last longer and keep its softness perfectly. 

    Method 4: Turn the sweatshirt inside out before washing

    • Remember to turn your sweatshirts inside out before placing them in the washing machine, especially with the ones that have a screen print layer on the front. The garment or the fabric outside your sweatshirts which anyone can see will be protected well from damage. 

    Method 5: Rinse sweatshirts with similar items 

    • Never forget to sort out similar clothes to wash in the washing machine.
    • Please note that sweaters should be washed together with other delicate and soft items rather than heavy fabrics such as jeans or denim. This will help prevent your sweatshirt from being scratched, which causes hardness for the fabric of your shirt. 

    Note: Sort the garments by color so that they will not get stains. 

    source: theadairgroup

    Method 6: Always air dry sweatshirts

    • Do not place your sweatshirt in the dryer as it causes too much friction and shrinkage - which does more harm than good to the fabrics. Air-drying is a better choice in this case as it keeps your sweatshirt naturally smooth and soft

    Method 7: Do not wash frequently 

    • Washing your sweatshirt too often is the cause of the deterioration in the fabric’s strength and elasticity. As a consequence, your sweatshirt will get damaged sooner or later. So remember as long as your sweatshirt does not get any stains, you should wear it several times before washing it. Wear an undershirt or T-shirt underneath your sweater to keep it fresher, and small stains and marks could be treated with spot cleaning instead of a full wash. 

    Method 8: Wash in cold water

    • Cold water combined with mild laundry detergent does wonder for your sweatshirt. Sweaters should always be washed in cold water. In terms of machine washing sweaters, water temperature takes precedence over all other cycle options. I mention this because some machines incorporate specific water temperatures into their cycles, whereas others allow you to configure water temperature independently of cycle type and length (more on that in a sec). Stick with me if you have the latter type of washing machine. If you have the former, always choose a cycle that only uses cold water.

    Reasons why sweatshirts lose their softness

    • The fabric of sweatshirts determines their softness. Despite its initial softness, a sweatshirt's softness might degrade over time due to some reasons.
    • Washing sweatshirts in hot water or with ordinary detergent destroys the fabric. Since sweatshirts lose their softness with time, this results in a decrease in their comfort.
    • Excessive washing is also one of the factors that ruin the fabrics densely. 

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