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When Is National Fried Chicken Day?

National Fried Chicken Day occurs on the 6th of July. The USA commemorates this important day on the 6th of July every year. Other nations including the UK, Canada, Australia, Philippines, etc also commemorated Fried Chicken Day on the same date of 6th July.
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What Is National Bikini Day?

Bikini Day commemorates the bikini's conception in 1946 by a Parisian fashion designer named Louis Reard. The objective of this vacation is to discover the nearest beach or to get inexpensive travel bargains to the Philippines, Bali, Hawaii, spend the day in your bikini!

History of Independence Day in the United States

Every year, when it comes to July, people across the United States are excited and busy to make preparations for one of the most important days of the country, Independence Day of United States. However, what have you known about the history of that day?
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Who Created International Plastic Bag Free Day?

Every year on July 3, the International Plastic Bag Free Day is commemorated. The day is commemorated to raise awareness about the major concerns surrounding plastic pollution and the terrible damage it presents to the natural ecosystem, which includes both terrestrial and marine life.

What is World UFO Day?

Since historical times, there have been many projects launched to study and investigate these “ flying saucers”. Every year, people all around the world celebrate the day of UFOs but what is the exact definition of the day, and what its purposes are.

How important is Social Media?

Social media has evolved from being a cyber world geek buzz to a massive platform for businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals, and organizations. In particular, today when people have to live a fast-paced life, the importance and advantage of social media cannot be denied.
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When Is International Joke Day?

Joke Day is not only a day for you to demonstrate to the world how amusing you are. Today is the ideal day for sharing laughter and putting a smile on people's faces, including your own.
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How To Celebrate National Camera Day?

Every year on June 29th, we observe National Camera Day. Photographs, the camera, and their invention are commemorated on this day. In the current decade, memories are frequently documented, since cameras have made it norm.
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Why Is 25 June Global Beatles Day?

June 25 is a day when someone may want to grasp your hand and plead with you to be true because they love you. Yes, yes, yes. Global Beatles Day, or GBD, honors The Beatles' music and their seismic impact on the music industry.
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When Is American Eagle Day?

On National American Eagle Day, honor the United States' national emblem. June 20th should be designated as a day of awareness for the bald eagle. There are several methods to observe them in their natural environment on this day, including via eagle cams.

Why is National Download Day observed?

With inevitable functions as well as benefits and downsides, the day of download is launched every year to appreciate this useful application. National Download Day is a day observed on December 28.
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Why is National Bingo Day observed?

June 27 was observed as the day of Bingo with the name “National Bingo Day”. The day is to celebrate not only America’s love of Bingo but many Bingo’s lovers in many countries in the world. National Bingo Day is observed every year in order to attract more and more people to know and play the game.
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How to Celebrate Card Playing Day?

If you'd want to commemorate Card Playing Day this year, there are several methods to do it. Some host a card tournament, while others gather a small group of friends to check out a new card game. Additionally, you may teach someone how to play your favorite card game or create your own.
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Why is International Yoga Day observed?

Present in hundreds of countries around the world, as the number one priority in all "secrets" to prolong health, youthful beauty, and longevity, Yoga is known as the "miracle" in the gym around the planet.
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What day is​ National Short Person Day?

Short folks have their own national holiday. Some people are short owing to their genes alone, while others are short due to infirmities. In this blog, Printerval will share with you interesting information about this special day.
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