How to Make and Clean Flip-Flops?

Sep, 28 2021
Posted by Prairie Moon
With good weather, summer and hot sun often wear flip-flops. We've made a season change in our wardrobe, replacing oversized sweaters, velvet pants, and sweatshirts, with lots of short t-shirts and shorts. Speaking of flip flops, would you like to make a pair yourself? In the following, step-by-step tutorial, we'll see how.
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    How to prepare ingredients? 

    To do their DIY, we needed a rubber sheet that was quite tall in thickness, about two millimeters, and it could also be easily folded. Alternatively, you can choose to use a sheet of cork, or you can also weave thin straw as the sole for your Flip-flops. In the second case, you will be able to work well and be skilled in weaving, and at the same time, create a very dense and flat base.

    Trace the contour of flip flops

    Once you have the base you want, draw the shapes, which will be the sole, make the trace from one of your shoes.

    Then you can continue to cut the contours, and then place your bare feet in each shape and, with a pencil, mark the circumference; defines the point that separates the big toe from the index, in both shapes. At those points, both to the right and to the left, make a small hole that will pop out from the opposite side, i.e. the back; Two more holes must be made about four centimeters from the toe of the heel. To make both flip-flops really the same, you can make a slipper first, then you can trace the same holes on the other flip-flop.

    Assembling flip-flops

    To finish, you will need to take two strips of fabric, also for restoration. They should be about three centimeters wide and about the size of your foot. To calculate the bands, simply take two strips of fabric and put them together. Pass them through the small hole at the top and secure them behind the power strip with hot glue. Place the foot by inserting the ribbon between the big toe and forefinger, and slide each into the corresponding hole near the heel; from the hole go through each ribbon, so pull until it's enough to not over-tighten the leg: make sure the ribbon holds it firmly. Finally, fix it behind with hot glue. Decorate your flip-flops when you like.

    How to clean flip-flops?

    Depending on the material of the shoe, we will have different cleaning methods.

    Step 1: Basic handling

    For Flip-flops made entirely of monolithic rubber. You can soak the slippers in warm water before cleaning. This will make the mud stains, dirt ... stick on the slippers quickly soft, peel off, you will clean the slippers faster.

    If the Flip-flops are made of leather, do not let them come into contact with water as this will damage the leather very quickly. You should always do step 2 below

    Step 2: Use a brush to clean the slippers

    Horizontal strap Flip-flops at the bottom or on the body of the Flip-flops are mostly designed with many crevices and openings. To clean the stains stuck in these crevices, you should use a toothbrush with soft bristles that will easily creep into the crevices and slots, removing dirt more quickly. Attention: do not rub too hard on the surface of the slippers, especially those with decorative accessories such as beads, buckles, etc.

    Step 3: Use specialized cleaners

    If you encounter stubborn stains that cannot be removed. You should use specialized cleaning agents for high-grade leather and rubber materials. You should choose reputable products to clean your quality horizontal strap Flip-flops.

    How to properly care for Flip-Flops?

    Summer is also the rainy season. Therefore, it will be difficult to avoid that the Flip-flops are easily caught in the rain and wet. To preserve Flip-flops to limit damage and prolong life, when slippers are soaked in rainwater, you should first clean the mud. Then put the slippers in a cool place.

    Absolutely do not expose Flip-flops to direct sunlight when it is wet, especially with leather Flip-flops. This will seriously degrade your model.

    Some other notes

    • Shoes should be stored in a box.
    • Avoid leaving slippers in damp, moldy places.

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