How to make a flag pole?

Oct, 18 2021
Posted by Frank Merino
Flying a flag from a purpose-made post is a long-standing tradition for people to showcase their affiliations to country, organization, and more. In this Blog, Printerval, as a trusted brand for custom flags, would like to share with you the ways to make a flag pole as well as the ways to choose the flag for the suitable pole.
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    How to make a flag pole?

    While the use of flags and flagpoles dates back more than 2000 years, we have witnessed a significant rise in the number of businesses and individuals choosing to invest in flagpoles and fly a variety of flags from them for decades, along with the surge of flag types. Flying a flag from a purpose-made post is a long-standing tradition for people to showcase their affiliations to country, organization, and more.

    In this Blog, Printerval, as a trusted brand for custom flags, would like to share with you the ways to make a flag pole as well as the ways to choose the flag for the suitable pole. 

    Why do you need a flag pole?

    Simply, you own a flag and you want to show it on. That is why you need a flag pole. However, the explanation is not as pure as that. There are some reasons( below) to tell you why you need flag poles.

    A desire to make an impact

    It is believed that the first impression is so important that it can be a crucial part of the way you make an impact. 

    A flag pole can be a superb method of attraction for your business and giving your location a professional and impressive way to welcome guests and visitors as long as the flagpole is located in the right place, with the right height, etc. 

    In particular, you can add even more impact to the flag pole with a custom flag design which can be found at Printerval shop. As a trusted brand for custom products, Printerval provides you with many types of unique flags which are designed exclusively by many talented designers. 

    Here are some of them:

    Custom flags at Printerval shop
    Custom flags at Printerval shop

    Showcasing your values  

    By choosing the right flagpole, can help you and your business share your values with everyone who visits your location because surely whatever flag you’ve chosen to fly, you want to give it the prominence and attention it deserves. 

    For example, national flags are a popular choice for public sector organizations, high-end hospitality, and armed and emergency services as well as highlighting the location where they are based, the place they represent, or in solidarity to a country where they have meaningful partnerships. 

    In addition, there are many ways to fly multiple flags to showcase your values and relationships and to get a solution that makes the most of your space, depending on your choice of the flag as well as its meaning. 

    How to make a flag pole?

    Choosing a sustainable display solution

    Because a flagpole is seen as a long-term investment, flying a flag from a flagpole will never go out of style. It is believed that a flag pole that is kept in tip quality condition can last for years, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective structure to fly flags and pennants.

    What do you need to consider before constructing a flag pole?

    It seems to be simple but in fact, there are many factors you need to consider before making a flag pole. 


    For mobility, the size of the flag you want to fly would determine the size of the flagpole you need. But if you want a fixed flag pole that is located in a fixed place, you can pick another option for the flag sizes. 

    There is a reality that the flag is not only to match for aesthetic purposes but it will be dependent on the stability of the pole. And remember to consider the height of the pole in relation to the size of your home or whatever building you are displaying your flag in front of if you are running your flag from the ground. 

    How to make a flag pole?


    It is true that the higher the quality material you use, the stronger your flagpole would be able to handle higher wind speeds and unpredictable weather but you have to consider carefully your flag use purposes. For instance, aluminum and fiberglass are the most common materials of flag poles but if you are building something smaller and more portable, PVC piping can work well. 

    And here are things you may need:

    • Two 5-gallon (19 L) or larger buckets
    • 8-foot (2.4 m) or longer piece of PVC pipe
    • Tape measure
    • Hacksaw
    • Magic marker
    • Quickset cement
    • Shovel or hoe
    • Water
    • Petroleum jelly
    • Plastic sheeting
    • Duct tape
    • Drill
    • Screwdriver
    • Level
    • Rope Cleat
    • Truck pulley
    • Hooks/Carabiners
    • Rope


    As I mentioned before, portability is a necessary factor you should take into account when constructing a flag pole. Some questions you may need such as “does your flagpole need a base?”, “Are you hanging the flag from an elevated area?”, etc. Sometimes, you aren’t looking for a permanent place for your flag and instead are looking to have it portable and easy to move to determine whether you need to create a strong enough base to hold the pole or not. 

    Wind speed

    Flag poles have different ratings on how they match up to wind testing, as a result, your location should factor in on what type of pole you are searching for, especially if the weather can be rough in your area.

    How to make a flag pole?

    How to make a pole for a flag?

    The Pole

    Here are some simple steps to make your own DIY flagpole from PVC pipe. The reason why I chose PVC pipe is that this material is easy to make by yourself and you don’t need any help from mechanics. 

     Firstly, you cut your PVC pipe to your desired height.

    Then, mark the halfway point to attach the rope cleat.

    Next, you drill holes and follow the installation instructions for the cleat.

    Finally, attach a flagpole truck pulley to one end of the PVC.

    Now, you have a flagpole from a PVC pipe. 

    ​ How to make a flag pole?

    The Base

    After finishing the flagpole, you will move to the next mission: creating the base. However, you should keep in mind that if it is a portable and smaller pole, the base may be made out of quick-dry concrete and a bucket, if it is a larger pole, you should install it into the ground.

    Here are the steps to make the base for your flagpole.

    First of all, wrap the PVC with plastic and cover it with petroleum jelly to prevent sticking when making a base.

    Secondly, you mix quick-dry cement, following instructions on the packaging.

    Next, you set the pole in the bucket, have a second person hold the pole so the angle is perfectly vertical, and prevent creating a crooked base.

    Then, pour cement into a bucket around the pole and lastly, you leave the cement to dry overnight.

    Finishing the Flag

    Well, it’s time for you to hang your flag onto the pole. By following these steps, you can complete your installation of the flagpole. 

    To begin, you remove the flagpole and take the plastic wrap off, discarding the plastic. 

    After stringing a rope through the installed pulley, you attach flag hooks to the rope.

    Finally, hang your flag and tie the rope around the cleat.

    The important thing is you chose a flagpole to meet all your needs of size and quality kept in mind and built a flagpole exactly to your specifications the above quick guides. If you haven’t chosen a perfect flag yet, it doesn’t matter. Let Printerval help you!

    How to make a flag pole?

    Where to buy flags for your nice flag pole?

    Having a flagpole available, surely you are considering where to buy the flag for installing on it. The answer is Printerval. 

    Printerval is an online shop, which is reliable and reputable, for you to buy custom flags on various occasions. Flags at the Printerval shop are diverse in shapes, sizes, and designs that help you be flexible in choosing the most suitable one for your flagpole. Besides, they adhere to many types of flag poles, horizontal, vertical, or others. You can also buy flags at amazing prices, only $10.98, $12.99, $14.99, etc, plus many fascinating discounts. By ordering, you can receive the package fast and securely. 

    Custom flags at Printerval shop
    Custom flags at Printerval shop

    You can start to consider and choose many types of trendy and unique flags on right now. 

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