National Garden Month - A closer touch to Nature

Apr, 09 2022
Posted by Benjamin Nguyen
April is National Garden Month! After nearly three years of turmoil due to Covid-19, people also realize the most fundamental values in life
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    April is National Garden Month! After nearly three years of turmoil due to Covid-19, people also realize the most fundamental values in life, what is more important than health, the joy of bonding with family, and a place close to nature? 

    When is National Garden Month? 

    National Garden Month dates back to the 1980s when The National Garden Bureau collaborated with 23 cosponsoring national horticultural organizations to establish National Garden Week, which President Reagan signed into law in 1986. 

    In 2002, the National Gardening Association changed the “Garden Week” to “Garden Month” for the whole month of April. 

    How to engage in National Garden Month?

    Calm your mind with flowers: Take some time to visit a botanical garden or a coffee shop decorated with fragrant flowers. Sipping tea with friends while enjoying the green scenery is an escape from the hustles&bustles of daily work life. 

    Plant some seeds: Planting a small tree is the fastest way to celebrate National Garden Month. Place a small plant like an onion on your desk to lift your spirits. You can grow fast-growing plants such as basil, tomatoes, kohlrabi, and carrots at home. 

    Purchase some plants: Spring is the perfect time to buy flowers to brighten your house up. Rosehips, carnations, or daffodils are colorful and representative flowers of springtime. Buy it for your beloved women in National Garden Month. 

    buy flowers on national garden month
    Buy flowers on National Garden Month

    The benefits of National Garden Month 

    Gardening does wonders for your health. 

    • Mental health: The benefits of gardening for mood include the fact that gardening makes people feel happier. A 2017 meta-analysis linked gardening to improved quality of life and reduced mood disorders.

    At the same time, according to a scientific study, gardening has a positive effect on symptoms of depression and anxiety, assisting people in learning to take control of situations. These skills help build trust and make them feel valued. 

    • Physical health: Gardening takes away from you quite a few calories. Specifically, you can burn about 330 calories in 1 hour of gardening – more than the calories burned when walking at a moderate pace for the same amount of time.  

    According to a 2013 study in the American Journal of Public Health, men and women participating in a community gardening program had a significantly lower BMI (body mass index) than their neighbors. 

    Create a clean and green environment 

    Society is developing at a fast pace, thus leading to severe consequences that negatively affect the living environment. The soil environment and the water environment are all polluted. This is why we are skeptical about the vegetable products we consume daily. Self-cultivation at home helps to ensure food quality, safety, and hygiene, and at the same time, creates a green - clean - beautiful environment for the community.  


    Gardening brings people together. 

    Another benefit of gardening is that you don't have to do it alone – and you shouldn't either. Gardening is a process of many stages, such as cutting, pruning, fertilizing, and watering.  

    Get your kids involved. Typically, children in urban areas will have less opportunity to experience farming and interact with nature. Therefore, some children tend not to appreciate vegetables and do not like to eat them. Allowing children to learn how to plant trees and observe each growth period of trees will increase their creativity at this age of solid development of thinking and learning ability. Since then, children will appreciate food more. 

    national garden month with familes
    Children join hands planting trees


    “There is always the garden when the world wearies and society fails to satisfy.” – Minnie Aumonier. Let’s pick up the shovel and spread the green to everyone. What better time than this National Garden Month to have a garden of your own?

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    Posted by: Benjamin Nguyen
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