Amazing Tips On How To Wear A Chain With A Hoodie in 2022

Jun, 17 2022
Posted by The Archer
Not sure how to answer the “How to wear a chain with a hoodie” question? This article brings you the most fantastic tips to solve this matter. Check it out now!
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    The hoodie is probably not the most fashionable and preferred item in our wardrobe, but it is a must-have thanks to its pleasantness and practicality. For a bolder look, there is one blown-away accessory that can go perfectly with the hoodie - A chain! It is not rare to see this style of fashion - hoodies and chains - on celebrities, especially those who are in the rap industry. It has become ubiquitous and trendy these days. However, matching a chain with a hoodie is not that easy. So in this article, we will show you How to wear a chain with a hoodie in cleverest ways. 

    How to wear a chain with a hoodie? 

    Choose the right chain

    • Purchase a chain crafted with fine metals such as silver, gold, or platinum
    • It is not at all a problem if you are unable to afford something that is extremely cost an arm and a leg. The most important matter is that you acquire some jewelry that is produced with real metal, as opposed to something inexpensive like plastic. 
    • Your preferences should be your primary consideration when it comes to selecting the kind of metal to use. While gold may be associated with opulence and self-assurance, silver is a more versatile and affordable material for chain making.
    source: wikiHow

    Choose religious pendant chains 

    • If you are spiritual, it is great to wear a chain that has a religious pendant representing your faith and personality. For example, it could be a chain with a cross pendant if you are Christian.
    source: wikiHow

    Look more stylish with simple, looped chains 

    • For an effortlessly chic look, choose a chain that is uncomplicated and has loops. Opt for thin, flat chains with lightweight rather than chunky ones.
    • Some of the chains that are formed more like ribbons, smooth and very thin, are some of the most comfortable to wear.
    source: wikiHow

    Pick the suitable length

    The length is one of the most crucial factors in terms of choosing a necklace to wear. It depends on the fashion style that you are aiming for. For the most part, you should choose a necklace that is approximately 24 inches (60cm) in length, or you can follow the highlight notes below: 

    • If you want your necklace to sit just below the neck: 16-18 inches (40-45cm)
    • If you want your necklace to sit near the collarbone: 20-22 inches (51-56cm)
    • If you want your necklace to sit around the chest’s center: 24 inches (61cm)
    source: wikiHow

    Mix with an obvious pendant for a bolder look

    • Chains with attractive pendants or shapes will draw attention to your appearance, and make you become unique and stand out from the crowd. Take caution in your selection of these chains, because while they could be an excellent alternative if you want to attract a lot of attention to yourself, they might not be the best choice if you are attempting to be more understated

    Tip: Using the same metal type makes matching styles easier.

    source: wikiHow

    Make sure all the accessories match the chain color

    • If you don’t have the tendency to wear a bunch of accessories, you can skip this section. But if you do, then here is a notice for you. It would be a disaster for your look if you don’t know how to coordinate the adornments together. So when it comes to mixing those pieces, be sure that your necklace matches the color of other pieces as well as the color of your hoodie.
    source: wikiHow

    Display the chain 

    • Over your hoodie, expose the front of your chain. Keep your pendant centered along the front of your hoodie if your chain has one.
    • Mix different chains to make a powerful look. Choose thin, ribbon-like chains that aren't too bulky or uncomfortable to wear. 


    Wearing chains wisely and fashionably while being comfortable and warm in your hoodie is getting more and more popular because it has no age restriction at all. There are just a few tips Printerval recommends you follow to boost your confidence at best.

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