How to Wear a Tank top Over A Shirt?

Sep, 14 2021
Posted by Prairie Moon
When it comes to summer fashion, no one can miss Tank tops with simple, light, and special designs that help boys comfortably show off their sexy muscles. However, Tank tops are not easy to wear, because if you do not coordinate well, your style will become sloppy. So how to wear a Tank top but still be fashionable?
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    How to mix a shirt with a Tank top?

    Wearing a youthful Tank top combined with an outerwear shirt is not a new set of clothes, but it is always actively pushed by fashionistas every summer and season. This combination brings a youthful, stylish style with a modern and dynamic feature. With just a simple set of clothes, not too prominent, but making you join the trendiest, most stylish, and radiant fashionista line in the summer sun.

    Unlike you wearing your shirt or a separate Tank top, the combination of these two items creates a very unique style for girls when walking on the street.

    With a youthful Tank top, the inner style is revealed by the dynamism of the outer shirt, you will quickly become attractive when appearing anywhere.

    Discreet, sexy, fresh, and unique, that's what the shirt and Tank top set brings you. The outerwear shirt will enhance the individuality of the confident girls to stand out this summer.

    A checkered shirt is the number one priority outfit when combined with a three-hole shirt because of the similarity in a dynamic, healthy, and youthful style. This set of clothes can be mixed with jeans or short shorts, both extremely suitable and respecting the individual personality of the wearer.

    The youthful, attractive style of the set combining a shirt and Tank top perfectly matches the vibrant and energetic characteristics of summer days. This outfit also helps you confidently, comfortably participate in many activities in fun with friends.

    It is the creativity in the color scheme between the shirt and the Tanktop that will make up your personality for your fashion sense. And so, even though there are only two items, the set is extremely diverse and colorful.

    If you are someone who likes to break the trend, try mixing a checkered shirt with a basic Tank top and let the buttons open. The contrast of colors between the shirt and Tank top combined with men's khaki pants or men's shorts will be a perfect outfit, both different and polite for you to confidently go down the street.

    Tips for wearing a stylish Tanktop

    Choose a shirt style that suits your body and style


    Slim-fit shirts are the ideal choice for you to cleverly show off your standard body. However, to wear body-hugging Tank tops requires you to have a balanced, confident body so as not to turn yourself into a fashion disaster.

    This is the most popular style because they are quite easy to wear and not picky about age, with neutral colors such as black, white, gray,... This style is often used as an inner bra or can be worn outside, but you should pay attention to the opening. Leave men's Tank tops that are too deep for sports or at home.

    To avoid exposing your skin, you can choose thick cotton material mixed with spandex fabric to help absorb sweat well, creating comfortable elasticity for every movement. In addition, you can mix Tank-top with loafers or sneakers to create a dynamic style.


    The versatile, trendy versatility of loose-fitting tops becomes a summer essential, even more, popular and easier to mix & match than slim-fit tops. If you are bored with one-color shirts and you want to show your personality and stand out, a relaxed-fit Tank top with many textures is a great choice.

    From the familiar Tank top, the motifs are the highlight that makes the fashion style both youthful and dynamic while ensuring the fashion aesthetic. The relaxed-fit shirt has textures especially suitable for street style. You can combine them with skinny jeans, jogger pants, and sneakers and you can confidently walk around the street.

    Longline Tank-top

    The long Tank top is a revolutionary design for the guy who is passionate about street style and hip hop. The uniqueness, novelty, and generosity make this item the "top-favorite" of the boys.

    However, making your outfit look very personal is not an easy task, requiring you to know how to combine many layers. Like the slim-fit, you can wear a long Tank-top alone or in layers (under a bomber jacket or loose cardigan).

    If worn alone, fill your hands with personalized accessories. Favorite jewelry like watches, men's rings, or bracelets will help your outfit stand out as much as possible.

    Sports Tanktop

    Inspired by basketball uniforms, the sports Tank top has become a favorite among sneakerheads and sports enthusiasts. Sports Tank-tops are usually not picky, so it is easy to combine with other items to create a pretty quality outfit.

    There are many ways to dress well in a shirt such as combining with jeans, shorts, jogger pants, khaki pants, etc. One more tip to mix shoes for you if you are struggling to choose which shoes to match the outfit. Don't hesitate to grab a pair of white or black right away, because they can be combined with all colors that harmonize with the whole set.

    Choose the right occasions to wear

    Make sure the Tank top is appropriate for where you're going. At home, the beach, the pool, the park, the gym are all perfect. Places like in the city and densely populated (like a shopping mall, restaurant, bar, or something like that) wear layering a Tank top under a shirt, cardigan, overshirt, bomber… to match the polite context.

    And remember, Tank-tops are always casual items, so you should only wear them on occasions when you go out with friends or loved ones you have known for a long time, go to the beach, go to the gym, go for a walk, etc. Going on a first date, going to the office, or other occasions that require the dress code to be smart-casual or higher.

    Common three-hole shirt styles

    Basic Tanktop

    This is the most common style in Tank tops. Basic design with neutral colors makes it easy for men to coordinate and is suitable for all ages. This type of shirt is usually sewn from cotton fabric to help absorb sweat best.

    Basic Tank top is often used as an inner bra or worn as a normal men's t-shirt, but you should pay attention to the opening. Should give up the men's three-hole underarm shirts that are too deep for sports sessions. In addition, you can mix a basic Tank top with a shirt or suit/vest with men's pants to create your style.

    Patterned Tanktop

    If you want to show your personality and stand out, the patterned Tank top is a great choice. From the familiar Tank tops, with boundless creativity, special motifs have been added to create a youthful and dynamic fashion style while still ensuring the necessary aesthetics of fashion.

    However, this model of men's three-hole shirt is quite picky about age, it is only suitable for young people and young people. For those who enter middle age and love this style, please choose for yourself men's shirts with the simplest motifs.

    Sports Tanktop

    Sports Tank top is definitely the first choice for those who enter the gym. With Tank tops, you will be most comfortable with your exercises. Sports Tank tops or gym Tank tops are usually made from cotton fabric, thick, with extremely high sweat absorption and good elasticity, bringing a strong, dynamic, youthful, and masculine feeling.

    When going to the gym, men will often mix with men's jogger pants, the set of clothes that are comfortable for you to practice is also very Fashion.

    Recipes to mix clothes with other beautiful Tank tops

    Basic Tanktop combined with shorts

    This is a classic combination already. Although the style is familiar, when combining these two items, its hotness has never decreased. A bright Tank top combined with men's shorts or jeans is enough to make you stand out without being too flashy.

    Mix long Tank top with sneakers

    This is a true street fashion formula for young people who are passionate about dusty, disruptive fashion. A long Tank top combined with a shirt or a man's outerwear with short jeans or box pants and of course, a pair of stylish sneakers will make you look cool.

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