How to look good in a baseball cap girl?

How to look good in a baseball cap girl

Caps play an important role in people’s lives for their various functions. As an indispensable accessory, a cap not only protects people’s head and eyes from the sun and extreme weather but it is also known as a fashionable item that makes the wearer look stunning and trendy. However, due to the many types of caps available in the market, sometimes people can find it hard to look good in a baseball cap, in particular girls, who always take notice of their styles and appearance. 

Here, Printerval would like to give you, beautiful and charming women, useful tactics to look good in a baseball cap including the ways to mix & match and hairstyles to combine perfectly. 

What are the best ways to mix and match baseball caps for women?

Believe in me! You can be creative with baseball caps and wear them in different styles, from cute, sporty to fashionable, apart from using them for baseball games or protection.

Here are several ways that you can apply when wearing a cap to make you look fashionable and stunning.

Wear a Baseball Cap with a Comfy Sweater and Jeans

Pairing your white baseball cap with sunglasses, a white comfy sweater, and skinny jeans is expected to be the perfect outfit for casual shopping when spring comes. And remember that the key here is to match your sweater with a baseball cap of a similar color. Except for white, light grey and cream are also good choices for the refreshing look. 

Regarding jeans, you can use either skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans for the feminine or stylish look.

How to look good in a baseball cap girl

Printerval is available in white caps or any colors you want for the mixing that you can be free of in choice. Explore it via!

Wear a Baseball Cap with Denim Shorts

This style is ideal for summertime for a casual, energetic look that is perfect for outdoor hangouts and dog walking. You can pair the classic summertime baseball cap with denim shorts, a t-shirt, and sneakers. 

In the spring, you can replace the tee with a hoodie.

How to look good in a baseball cap girl

Wear a Baseball Cap with a T-shirt Dress

Honestly, pairing a t-shirt dress with a baseball cap gives you not only a sporty but feminine look. Besides, you will look slimmer when tying a jacket or a sweater around your waist.

How to look good in a baseball cap girl

Wear with a Leather Jacket or a Denim Jacket

If you have a passion for a slightly masculine style, pairing a baseball cap with a leather jacket and ripped jeans or a denim jacket with a baseball cap can be ideal. In particular, along with a denim jacket, you can wear a tee and jeans for a casual outfit.

How to look good in a baseball cap girl

Wear a Dark Colored Baseball Cap with Your Smart Casual Outfit

Although a baseball cap is not something that you should wear in the office, you can actually look good pairing your smart-casual outfit with a black or dark-colored baseball cap when you want to hide from your coworkers the moment you leave the office. It is really excellent if you put a black baseball cap and your earphones on when you go home after work because you will feel that there is a private space for yourself with this style.

Black-colored caps at Printerval shop
Black-colored caps at Printerval shop

At Printerval, there are a large number of Dark-Colored Baseball Caps that you can freely choose the best one for yourself as well as for your matches.

Wear a Striped Dress with a Baseball Cap

This style is perfect for the spring and the summer because it can make you look like a sweet girl next door.

Wear with a Long Sweater

Apart from denim jackets, a baseball cap and a long sweater is a great style for the fall that can make the perfect outfit for going to a cafe to get your morning coffee in an autumn morning.

how to look good in baseball cap girl

Wear a Wool Baseball Cap with a Scarf

Also in the fall, wearing a wool baseball cap with a scarf, a blouse, and skinny jeans can be ideal. Why is a wool baseball cap? well, because such a nice cap can make the overall style look less sporty and more suitable for a smart casual outfit.

Wear with a Tank Top and Boyfriend Jeans

For this style, you can simply pair your baseball cap with a tank top, ripped boyfriend jeans, and sneakers. In particular, a stylish long necklace can also add a lot of character to the overall look and a tank top can be replaced by a plain t-shirt.

how to look good in baseball cap girl

Wear a Baseball Cap with Jogging Clothes

Pairing your usual jogging clothes with a baseball cap is a great jogging outfit idea because it can make you look more sporty, even when you are wearing a hoodie with jogging pants, or a tank top with running tights.

how to look good in baseball cap girl 7

Wear a Black Leather Baseball Cap with All Black Outfit

The reality is that black leather baseball caps are very different from other kinds of baseball caps in terms of style because you can’t really wear a leather baseball cap with your jogging outfit. Conversely, it is better to wear it with your street clothes. Black leather baseball caps can mix with a black top and black trousers that make a black combo outfit.

how to look good in baseball cap girl

Wear a Black Leather Baseball Cap with a Chambray Blouse

Another outfit idea to match with a black leather baseball cap is pairing it with a chambray blouse and denim shorts. Plus black leggings, you will have a casual and stylish look.

What are the best hairstyles under a baseball cap?

Along with the mixing & matching, hairstyles also play an essential role in making you look good in a baseball cap. 

Printerval gives you a few hairstyles that look cute under a baseball cap. Surely you may need them when putting on such nice caps.

Side Ponytail

If you don't like leaving your face completely bare but want to try a new look, put all of your hair to one side because it is a reality that many people cannot stand what their face looks like when their hair is pulled back. Side Ponytail is another lovely and stylish choice to replace it.

how to look good in baseball cap girl


When you reach a mature age, you can find it harder to pull off pigtails. Well, don’t worry, here is another intelligent choice for you- you can make pigtails when you're wearing a baseball cap. Surely, the cap will make you look less like a little girl and more like a sporty woman.

how to look good in baseball cap girl

Straight down 

Fast and convenient, you just leave your hair straight or curly, whatever's natural. You don’t need to worry if it will look a little messy because the messy look can make you look casual and fashionable. 

how to look good in baseball cap girl

High Pony or Low Pony

You can place your hair high up on your head and pull it through the opening in the back of your cap that can make you look young and peppy, like a cheerleader.

Another idea is you can create a low pony below the bottom of your cap that is a more casual look than the high pony. You can replace two types of Pony hairstyles to make yourself fresh.

how to look good in baseball cap girl

Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braids hairstyle is seen as the most elegant style that you could possibly wear with a hat.

Hidden Bun

You can put your hair up into a bun and cover it all with your hat to make your hair out of your face on some burning days.

Side Bun

You can create a side bun that hangs down toward your neck that might look a little messy but look adorable.

Strands down

You can leave a few strands loose when you choose to pull all of your hair back into a ponytail, braid, or bun that can make you look feminine and gentle with a baseball cap.

how to look good in baseball cap girl

Honestly, you don't have to look like a girly model every single day of your life. Conversely, you can utterly change your style by making your hair impressive with a baseball cap.

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