How was the Doormat born?

History of doormats

The first doormats were made in the nineteenth century. The first ones were created by interlacing grass, leaf, or reed blades at a ninety-degree angle. The most common type was a check-out sequence or a check weave. A few shards discovered indicate that the weaver attempted to give the mat some energy or cushioning. Extra layers of information were placed on the woven blades to accomplish this.

As a generic term for a flat piece of content that rests on the floor or other flat surfaces, mats come in a wide range of sizes, colors, models, functions, and materials. Materials used may vary greatly depending on the location and region of the world. Typically, it is a type of ground covering, but it also has a variety of uses and names and is frequently used in the home. Straw, dwarf palm, coconut palm, and screw-pine are some of the main materials used by Hindus.

Grasses are very popular in Japan and other Asian countries.

Although the components in Europe change, home use is likely to remain the same. When you first enter the property, we have an entryway mat that helps keep dirt from shoes at bay. This type of mat, also known as an entry mat or a welcome mat, is often constructed of tough materials such as nylon, rubber stalks, or aluminum, and other metals. There's also a toilet mat, which is a surface that absorbs a little amount of water when you get out of the bath or soon after a shower. Bath mats are typically non-slip mats that provide a warm, non-slip surface.

Life is more and more developed, doormats are increasingly popular and play an important role in daily life. Currently, on the market, there are many types of doormats with different designs and designs with many important functions such as: bringing high aesthetics, good heat retention ... making your life more comfortable.

Great use of doormats

Doormats are often placed in many places in the house. Most are located at the door of the living room, bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. Doormats always bring great uses:

Ensure hygiene: With the ability to retain dirt on the feet, the Doormat helps the room stay clean for a long time, thereby limiting sweeping and cleaning the house.

Keep your feet clean: Not only help keep the house clean, but the doormats also help remove the bacteria that stick to your feet when going from outside to the house.

Popular types of doormats

Coral doormats

This is a popular doormat with a coral-like design. This rug is made of soft fabric. This product has the ability to absorb dust and water quickly. Besides, the Doormat cleaning is quick and easy to dry. So you can use it in front of the living room or bathroom door. However, due to the good vacuuming characteristics, you have to regularly clean the Doormat.

Woolen doormats

Woolen doormats are meticulously designed from microfibers of wool. This Doormat pattern is thickened with many different layers. Besides, they have elegant colors suitable for decoration, increasing the aesthetics of the room. In addition, the Doormat has the ability to absorb dust very well. The bottom surface of the mat is anti-slip, safe for children.

Plastic doormats

Modern-designed plastic doormat with wide groove for good drainage. A doormat is suitable for placing in the living room or in front of the house. The doormat has good dust absorption ability, easy to clean and wipe. At the same time, this type of Doormat also has a rubber base that adheres to the floor. Make it safer for users to use.

Stone doormats

This luxury doormat is made from fossil materials. This material helps to absorb water well, quickly evaporating. So you can use it with complete peace of mind. Textures on the product are not too flashy, elegant colors suitable for many room spaces. Cleaning is also easier with the sandpaper that comes with the product. However, this Doormat has the disadvantage that it is easy to crack if there is a strong impact.

Doormat Welcome

Welcome doormats are chosen by many hotels. Because this is like a greeting from the hotel owner to his customers. Welcome doormats are anti-slip and quick to absorb water. The top surface of the Doormat is made of plastic or felt. The bottom is a rubber base with a tight grip on the marble tile surface. Cleaning is also made easier with a washing machine or a vacuum cleaner. With such a product with many advantages, it will certainly have a much higher price than normal Doormats.

Which type of doormat is good?

Doormat absorbency

The absorbency of the Doormat is what should be evaluated first. Because the Doormat is often placed at the door, the door of the bathroom. When you go from outside of the bathroom to your feet, you will get water or dirt on the Doormat. A good absorbent Doormat will help you feel cleaner and more comfortable. A good Doormat must have good water absorption.

Easy to clean

Doormats remove water and dirt from your feet so easy cleaning is essential. An easy-to-clean, washable, and easy-to-dry Doormat is always essential.

Anti-slip and fixed on the floor

Slip resistance on the floor is essential. Because the doormat is in contact with the marble tile surface, plus water on the Doormat surface, it will be easy to slip. Therefore, you need to choose a Doormat with good adhesion to ensure safety when setting foot on the Doormat surface.

What type of doormat should you choose?

Depending on the needs of each family, choose a doormat. You can choose from the following:

Choose a doormat for the bathroom or toilet: If you buy a doormat for this area, you should choose a plastic mat with many openings to help water quickly penetrate into the area below.

Which doormat to buy for the living room? If you are looking for a doormat for the living room, wool, cotton or felt can all be suitable for your room. At this point, you just need to choose the color, style, and Doormat that suits your financial budget. The above Doormat lines all help the living room space become more luxurious and sophisticated.

Which doormat should I buy in the kitchen area? You can use plastic rugs, felt rugs, or fabric rugs. These are all designs that help keep the kitchen clean and shiny.

In addition, if you choose doormats for the office, you should choose cotton Doormats because the office is a place with many people walking, cotton Doormats will withstand good forces and always be soft to create comfort for users.

How often should Doormats be washed?

Almost all items will get dirty or damaged over time. Doormats can't avoid that either. With the cleaning feature for homeowners when entering the house, it seems impossible not to stick to dirt. Some doormats are made from felt or wool, making it difficult for you to clean them. Dirt stains cling tightly and are difficult to clean like new.

However, you must also regularly wash the Doormat to ensure that the Doormat is not a reservoir of harmful bacteria for family members.

How to wash doormats?

Vacuum cleaners specialize in cleaning dirt on Doormats. A vacuum cleaner not only cleans your floor but is also a specialized tool to clean the Doormat fastest. The convenience of the vacuum cleaner will help homeowners absorb the dirt on the doormat during house cleaning. This saves the homeowner's time and effort but provides a safe and clean doormat.

Wash with detergent

Cleaning and washing with washing powder are quite familiar to every home. But unlike clothes, you need to pre-soak the Doormat for about 1 hour before cleaning to get stains. The process will stain soft Doormats and wash them with minimal effort. Wash with a little detergent, rinse with clean water several times and finally leave to dry to complete the Doormat cleaning job.

Dry the foot mat after use

The easiest way to clean the foot mat is to take it out to dry after use. At the end of each day is the time for the members to rest, the beautiful Doormat should also be dried to avoid creating a humid environment adapted to bacteria. On a new day, you can use a clean Doormat.

How to deodorize doormats

Simple tips with baking soda powder are applied by many families. It's economical and simple to sprinkle some baking soda on the Doormat and let it sit for 30 minutes. Then you use a vacuum cleaner to clean the powder on the face, the Doormat will be deodorized and there will be no odor.

Where to buy the best Doormat?

At Printerval, there are foot mats that are very suitable for locations in the family such as doors, bathroom doors, bedroom doors. The Doormat samples are made from thick woolen fibers, have good absorbency, can be easily washed in a washing machine, do not worry about being ruffled, crumbly, and frizzy like some low-quality Doormats available on the market.

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