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What is genealogy?

Genealogy is the study of families, family history, and the tracing of their lineages in which genealogists use oral interviews, historical records, genetic analysis, and other records to obtain information about a family and to demonstrate kinship and pedigrees of its members. The results of genealogical studies are often shown in charts or documents. 

Genealogy has a more narrow sense, in comparison with family history. While a "genealogy" or a "family tree" traces the descendants of one person, a "family history" traces the ancestors of one person. Genealogy has various purposes relating to different aspects. 

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Why is there genealogy?

Personal or medical interest

Some people research genealogy in order to satisfy the curiosity about their heritage that can be particularly strong among those whose family histories were lost or unknown due to adoption or separation such as divorce, war, death, etc. It is essential for individuals to know more about who they are and where they came from because they can learn about any hereditary diseases in their family so as to make preparations or treat them timely. 

Community or religious obligation

Family history plays an important role in the practice of some religious belief systems. For instance, New Zealand Maori highly appreciate the study of whakapapa or genealogies to discover who they are. In many societies, the question” who are you?” would be answered by a description of father, mother, and even tribe. 

Christianism is another example when the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a doctrine of baptism for the dead. This doctrine necessitates that members of that faith engage in family history research. 

In East Asian countries which were influenced by Confucianism, people follow a practice of ancestor worship and genealogical record-keeping. In particular, genealogies are recorded in genealogy books and are preserved from generation to generation. The practice of genealogy contributes to the belief that a healthy and respectable family is the foundation of a healthy society. 

Establishing identity

During historical and even modern times, royal families have kept records of their genealogies in order to establish their right to rule and determine who will be in charge of the next sovereign. As a result, in many cultures, genealogy has become a source of political and social status. In some countries and indigenous tribes such as Ireland and Greece, governments determine whether an individual can become a citizen or not based on their genealogy. For example, regardless of their own or their parents but their grandfather was born in that country, they are a citizen of the country. 

Legal and forensic research

Last but not least, genealogy also plays a significant role in law and forensic research. For example, lawyers involved in probate cases do genealogy in order to locate heirs of property, detectives perform genealogical research using DNA evidence so as to victims of homicides or perpetrators of crimes. 

Scholarly research

To gain a greater understanding of specific topics in respective fields, historians and geneticists may collaborate with professional genealogists to carry out genealogical research whose results can be published in peer-reviewed journals. In particular, genealogy has become a major and experts have given it more of an academic focus. Scholarly genealogy began emerging as a discipline in its own right, with an increasing number of individuals who have obtained genealogical qualifications. They can conduct research on a diverse range of topics related to genealogy, both within academic institutions and independently.

History of genealogy

Oral tradition

These methods were necessarily important before written records appeared in the early days of civilization which must mostly be placed on memory. There was a huge range of evidence of genealogies during ancient times. For example, the ancient Scottish sennachy could recite the pedigree of the old Scots kings at the latter’s inauguration. The nobles of Peru were able to preserve their pedigrees despite the complexity resulting from the practice of polygamy. 

In fact, at that time, oral transmission of genealogical information was almost always as a list of names such as the lineages of the ancient Irish kings. 

Early written records

In Greece and Rome, genealogies were recorded in poems and in histories although it did not at this stage become a science. Their writers dealt with genealogy incidentally in their narrative and sometimes, they were concerned with the family relationships of their gods.

In Ireland, Wales, and England, the recording of their regal traditions began with the conversation of their people to Christianity. Monks were mostly the first chroniclers who wrote down the oral pedigrees of the kings in whose realms they lived. 

In particular, from the 1100s to 1500s, the emphasis of genealogists was on pedigrees of royal and noble lines. For example, after the death of Alexander III in 1286, claims to a throne as the dozen or so claimants to the Scottish crown which claimed that his direct heir, Margaret the Maid of Norway in 1290 frequently involved genealogical trees.

Modern genealogy

The professional genealogist is in charge of study the genealogy for not only one but many families and with the principles of genealogical research which arise from specialization courses in universities. The main task undertaken by professional genealogists is the tracing of pedigrees for clients who often consult genealogists when they wish to establish their family background, sometimes, they choose a stop instead of trying to trace it. 

The writing of private family histories by professionals is very common in current societies. Wills are of the utmost importance as a source of genealogical information, in particular, nowadays, there are more and more wealthy and genius families whose property are remained from generation to generation. 

Genealogy is inevitable research and practice nowadays that helps you feel proud of your roots, your homeland, and your nation. 

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