Smart Techniques On How To Make A Shirt Bigger for 2023

Not everyone can stay in shape and keep good physical health all the time. Your body might become bigger than it was in the past due to so many reasons. You are eating way too much, or do not have time to exercise to keep fit, or you are being stressed out, or you are muscular. As a consequence, it will give you a hard time choosing what clothes to fit in your body. And one of the most asked questions is How to make a shirt bigger

Shirt too small? Can You Make A Shirt Bigger? 

There is one thing that you have to take into consideration before executing to stretch a shirt - it is the material of the shirt. The fact is that cotton is the most stretchy of all the textiles used to produce shirts, whereas polyester blends and other synthetic fabrics have little or none at all. Also, for the most part, if the cotton shirts are of low quality, which means they have a lower thread count compared with high-quality ones, they are much more likely to tear if stretched too tightly.

After picking an old nice cotton shirt to stretch, you definitely can apply the methods below to extend it to the bigger size as you wish.

Ways to stretch a cotton shirt

Below are the top-notch techniques that are worth trying to make a shirt bigger.

Method 1: Soak the shirt in cold water

Step 1: Douse your shirt with water and wash it either by hand or in the washing machine for 15-20 minutes. Remember to wash it with cold water as it not only helps it to slow down the fading of colors but also prevents it from shrinking any further. 

Note: When hand washing, squeeze out excess water before stretching the shirt. However, do not wring the fabric. Instead, simply press the shirt.

Step 2: Flatten your shirt by placing it on a flat surface. Make sure there aren't any wrinkles or creases in the shirt by spreading it out completely. 

Step 3: Stretch your shirt while it’s still wet by 1-2 inches (about 5cm) for the chest area and 0.79-1 inch (about 2-3 cm). Start by lightly pulling on each sleeve's end. Next, rip out the shirt's top, collar, and hem. Then pull the sides.

Step 4: Air-dry your shirt. Do not place it in the dryer as it will ruin all your effort. 

Note: This process might take a few hours so please be patient.

source: wikiHow

Method 2: Use hair conditioner

Branded hair conditioners will help you save a lot of time stretching your shirt out. 

Step 1: Soak the shirt in a sink full of cold water mixed with 50-60ml of hair conditioner and 15-30ml of vinegar.

Step 2: After a 15-minute soaking, to completely submerge the shirt, lay it flat in the water and push it down. When you push it down, try to maintain it as flat as possible so that the materials in the water may affect the fibers as well.

Step 3: Empty the sink and refill with fresh water. Squeeze the shirt to remove the hair conditioner or vinegar. Then continue to soak the garment for about 5 minutes. Repeat this process of rinsing and soaking until your shirt gets clean. 

Step 4: While your shirt is still damp, stretch it out. To squeeze out extra water, place the shirt between two towels, then roll up so that two towels can absorb the water from the shirt. Finally, leave the shirt to dry.

source: wikiHow
source: wikiHow

Method 3: Replace side seam with panels

  • Find another shirt in a similar or complementary color. A knit shirt is an ideal choice. Use your scissors to open each side seam and remove the sleeve seam.
  • Keep the bottom and sleeve seams of your knit shirt intact as you cut a strip of fabric from the same side. Sew the strips into the small shirt's seam, matching the panels in place.

Method 4: Hang dry the shirt

  • Hang-dry a shirt can also stretch it. Skip the dryer after washing your shirts in cold water. Use clothespins to hang the shirts to dry on a clothesline.
  • For more pressure, place the pins along the bottom of the shirt, hanging it upside down. The extra water weight causes the material to extend and stretch while hanging.

Method 5: Keep your shirt from shrinking

  • In terms of washing shirts, use cold water.
  • Shirts made of wool, mohair, or cashmere should be dry-cleaned.
  • Follow the instructions on the tags on your clothing.
  • Stay away from the dryer when it comes to maintaining your loved shirts.

Printerval hope that all the techniques above help you perfectly to answer the question of How to make a shirt smaller. Follow our blog to update more useful and latest articles.