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Avatar Leggings

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Pirate Leggings

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Smarties Leggings

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History of leggings

Today, leggings are pretty standard in women's casual wear; But it's surprising that leggings were just men's clothing many centuries ago.

Leggings first appeared in Scotland in the 14th century; at this time, leggings were just two separate pieces of clothing dedicated to each leg. Moreover, leggings were also used as a military garment, often seen in knights' costumes, made from leather.

Men in Europe widely used them throughout the Renaissance in the 15th and 16th centuries, and their popularity grew until the 17th century, the age of Shakespeare.

In the 19th century, leggings were universally popular and began to be worn by women, but still as two-piece versions.

In the 1960s, leggings began to become a trend. Fashion houses started to produce tight, seamless leggings, like the ones we use today.

This development made leggings suitable for women's clothing. They were used as Capri pants and mainly for sports purposes.

Athletes have turned sportswear into fashion and made them trendy. This new fad emerged in the 1980s and is one of the signature outfits of the decade.

Leggings were worn as casual pants with loose T-shirts or crop tops with the "gym" trend. After this period, they were seen as daily wear and widely used for comfort and versatility.

The spread of leggings lasted until the 1990s; they were often worn with mini skirts, dresses, and loose T-shirts and became indispensable in any girl's wardrobe.

By the mid-1990s, leggings had outsold jeans in the US, showing how famous leggings were.

After the "golden age," leggings sank into oblivion for a long time. However, leggings had a resurgence in 2005, making their way back to the high fashion runways, especially in Indie culture, with leggings of the same Capri length (knee length), paired with mini. -skirts and dresses.

Unlike the way it was worn in the 1980s, leggings are worn under other clothes, not simply as a separate pair of pants. Perhaps for that reason, leggings are quite popular with images accompanying oversized shirts, long sweaters, mini denim skirts, checkered skirts, or short ...

Going through a long process of formation and development to get where it is today, leggings have become a must-have for anyone. Thanks to that popularity, leggings are quite diverse, from materials and colors to patterns and designs.

Choose leggings based on your body shape

Although leggings are thicker than tights, you also need to be careful in how to combine and choose the accompanying outfit. The style of tight pants, with good elasticity, is easy to cause offensive feelings when choosing the wrong outfit.

With leggings, long, oversized, or oversized tops/skirts over the hips will be the extremely reasonable and safest choice for you right now. It is coolest to leave the shirt unlined to avoid revealing the sensitive part when wearing pants.

Body type: apple

Because the apple figure frequently has slender legs, it isn't very finicky about leggings. However, black leggings should be avoided because they highlight the imbalance between the two body parts. Try leather leggings, light leggings, or zippers

Body type: Pear

If you have a pear-shaped body, avoid leggings with eye-catching prints or bright colors and thick materials, as they can make your legs look bigger and shorter.

The coolest option for big legs is traditional black leggings. Black always makes you slimmer, and the same goes for legs.

Black also has many levels for you to choose from, from pale, thin black leggings to thick black leggings. Leggings with zippers are also a good option.

Body type: Rectangle

With skinny legs, the brighter the color, the thick enough material to make her legs look more attractive.

Avoid wearing too many big layers while wearing dark leggings, as they can make your figure look unbalanced.

Things to avoid when wearing leggings

Combine with leggings as trousers, jeans

Wear with a crop top

The size of the legging size is too tight or too wide

Mix printed leggings with a printed shirt

Thick underwear that’ll create marks

How to Mix&Match with leggings

Try the suggestions for coordinating leggings and other clothing below if you want to maintain your good appearance.

Mix leggings with a long shirt

With long cotton dresses, leggings help slim legs and also replace tights when combined. With a long-sleeved shirt, black leggings will turn a shirt into a skirt in the blink of an eye, this mix will help your girlfriend become more feminine and gentle!

Mix leggings with skirts or dresses

Leggings help girls feel more confident when wearing skirts that are too short or the fabric is a bit thin. Unlike thin tights, leggings are like a tight-fitting black pair of pants, both enhancing the sexy figure and creating more style for the outfit.


Leggings in bright colors, not too fussy textures, and blended with solid colors are ideal for gentle girls who adore feminine fashion styles and have a small physique. Women with rather big legs can still benefit greatly from wearing dark colors. At the same time, keep your shirts and bottoms as simple as possible in terms of color and pattern.

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Leggings are no wonder the ideal everyday need. If you are looking for leggings that are on point in every aspect, from materials to prices, Printerval is the best choice of them all.

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How quickly packages are delivered and despatched

Printerval's shipping service ensures quick delivery in the shortest amount of time for the cheapest price. To ensure that clients' orders are delivered as soon as possible, Printerval will establish its own policies for international shipping.

The level of safety has been raised

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Printerval offers a wide range of leggings in a variety of styles, from basic black and white leggings to printed leggings that have become popular in recent years. The prints printed on the leggings will make you stand out and attractive. Be a cut above the rest in the gym with our printed leggings of distinctive designs from independent artists all around the world for as low as $18.95 each.