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What Is a Laundry Bag?

A laundry bag is a bag that is used to carry clothes to a laundromat or coin laundry. Some bags are also used as hampers when there isn't a lot of space for a hamper. Hampers are usually made of plastic or metal, tall, and kept in a closet. A laundry bag takes up less space than a hamper because it can be hung on the back of a door, in a closet, or on a hook on the wall.

Many bags have a drawstring cord closure that can be loosened so clothes can be put in or taken out and tightened so clothes can be carried to and from the laundry room. The bag can be slung over the shoulder, like how Santa Claus is often shown holding a bag of gifts over one shoulder. People sometimes like laundry bags that look like backpacks. Backpacks come with two straps around the shoulders and under the arms. They can be closed with a drawstring, a snap, or a zipper. The clothes are carried on the back, which makes it easy to use both hands.

A laundry bag is a bag made of thin woven mesh fabric in the form of a hole used to store clothes to be washed in a washing machine. The mesh part of the bag will let water and soap just enough to circulate in and out easily and protect clothes from being messy or hitting the machine cage.

Using a washing bag is the solution to protect clothes when washing the machine?

Laundry bags (washing nets) are usually made of thin mesh fabric with small holes to store clothes before putting them in the washing machine. These holes are just enough for water and soap to flow in and out easily while helping to prevent clothes from coming off, avoiding strong impacts, or being caught in the machined cage. In addition, this bag ensures that your and your family's clothes are washed and are not entangled with other items.

Using a laundry bag is the greatest way to protect clothes when washing the machine.

Laundry bags can help you maximize the protection of any type of clothing. Still, housewives should only use laundry bags for clothes with thin, easily deformed materials, items with embroidered patterns, attaching metal, keychains, stretchy items such as cotton, wool, foam, underwear, children's clothing, and accessories because these materials are very susceptible to damage, stretching, and breaking of fabrics during the process. washing and drying process at high speed.

What types of clothes need a laundry bag?

You can use a washing machine bag to protect any type of clothing. Usually, we use a laundry bag for easily damaged clothes such as embroidered fabrics, tassels, zippers, and buttons. hook or elastic, or you can use it to wash underwear, bras, socks, or children's clothes, helping to avoid distortion of clothes and pants due to the effect of the drum wings.

The greatest way to wash the following things is in a mesh laundry bag:

  • Delicates: Whether you're on Team Lacy Underthings or have a lot of cotton bralettes, mesh laundry bags are great for keeping the shape of your delicates and preventing sagging, pulling, and twisting.
  • Hosiery: Mesh laundry bags keep your stockings, tights, and thinner leggings from getting tangled and torn.
  • Embellishments: If you let your clothes' embellishments float around in the washing machine, they may come off. This won't happen because of the laundry bag.
  • Athletic Wear and Bathing Suits: Over time, materials that stretch, like those used for athletic wear, will lose their shape. A mesh laundry bag helps keep swimsuits and workout clothes in better shape for longer.
  • Wool, silk, velvet, and cashmere are all soft fabrics that can't be washed in a machine because it's too rough. With a mesh bag and the delicate setting, you'll never have to hand wash your cashmere sweaters and silk blouses again.
  • Socks: Are you sick of the old story of the missing sock? If you get a mesh laundry basket, you'll never have to worry about pulling out lone socks from the dryer again.
  • Jeans: You can put jeans in laundry bags to protect the buttons, zippers, details, and wear and tear.
  • Coats: You can wash a wool coat in a laundry bag as long as it isn't lined with viscose. To protect the wool fibers, just turn it inside out.

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How to choose a good laundry bag?

To understand how to pick an excellent laundry bag, you must first understand the following.

Choose the right size laundry bag

A family should have a variety of laundry bags available in different sizes to better fit each type of clothing. When washing with a laundry bag, remember that you should not leave the laundry bag with a lot of space left, but also do not cram clothes into the bag because the friction will increase, making the bag easy to tear, dropping the clothes out while the cage. spin washing.

Choose a laundry bag of sufficient thickness

Depending on the material of the clothes, choose the thickness - thinness of the bag accordingly. For light items, underwear, using a thin laundry bag will help the washing powder to penetrate better; With heavy items such as woolen clothes, jeans, etc., be sure to use thick laundry bags because they are easily torn by the weight and operation of the drum.

Do not put more clothes in the washing bag than the clothes outside the drum

If this happens, the weight will be accumulated, the weight of the tilt in the drum will be unstable, at this time the drum will tilt to the heavier side (towards the washing bag), causing eccentricity of the drum, making the washing machine worse. impact, loud noise, impact on the shell can easily puncture the washing bucket.

Do not put clothes of different materials in the same laundry bag

Putting them all together will lose the meaning of using a laundry bag. Ideally, we need to separate each material to avoid friction and ensure the clothes are more durable.

Clean the laundry bag regularly

Do you think the washing process will clean the laundry bag? Wrong! However, they are not at all. Because the laundry bag is designed with a mesh, it is easy to accumulate fabric debris and excess hair in the 4 corners; to be precise, the laundry bag is very filthy. You need to turn the bag inside out and shake off the remaining hair, fabric, and debris after at least 3 washes. Otherwise, bacteria and mold are easy to arise inside the bag.

Can the dryer be used to dry mesh bags?

After you've washed your clothes, you can put them in the dryer.

Take your mesh laundry bags out of the washer and put them in the dryer. There's no reason to put a bunch of clothes in the dryer after taking care of them while they were being washed, only for something to get caught while drying.

Put your clothes on for half as long as you usually do, then take them out of the laundry bag and let them dry in the air. This will keep your delicates, shirts, and pants in good shape, so they will last longer.

Lingerie and other items with lace or embellishments are considered delicate because they can lose their quality when washed. Use a laundry bag to protect your fragile items from getting damaged. You'll never have to worry about other things in the washing machine ripping, tearing, or damaging your clothes. With so many brands of laundry bags to choose from, it's easy to find the right size and material for you. You could also use a used pillowcase.

When it comes to taking care of delicates, washing is only part of the story. We've discussed ways to store and care for your fabrics before, and we know a lot about protecting different kinds of delicate materials. We're always showing our customers how to get rid of clothes moth larvae by washing correctly and catching clothes moths that want to eat cashmere with clothing moth traps.

Everyone needs a laundry bag because it can be used for so many different things. If you want a Laundry bag that is distinctive and on-trend but low-cost and of good quality. You can go to to enjoy shopping and find suitable Laundry bags for yourself.