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Who Is Roy Kent?

Ted Lasso, a show on Apple TV+, has a character named Roy Kent. Roy used to be one of the best players in the league. He won the Champions League with Chelsea FC eight years ago, but they never won it again. He is still a fan favorite, but he is aware that his skills are getting worse as he nears the end of his career.

He was the captain of the AFC Richmond team and is kind to younger players. When Ted Lasso became the club's head coach, he wanted to help Roy become a good leader. For example, he wanted Roy to stop the players from making fun of the club's kit man, Nathan, or acting badly.

Roy joined Ted at Richmond Primary School to work with kids on football-related projects. Roy's niece, Phoebe, goes to that school, and he and Ted helped her with the activities. Roy and Ted stayed at the school longer than anyone the Headmaster had ever seen. Roy complained about Ted's attempts to make him a leader, and he also didn't like Trent Crimm.

Ted decided to settle things between Roy and Jamie at the 10th Annual Benefit for Underprivileged Children. This was because Roy and Jamie often fought and had other problems. Here, Roy and Jamie learned to respect each other more after talking things out all night.

When Keeley broke up with Jamie Tartt, Roy started to like her. After the team's karaoke party after AFC Richmond beat Everton F.C. 1-0 at Goodison Park, he walked her home. Before he went back to his room, they kissed outside Keeley's hotel room.

After figuring out how to deal with his feelings for Keeley and his hatred for Jamie, Roy decided, with the help of the Diamond Dogs, to stop hating Jamie and start spending more time with Keeley. A paparazzi photographer saw them kissing after he took her out. Roy took the memory card with the pictures off of his hand. When he and Keeley looked at the photos, they saw pictures of Keeley and Ted, which the photographer said Rebecca had paid for.

How to be a good influence?

Miss Bowen called Roy and Phoebe to school because she was worried about how much Phoebe swore. Her teacher thought that Roy was influencing her because of the way he talks all the time. Roy couldn't believe what he was hearing, but he finally agreed to help Phoebe stop swearing. Roy told Phoebe later in the car that she needed to stop swearing, and Phoebe said that they should both stop. Roy said that Phoebe is better than him because he found this hard. He went into Phoebe's house to play "Princess and Dragon" with her. Roy said, "Yes," and now he wants to play the Dragon.

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