How to Wash Caps?

Why should I wash my cap?

A cap is a very difficult item to wash, if you don't know how to wash it properly, it will be easy to damage the hard tongue of the hat because this is usually designed with hard plastic or hard paper wrapped in fabric.  If you squeeze it hard, this part of the tongue is very easy to break and if you put it in the washing machine, you should definitely throw the hat away.

It can be said that a cap or snapback cap is an indispensable accessory for most men because of the variety of designs, as well as the style and convenience they bring. No matter what fashion style or trend you prefer, these caps will always help you feel the most confidence in any situation.

However, no matter how valuable your cap is and how good the quality is, care should be taken to keep the cap and snapback as new as the original. In today's article, Printerval will give instructions on how to wash caps and snapback caps so they don't lose their form and don't fade.

Instructions on how to clean the cap, wash the most standard snapback cap

Before washing the cap, snapback cap you need to determine what material the cap is made of? and is there any manufacturer's note on the product for proper washing of caps and snapbacks? Some commonly used materials to create a cap, snapback is cotton, cotton, polyester ...

Wash caps made from cotton and wool fabrics 

If you own a wool or cotton cap, it will tend to shrink when exposed to water or high-temperature conditions. It is recommended that you hand wash wool/cotton caps and snapbacks in a sink with cold water and wash gently. Then dry the cap at room temperature to keep the shape of the cap, to avoid deformation or distortion of the cap. One thing to note is that you absolutely must not use a brush to scrub the cap, as that will make the fabric fibers, afraid of the wool being broken, frayed, and will lose everything from the original cap. Washing caps by hand is the most suitable and safest way to wash cotton and woolen caps.

How to wash a leather or polyester cap, snapback

If it's a cap, your snapback is made of leather or polyester. Mix a little warm water and laundry soap together in a small bowl or basin. Next, you use a soft towel dipped in the mixture and then wipe both the inside and outside of the cap. Note, you need to wipe gently until the cap is clean as desired. Then you rinse the cap with cold water, then dry it with a soft towel until the cap and snapback are completely dry.

Steps to wash cap

Step 1: Soak the cap in clean water for 5 minutes

Before washing, we turn a little clean water into the basin and soak the cap so that the water completely covers the hat for about 5 minutes. for the purpose of softening the fabric and dirt stains that are and have been attached for a long time on the hat. Or if you don't want to be fussy, you should also soak for 10 to 20 seconds and then gently rub the top of the fabric (the hard part should not be rubbed by hand, but lightly brushed with a brush).

Step 2: Change the water and soak the cap with soap for 10 minutes

Next, pour the old water into the basin, turn about 1 cup of water (about 200 to 400ml only). Put the soap in the pan to dissolve the soap, then put the cap in and gently stir 4-5 times for the hat to fully contact the soapy water. Here you should soak with soapy water for 10 to 15 minutes for the chemical reaction to remove stains enough time to occur.

Step 3: Wash the hat and clean the hard part

After soaking in soapy water for enough time, continue to leave it on and gently scrub the top and bottom of the hard tongue with the brush. This is a very sensitive part that we must be very careful not to break. As the initial suggestion, if necessary, you should sacrifice a toothbrush to brush the hard tongue of the cap to be safer and especially to avoid fiber fibers.

Step 4: Lightly rub the soft fabric

Next, use your two hands to gently rub the remaining soft fabric of the cap and avoid touching or pressing hard on the hard tongue of the hat (cleaned in step 3). Rubbing for a certain amount of time until you feel the stains have been completely removed.

Step 5: Soak fabric softener

After washing with soapy water, pour that water away, rinse the basin with clean water and wash again according to steps 3, 4 as above about 2 times with clean water to completely remove dirty water. Finally, dilute the fabric softener and soak the hat for another 15 to 20 minutes. Fabric softener is responsible for flushing out the excess of previously soaked soap and creating a fragrance, avoiding mold for the cap later.

Step 6: Wring it out to dry after washing the cap

Finally, you squeeze out the fabric softener on the soft part of the fabric (the hard part does not need to be squeezed, just leave it). Then you take the hat out to dry in a sunny location. Avoid letting the rain soak into the hat during the drying process, it will cause the hat to be moldy and have an unpleasant smell.


– You absolutely must not wash the cap, snapback cap in the washing machine, clothes dryer because this will distort the original shape of the cap.

– It is recommended to use useful tools to keep the cap form such as cheap plastic molds that you can buy at the market, this plastic mold is used to help keep your cap form in the same condition as before. just bought.

Notes on washing and drying caps

 Always wash the cap by hand or a toothbrush, never with a big brush. Because using a large brush can easily fray the fabric and scratch the skin, if there are stubborn stains, you should only use a soft toothbrush to scrub it.

One tip is that you should use shampoo instead of soap to clean your cap. Because strong bleach will affect the fabric and even fade the color.

 Pay attention to the dry cap, snapback cap in a well-ventilated place. Absolutely do not expose to the sun as this will cause the cap to fade.

 Please dry your caps in such a way that the brim is up, the body of the cap is at the bottom to prevent water from pooling on the brim, which can easily form unsightly stains.

In short, in order for your beloved cap to always be durable and not fade, you should try to preserve the cap the most carefully, so wash them according to the instructions that printerval just wrote above.

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