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Printed Notebooks - Light up your daily life

Notebooks are the ideal way to display your beautiful designs in a practical good that has proven to be a popular product. And if you are you looking for a place to buy a printed notebook? You don't need to go out to bookstores; simply stay at home and browse a plethora of suitable items with Printerval.

What is a notebook?

A notebook is a book or stack of regularly-ruled paper pages used for activities like taking notes, journaling, writing, drawing, and scrapbooking.

Custom notebooks - Jazz up your notes

Notebooks are not just ordinary books, through which, we can also freely express our personality and creativity on every note page. Notebooks have become our friends, helping us to remember important information. So why don't you try to create a notebook, it would be interesting if we made the notepad so colorful that we can make it more and more interesting.

The history of notebooks

Let's go back in time to discover the history of notebooks.

The first notebooks

Notebooks were originally created in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries by assembling drawings on them, then binding them. Each note-taker had to draw ruled lines across the blank pages. Making and taking notes was such a crucial information management tool that students need to learn at school.

“Notebook” and “Calepin”

Going back in time to understand the history of the notebook, or "calepin." Ambrogio Calepino, an Italian religious scholar, inspired the notebook phrase (1435-1511). In 1502, he wrote a Latin dictionary which he later translated into other languages (Hebrew, Italian, etc.). This work was a huge success in Europe during this decade, and it made this Latin dictionary a reference book.

How did that dictionary end up as a notebook? It was routinely noted throughout trips or travel, from personal reflection or enriched notes over meetings. Its format has changed to adapt by gathering small books for notes for more convenience and then acting as a personal notebook.

How many kinds of notebooks?

The notebook we know today did not begin in a modest size. These were the men and women who molded it over time with their uses. Through time, we now have many kinds of notebooks for a wide requirement of work.

Learning notebooks

Students need notebooks for writing assignments and doing homework. The single-line, double-line, four-line, and square grid line,... are the several types of notebooks that they use.

Spirit Notebook

Large notebooks with wide spaces of blank paper are frequently used by artists because of the appropriateness of drawing. Composers use the same thing for writing their lyrics. Spirit Notebook helps them keep their moments, poems, and emotions like a soul mate.

Legal Pads

Legal pads, which are very big notebooks with lined paper (typically yellow), are also used by lawyers and can be placed on tables and desks. To accommodate more lines of text per page, these horizontal lines, or "rules," are frequently categorized according to how far apart they are, with "broad rule" being the furthest away, "college rule" being closer, "legal rule" being somewhat closer, and "narrow rule" being the closest. These books can be used for essay examinations and are sometimes referred to as composition books by stitching onto a pasteboard backing. In smaller signatures, they are sometimes termed "blue books" or exam books.

Reporters’ Notebooks

When taking notes, journalists, in contrast, like portable tiny notebooks called "reporters' notebooks" and sometimes use shorthand. Lab notebooks are used by researchers and scientists to record their experiments, the pages in lab notebooks are sometimes graph paper to plot data. Police officers are required to use a police notebook to record their observations. Field books, also known as sturdy, hard-bound notebooks, are often used by land surveyors to record field notes.

Why should you buy notebooks at Printerval?

Printed with cutting-edge technology and made from eco-friendly material, our printed notebooks come with the assurance that they are 100% environmentally friendly. What's more? Let's check this out! 

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Subtle and customized designs

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Perfect quality materials and textures

During the printing and design process, we always pay close attention to every detail in the notebook. We believe that attractive textures are an important component of a perfect item.

Reasonable price

Printerval notebooks have a more competitive price to market prices. You could pick up an amazing and lovely notebook from our website for roughly $10. Normally, it only takes $10 to $20 per item.

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Fast delivery

We have a wide and flexible shipping network in many different countries and continents. We always try our best to bring the product to the consumer as soon as possible. For further information, go to Printerval Shipping & Delivery.

Buy a custom notebook at Printerval - Always the Best Quality for your care

As a leading e-commerce application site in the field of POD, Printerval is increasingly receiving the trust of customers. Come to Printerval to find and buy diverse, reputable and quality products. Here, you have the opportunity to shop freely and hunt for discount codes. In Particular, you can easily communicate with sellers and other customers to receive honest reviews of products.
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FAQ about Notebook

When should I give a notebook to a friend?

notebooks and journals are one of the most common gifts to give for birthdays and celebrations. Not only that, as we move into a more digital age, people are actually more likely to pick up a pen and write down notes than they are to type them into a device. So you can use custom notebooks as common gifts for occasions of the year.

How to make the most of my personalized notebook?

That’s a good question, but we do have some ideas. For example, you might be able to print to your specification and make it your own with endless design elements like photos, icons, shapes, logos, and graphics. Sometimes, you may get lost in your mind, we do have some ideas for you that you can even choose which notebooks that fit your style.

When will you dispatch my order once I place it?

Monday through Friday, orders are sent. Please allow us 5-7 business days to complete your customized notebook before shipping.


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