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What Is Mouse Pad?

A mousepad is a computer accessory that helps users create a plane to move the mouse, increasing the sensitivity and accuracy of the computer mouse in operations.

Mouse pads are usually fabric or rubber materials that have been surfaced to create grip on the surface to increase mouse adjustment performance. Pads have gradually become a tool user needs, especially for gamers, designers, and graphic designers.

Types of popular mouse pads on the market

  • Soft mousepad: A mouse pad that uses natural rubber or silicone material and is covered with a layer of synthetic fiber. Besides, a soft mousepad is divided into 2 types: control and speed.
  • Mousepad control: Has a surface made of synthetic fiber and rough textures with a rather rough design. Suitable for hovering in strategy and role-playing games.
  • Mousepad speed: Also made of the same material as the control pad, but the design of the speed pad is smoother. Suitable for manipulation in games that require high FPS.
  • Hard mousepad: Hard mousepads are often less popular than soft mousepads. Not exactly because the precision when hovering on a hard mousepad is not high, but because this type is made of hard synthetic plastic and cannot be rolled up to carry with you. Therefore, the hard mousepad is only really suitable for home-based gamers.

Distinguish mouse pad and touchpad

The mouse pad is much smaller than the touchpad, with just enough space for the mouse to manipulate and move. While the touchpad, width x length: 300 - 800mm, is both a place to move the mouse and used to line the keyboard, a convenient laptop to form a stable workplace.

The touchpad will be more disadvantageous when using the computer in narrow areas, which is quite inconvenient and cumbersome to carry.

The cost of the touchpad and pad with the same material, the touchpad will cost more.

What is the effect of the mouse pad?

The mouse pad will ensure that the mouse is constantly used on a level, comfortable surface, and will also protect it from dust and filth, allowing it to be used for a longer period of time and improving its accuracy. In addition, the usage of a mouse pad provides a smooth surface, which helps to eliminate unpleasant sounds that might occur while dragging the mouse over the table fast.

For ordinary users

The mouse pad plays a beautiful decorative role for the desk and study. In addition, dragging the mouse too much on a hard surface such as plywood, cardboard, or leather also causes the rubber or plastic feet of the mouse to wear down; even too much friction also causes the surface of the table to be worn. Mousepads will minimize that situation. After a while, you should replace the mouse pad with a new one.

If the computer desk uses high-quality materials such as expensive wood or tempered glass, the wear of rubber feet will be less likely. However, in addition to the table's surface, even if the optical sensor on the mouse is no longer afraid of dirt, sweat, or oil, the rubber feet on the mouse will completely "catch" all that dirt while moving. Although the mouse pad cannot fix it completely, it will help the rubber feet on the mouse to last longer.

Gamers really need mouse pads

Besides office workers or ordinary users, if you often play games, you will know the importance of mouse pads. A good mouse with a good pad will help you a lot while playing games, especially for the shooter genre that needs extremely fast and accurate response and movement.

Mouse pads labeled “gamer” often come in a variety of sizes, and a large pad will help you avoid taking the mouse out of the pad while gaming, which is extremely uncomfortable, especially especially during peak periods. Some models even span the entire tabletop, and you can place a keyboard or anything else on top of it.

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Printerval sells a wide variety of Mouse Pads.

For Printerval, Mouse Pads items are made with care by designers from all over the world. The designs are unique and attractive, and they can be used in different places.

Many Mouse Pad with unique designs

Printerval offers a variety of mouse pads with various patterns in an effort to give customers the most distinctive and up-to-date goods. Printerval creates distinctive designs with eye-catching images and brilliant colors. You made your decision on your preferred Mouse Pads rather quickly.

Low price

Affordable Mouse Pads of exceptional quality are a specialty of Printerval. Mouse Pad prices vary depending on their quality, carpet thickness, country of origin, and sales volume. A mouse pad may be purchased for between $11.95 and $17.44.

Currency payment

Printerval accepts USD ($) in exchange for all customer transactions. If customers wish to pay with a credit card or right away, they should utilize the local currency.
Paypal, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay are available as payment options.

Worldwide Delivery

The shipping service offered by Printerval guarantees the quickest delivery time and cost-effective shipping. Printerval has methods to assist customers obtain items quickly for overseas shipping. For information on delivery services and extra facts on shipping laws, see Worldwide Shipping.

Custom's Ability To Meet Customer Needs

In addition to helping customers choose reliable vendors and products of good quality, mouse pads are an essential decorative item they may print as needed. Choosing a Mouse Pads printing provider is crucial since these requirements must be fulfilled.

Excellent carpeting enhances the beauty, security, and health of a formal setting when combined with high-end furnishings. According to Printerval, the best choice nowadays is to customize the mouse pad's size, color, and texture.

Varying In Size And Kind

At Printerval, there are three standard sizes: 9" x 8", 23.6" x 11.8", 27.6" x 13.8", 31.5" x 11.8", and 35.4" x 15.7".

The Ideal Gift For People

For some people, mouse pads might not be the first thing that springs to mind when considering presents. Selecting a mouse pad requires careful consideration and research. A Mouse Pad, on the other hand, is the most heartfelt gift you can give to a loved one, a close friend, or just someone you care about.

How To Buy The Best Mouse Pad?

Mouse pads are marketed with a variety of designs, preferences and product characteristics. Users will have many choices and need a certain understanding to evaluate the best mouse pad, suitable for daily use. Here are the criteria to choose to buy the best suitable mouse pad.

Mouse pad according to experience

Depending on the work and needs of the user to use the computer. For users who use a mouse to play games, surf the web, or do regular office work, priority should be given to choosing a more sensible speed pad.

For technical users who require high accuracy in mouse manipulation, technical drawing, graphics, and professional gaming, the control mouse pad will be the top suggestion.

Hard or soft mouse pad

The mouse pad is hard or soft according to user preferences and needs. Most users use soft mouse pads with fabric, rubber, and synthetic materials that are surface-processed for high speed or accuracy.

Effective use flexibly, curls easily without affecting the quality of the pad. The price of a soft mouse pad is quite cheap but will not be stable on rough surfaces.

Flexible hard mouse pad for use on unstable surfaces. Hard materials: plastic, carbon fiber, and aluminum help increase the rigidity to create a stable plane for the user. High price for a hard mouse pad, quite inconvenient for storage and use.

Mousepad Size

Depending on the needs of the job, choose a large or small pad size. Note, the area of ​​​​the pad needs to ensure the moving area for the computer mouse. The thickness of the pad is also a point that users need to pay attention to. Moderate thickness for stable mobility, unaffected by rough surfaces, but if it is too thick, it will be heavy and inconvenient to use.

Mouse pad design

The mouse pad is designed in various designs and textures to meet users' needs. Select pads with colors and designs according to user preferences. To decorate the desk, there are many HOT products such as animal-shaped and funny mouse pads for you to choose from.

Mousepad feature

Many mouse pads are designed to be able to use both sides at the same time, increasing the efficiency of use for users. For basic needs, users should choose a 1-sided pad, and the underside has high adhesion and anti-slip, making moving the mouse on the pad more stable.

The mouse pad has a padded bottom pad that provides effective wrist support for those who use and manipulate the mouse for a long time. Or the pads are optimized for optical sensors for high processing efficiency, serving the needs of professional gaming.

Price and brand

There are many cheap products on the market, but the quality is not stable, and they have to be replaced quickly. Users should prioritize choosing genuine products on the market, ensuring quality, durability, and accurate manipulation. Users consider and compare prices depending on the financial conditions of investment for mouse pads. to choose the right purchase.

Where To Buy Mouse Pads?

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