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What is Jujutsu Kaisen?

Jujutsu Kaisen is an Anime film adaptation of the original Manga, about an ordinary high school student Yuji Itadori who, after ingesting the finger of a high-class Cursed Object, gains magical powers.

The story continues as Itadori transfers to Tokyo Spell School. And with the companionship of new friends and a teacher with a sweet but very mysterious personality, Itadori uses his new magical power to fight many dangerous Cursed Souls, strengthening the defense of humanity.

Jujutsu Kaisen's theme is "Curse", depicting the battle of a Sorcerer who uses magic to destroy monsters and Curses born from negative emotions created by humans.

When you hear the words "curses" and "monsters," you might believe you're reading a horror novel. But the truth is, when you watch Jujutsu Kaisen, you won't be able to watch an entire episode without bursting into laughter from time to time. Jujutsu has everything you've come to love about Anime: camaraderie, resilient protagonists, justice, noble purpose, diverse character lines, and humor.

The most talked-about anime in 2020 is "Kimetsu no Yaiba", aka Demon Slayer. The released movie version has become a blockbuster, beating many records of Anime in theaters ever.

Besides such a monument, author Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen is no less. Like Demon Slayer, this work was serialized in Shonen Jump magazine as a manga fighting dark forces.

In 2020, Jujutsu Kaisen was made into an anime film and shown on Mainichi Broadcasting System and TBS, and now the work is slowly causing fever in the Japanese and foreign Anime fan community.

What is the content of Jujutsu Kaisen?

Itadori Yuuji is a first-year high school student living in Sendai with his grandfather. Despite his extraordinary physical abilities, he chose to join the spiritual research club so he could leave school at 5 p.m. to take care of his grandfather in the hospital, who later died there. At school, Yuuji picked up an exorcism charm without knowing it and gave it to his brothers and sisters in the club. He then meets the sorceress Fushigurou Megumi, who comes to retrieve the aforementioned amulet - actually the finger of Ryoumen Sukuna (roughly translated: Two-faced Demon), a very dangerous animal. – and the two of them went to school together to stop the brothers and sisters in the club from the news that they intended to take the amulet off at school that evening. Yuuji helps Megumi fight off the "curses", creatures, born of negative human emotions, that are attacking the siblings in order to gain spells and increase their strength. Yuuji regains Sukuna's finger, but Megumi is about to be defeated by the curses.

Urged on by his grandfather's last words, he swallowed his finger and let Ryoumen Sukuna take possession of his body, saving Megumi. Yuuji retained control of himself against Sukuna; however, Sukuna is an extremely dangerous curse: in the heyday of the magicians, they attacked him with all their might and were defeated; he needed to be purified immediately – this would mean Yuuji's death. Faced with this situation, Megumi's teacher Satoru Gojo brought him to the Spelling Specialization Public High School in order to make his superiors a bold proposal: delay Yuuji's death sentence until after he swallowed all of Sukuna's fingers, in order to purify him once and for all.

According to the author, the Jujutsu Kaisen manga has gone about a quarter of the way so far and is likely to end the story within 2 years. If you are a reader who likes action, can withstand gore and horror scenes, then Jujutsu Kaisen is definitely a series worthy of your inclusion on your reading list.

Where does the charm of Jujutsu Kaisen come from?

The current Jujutsu Kaisen has all of the things you love about other action manga: teacher-student love, teamwork, resilience, noble and beautiful purpose, the character's striving, and even a sense of humor.

It sounds contradictory, but it's not, as Akutami Gege is extremely good at arranging amusing situations to reduce the "dark" and tension in the series. It is not difficult to see the humorous situations that the author installs so skillfully that we can't help but stop to laugh.

On the other hand, the carefully drawn and eye-catching action sequences are one of the things that create an extremely strong attraction for Jujutsu Kaisen. The moves in this manga are rich, diverse, and also have a certain logic.

The manga was excellent, after being contracted by Mappa and adapted into an anime, the fight scenes were even better. The battle scenes from low level to epic level are made extremely artistic and pleasing to the viewer.

Finally, what contributes to the appeal of Jujutsu Kaisen is the cast of characters of all shades. You can meet a blind teacher who likes sweets, a Panda who lives and fights like a human, a middle school senior who only talks about dishes like “Kelp” or “salmon”…Not to mention, stats The beauty and personality of the characters in the story are also extremely diverse and most of them will "hit your taste".

Characters from the series Jujutsu Kaisen

In the Jujutsu Kaisen series, the characters are built extremely elaborately with distinct nuances, expressing their own personalities and thoughts, and eventually all join forces against the forces of darkness. The characters in the story are:

Yuji Itadori

This is the main character in the story of fighting dark magic. Yuji Itadori is a new but extremely brave teenager. With a passionate personality, hating evil, spreading love to people who have stood up and dared to oppose the forces of darkness that are trying to invade the world.

In life, Yuji Itadori is always innocent and naive (it is not clear whether it is true or not), sometimes even making friends laugh. But in critical situations, he becomes assertive and calm to help the team make the best decisions.

Satoru Gojo

The popular character, always appearing with Yuji Itadori when he attended the Tokyo Magic School.

Satoru Gojo is a teacher at Tokyo Magic School. The built image of this teacher is a mysterious look, with his eyes hidden behind the blindfolded class. Throughout the series, Satoru Gojo was almost wearing a blindfold 24 hours a day, once he took off the blindfold, the scene that followed was truly amazing.

Teachers are always strict with students, dedicated to working. Especially, there is immense love for students even though the appearance is a bit difficult to understand. Although the teacher Satoru Gojo looked quite ordinary, he was the one who held a tremendous source of power in the unknown world of magic.

Natsuyu Jie

Natsuyu Jie is an important supporting character in the series, he is a close friend of the main character Jujutsu Kaisen. In his body, he carried an extremely strong power, the embodiment of the strongest magician at that time. However, due to the current of life, Natsuyu Jie was pushed into the team of the enemy Magician.

Natsuyu Jie always keeps her mysterious appearance, often going back and forth and communicating with the dark forces of the Origin Soul. Natsuyu Jie's line between good and bad is really thin. Only when playing with Jujutsu Kaisen can he really determine which side he belongs to.

Aoi Toudou

Aoi Toudou has a fierce fighting spirit that wants to defeat the Primordial Souls and defeat the forces of darkness. This is a character with a nimble personality, with extremely outstanding strength. Other characters who want to use the Sorcerer need additional tools to do it, to defeat the original soul, but Aoi Toudou doesn't need anything. He only needed his bare hands to cut down monsters, even super large and strong monsters.

Kento NanamiKento Nanami (Kento Nanami)

Kento Nanami is a graduate student at the Tokyo School of Spells with an outstanding record. Despite learning spells, Kento NanamiKento found the magical world too boring. So he abandoned the magical world to follow the ordinary world and became an office worker. Kento NanamiKento's dream is to be able to earn a lot of money, enjoy a peaceful life in old age. But Kento NanamiKento's dream cannot come true if the world is still plagued by Yuan Lakes. During a trip to buy cake, Kento NanamiKento witnessed with his own eyes the scene of the Primordial Soul tormenting people's lives. After helping the bakery owner defeat the Primordial Soul, he awakens and decides to return to the magical world with the goal of defeating the forces of darkness.

In the series, Kento NanamiKento is built with a handsome, stylish, and experienced beauty. Plus the personality is quite cold, quiet but extremely kind, likes to help people. Because of this, Kento NanamiKento has "cut the heart" of many female fans who love the series.

Megumi Fushiguro

Megumi Fushiguro is a classmate of Jujutsu Kaisen. Carrying the mission to destroy the Primordial Soul, Megumi Fushiguro studied hard. His achievements are quite remarkable despite his young age as a 2nd class Spellcaster, able to be allowed to work alone. This character has a rather quiet personality, is cold, does not like to communicate. Although quite difficult, Megumi Fushiguro has many friends who pursue the school of light, destroy the darkness. Megumi Fushigur's father is the bloodline of three clans in the magical world. Naturally, when he was born, he inherited the family's top magic technique.

Why did Jujutsu Kaisen become famous?

Explaining the reasons why Jujutsu Kaisen became famous, many people said it was because:

Jujutsu Kaisen- Each character is built with a unique personality

The author has been very active in building characters in the story with extremely unique personalities. Although the whole story is about curses, attacks from Primordial Souls born from human pain, but with a special character cast, the trend of the story is no longer too heavy.

The battle scenes satisfy the reader

The second attraction of the Jujutsu Kaisen series is the "coolness of the battle scene". Each different battle segment is described by the author extremely realistically, clearly, with diverse colors, without stereotypes. In addition, each time the spell is used, it always transforms magically, creating a masterpiece that is hard to resist.

With a certain charisma, many people have fallen in love with Jujutsu Kaisen. This is the top popular Anime series today. If you are an Anime fan, you will definitely not be able to ignore reading this super fascinating work.

Should I watch Jujutsu Kaisen in manga or anime?

The anime was made by Mappa and advised by Akutami Gege himself, so it still retains the spirit of the work, although there are some scenes that are different from the original manga.

For example, in the early chapters, instead of Yuuji swallowing his finger on purpose, in the anime, the forced swallowing pushed the climax of the story up a lot.

In addition, the anime team has been preparing to make anime for a long time, so it is very well prepared at every stage, it will surely make you extremely overwhelmed and satisfied with the eye-catching combat from the manga to the anime. Jujutsu Kaisen also has Jujutsu Sanpo - a comedy extravaganza written by the author himself, which will also help viewers understand more about the character.

It is highly recommended that you watch both, the manga is also extremely well-drawn and will definitely let you experience different emotions when watching the two versions.

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