How to Make a Tote Bag?

What materials need to be prepared? 

Fabric: usually burlap, canvas, raw cotton, etc. are used to make the outside of the bag. Depending on your preferences, you can choose plain fabrics or colors and patterns.

Floral fabric or color of your choice the same size as the cloth above as the inner lining.

Cotton rope to make the straps, you can also sew the straps with the same fabric as the outer fabric or depending on your preference.

Tools: scissors, sewing machine, iron, fabric pins, needle for embroidery, and some decorations as desired.

Sewing machine

Instructions on how to sew a Tote bag

It has one layer of fabric on the top, another on the bottom, and I made the inner third. So you can customize it to your liking!

Step 1: Measure and cut to pieces

From your bottom fabric cut 2 pieces 17 inches wide by 8 inches long

From your top fabric cut 2 pieces 17 inches wide by 12 inches long

Waiting to cut your inner fabric

For your straps (from your preferred fabric), cut 2 pieces measuring 31 inches by 4 inches

Step 2: Join the two pieces of fabric on the bottom together

Place the top fabric on the bottom fabric with the right sides together and sew them together. Do this for both pieces and then iron the seam flat.

Step 3: Treat the inner and outer fabric pieces

With one of the pieces you just sewed, place it on your inner lining and use it as a guide to cut out the inner fabric to match what you just created. Cut 2 layers of your inner fabric.

Sew the two inside pieces together around the sides and bottom with the right side.

Sew both of your outer pieces together around both sides and bottom with the right side.

Step 4: How to cut and sew the corner of a tote bag

Now you will create these upper box corners. To do this, take the bottom corner of the bag and rotate it so that the fabric is positioned like this:

Next, you'll sew a seam on the top end of that triangle a few inches down from the top:

Then cut off that corner. Do this with both the outer and inner corners.

Step 5: Make the straps

Take your long pieces and fold them in half the length with the sides facing each other and sew them together. Turn right side out (this will be a bit difficult and time-consuming. I use chopsticks or scissors to help push the fabric). Press the straps flat with the seam in the center of the back:

Step 6: Sew the straps to the bag

Now, slide your straps inside the bag in between the inner and outer fabrics. Make sure that the seam on the back of the fabric is facing the inside of the bag and pin everything in place like this. Have the fabric cover and strap the ends between your inner and outer layers of fabric on both sides and have the ends protrude slightly.


Step 7: Done

Sew all around the top of the bag leaving a 4-inch hole to rotate it. Turn the right pocket out and tuck it inside. Press the entire bag. Fold the opening and press it so that it looks like the stitched part. So it's done


How to Mix & Match with Tote bag?

Tote Bag With Dynamic Style

With a dynamic style, the trio of T-shirts - jeans - tote bags is the formula that applies to anyone, regardless of gender or age. Is the most basic formula that when applied, will automatically "substance". Because the tote bag itself has shown comfort, freedom, and freedom. So let's combine it with an outfit that also has the same style. If you go to school, wear jeans/baggy t-shirt. The outfit in the office will match the combo boxed T-shirt with culottes pants. If going out or walking on the street, a t-shirt/shorts/bib will be the perfect combination.

Tote Bag With Feminine Style

The dress itself speaks of femininity. Knee-length skirts flared skirts or babydolls… all will be perfect when paired with a tote bag. With this set, you should choose tote bags with bright colors such as white, beige, pink, or blue. Note, avoid choosing dark colors because it will make the overall outfit opposite.

If the skirt form is simple, mix it with a checkered canvas tote or pattern. With dresses with sophisticated details, colorful ruffles; Choose simple tote bags with bright colors. With a feminine style, tote bags with slogans or funny prints will be a perfect choice. The raw fabric of the tote bag is an ideal companion to the dress you already have in your closet.

Tote Bag With Cool Style

Although women make up the majority of young people using tote bags. But for men’s tote bags, burlap bags still have a very unique place, stylish, strong personality, and full of charm.

A tote bag made of 100% matte canvas or cotton is a popular choice for men for work or on the street if you like a cool style.

Fabric tote bags for men seem difficult to coordinate, but just a little ingenuity is enough to create a quality outfit. Tote bags are suitable for most men's styles. From elegant, unisex, simple man to freestyle.

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