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Why is November the greatest month for birthdays?

November Birthday is a very comfortable month for a birthday, ideal for daylong hearth fires, soul-warming soups, stews, mulled drinks, and especially rich late-harvest desserts and pies.

This month marks the beginning of fall, a period of change and tradition marked by the proximity of friends and family — due to both decreasing weather and the proximity of the Christmas season. Perhaps what matters greatly is that the conclusion of daylight savings time on November 7 provides us with a much-needed extra hour of sleep. November birthday infants also have some exceptional personal qualities and birthday bonuses.


November birthdays are athletic and powerful.

According to a Harvard University study, November newborns grow to be taller and more full-bodied than summer babies. According to the International Journal of Sports, infants born in November have up to 15% greater athletic ability than those born in other months. Finally, a November birthdate increases the likelihood of being left-handed, and because many players in sports like baseball, boxing, and tennis practice against righties, lefties often have an advantage over their opponents when the game time approaches.


Chrysanthemums, the November birth flower, keep you youthful.

Chrysanthemums are the birth flower for November. Mums are native Asian flower that civilizations in the region believe has the ability to prolong youth. A single mum petal floating in a glass of drink, according to Chinese legend, may boost the power and resilience of all body functions, and keeping mums in one's bedroom will prevent premature grey hair.


The interesting sequence in which a mum's petals expand and the bloom is such a lovely sight that the flower is regarded as a symbol of nature's perfection by the Japanese. Confucius, the Chinese philosopher, was said to have considered chrysanthemums to be "pure and magnificent" items to focus on while meditation.


Your November birthday marks the beginning of party season.

The much-anticipated holiday party season kicks out this month with late-fall festivals and harvest parties, family Thanksgivings and Friendsgivings, and, of course, Thanksgiving Eve (one of the biggest party nights of the year, seeing that many old friends visit their hometowns and have off work the next day). A November birthday party near Thanksgiving ensures a large throng of out-of-town visitors who are ordinarily too far away to attend a get-together. And, unlike a December or January birthday party, your November birthday party attendees will not be exhausted by the holiday season just yet.


November horoscopes Scorpio and Sagittarius represent truth and liberty.

The majority of November newborns are Scorpios (born between October 23 and November 21), natural truth searchers recognized for using a distinctive combination of creativity and intelligence to fight for what they believe in. A Scorpio's ambition might be daunting at times, but their efforts aren't only for personal gain — a Scorpio lives to promote causes that they believe will benefit everyone, and they are widely renowned for exhibiting bravery to support close friends.


Scorpios, who are attractive and daring, enjoy exhibiting their professional talents through extremely visible successes. Pablo Picasso, Hillary Clinton, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill Gates, Marie Antoinette, and Katie Perry are all Scorpios.


Those born after November 21 are born under the sign of Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21), a philosophical, open-minded group with large, yet caring, senses of humour. Though a Sagittarius may appear impatient and overly ambitious, this is only their freedom-loving nature seeking its next experience – thus, exploring the world is an ultimate joy for them. Sagittarius people are kind and loving at heart, with an energy that inspires everyone they meet. Tyra Banks, Jay-Z, Billie Eilish, Brad Pitt, Scarlett Johansson, and Jamie Foxx are all Sagittarius-born celebrities.

Reasons why birthdays in November are the greatest

Winter fantasy

Your birthday falls during the nicest part of winter when it's chilly enough to wear black tights, woolly sweaters, knee-high boots, or cuddly PJs and funny slippers all day but not yet the biting, gloomy, miserable freeze of January. You can also spend your birthday in the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, which has skating, booths, and plenty of good cheer, or, if you're feeling very fancy, get your skates on at Somerset House.


The positive aspect of Christmas

November is a lovely, magical month of celebrations, with everyone cheerful and excitedly anticipating the extremely delightful time of the year. You can't help but enjoy November, birthday or not, with its little twinkly lights in the trees and glistening frost on their limbs, brilliant shop displays, and beautiful Christmas illuminations.


It's written in the stars.

We don't take this stuff too seriously, but November babies, dubbed Scorpios and Sagittariuses, reign. The former are bold leaders, but the latter is the life and soul of every party.


All the nicest gifts

Because the stores are in full Christmas gear, you always receive the trendiest gifts before everyone else. Since childhood, you've been blessed with the latest must-have toy or phone a month ahead of everyone else.


Everything delicious

Jacket potatoes with dripping butter, hot cocoa with cream on top, stew with fluffy dumplings, mulled drink, hot soup and crusty bread, sausage and creamy mash, shepherd's pie, and crumpets — are you salivating yet?


All of the greatest outfits

The shops are brimming with the extremely gorgeous, glittery, flattering items you'll see all year, from luscious velvet gowns to bejeweled shoes, making it simple to look your greatest during your birthday bash.


When is the greatest time to throw a party?

What type of idiot throws a July party? You'll spend the occasion in a wet, sticky huddle, swatting away unwelcome wasp, spider, and midgey visitors. Everyone is already in the mood to party in November, and you are more than willing to assist them in preparing for Christmas.


Every day is like a lie-in.

With the clocks falling back at the end of last month, even your rigorous 6 a.m. start becomes a breeze. Your birthday morning will be bright and sunny, and your lay-in will seem extra luxurious when the weekends arrive.



If you're an American or reside in the United States, you'll have this massive celebration in your birthday month, which for many is even more thrilling than Christmas. With parades and momentous dinners, the entire country is celebrating with you, not to mention going mad with Black Friday deals.


The Feast of St. Andrew

You may share your birthday with Scotland's patron saint and so get a bank holiday.

Where can buy November Birthday items?

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