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Who are the persons born in October?

October Birthday is largely Libras, with a few Scorpios thrown in for good measure (although if you're like that, you won't need to read any further). The marigold is the October birthday flower, which makes sense given its resemblance to pumpkins.

The Anglo-Saxons used to name October "Winterfylleth," since the full moon in this month signaled the onset of winter. As a result, October newborns are usually tough and hopeful. They smile as they see the winter sprawled out in front of them, eager to dance through the frost. The innate warmth of persons born in October is contagious, and they're frequently the extremely popular members of their chosen social circles. They're also better snugglers than the typical person, earning them nicknames like "The Human Slanket."


The bears born in October are more interested in sports than the usual bear, both observing and participating in them. Football, basketball, hockey, and baseball are all popular with October newborns, but they don't shy away from any sport. Children will thrill at the chance to participate in snail racing, Fierljeppen, or even extreme ironing in October. Finally, people born in the month of October enjoy a drink. What is this Oktoberfest craze? It's not a coincidence at all. However, by their fourth pint, they can become a little too easy to manipulate into trouble.

What celebrities were born in the month of October?

 On October 21st, both Carrie Fisher and Kim Kardashian were born. Coincidence? Absolutely. October brings a slew of well-known musicians. Snoop Dogg Gwen Stefani was born in the month of October.

On October 25th, 1881, Pablo Picasso began his career as Pablo Picasso. On October 16th, 1954, Oscar Wilde made his debut on the international stage. Nietzsche was born in October, namely on the 15th, and we all know how warm and fuzzy he was.

What's it like to have a birthday in October?


In October, people have a lot of energy. Everyone is getting ready for the holidays, but no one has yet been suffocated by too much champagne and cake.

As a result, October birthdays are merry and joyful occasions. Because October infants are extroverts, their social networks may be rather large – and their celebrations can be extremely spectacular. They're usually the type of gatherings where you simply hope no one posts anything on Facebook afterward. If your birthday falls at the end of the month, it's very practical to combine the celebration with Halloween. That is to say, costumes. And costumes have been scientifically proved to improve any party by a factor of a thousand.

Why the greatest month for birthdays is October?

October is Halloween month, which is the only time of year when it's totally fine to eat small candies all month long. It's a great way to celebrate a birthday! Outside, October is the last month of summer heat, and the leaves are at their extremely beautiful point of color change. If your favorite pumpkin-spiced foods and sweets haven't come out yet, they will soon be in coffee shops and bakeries. October is also a great time to curl up on the couch with a blanket and a mug of hot cider since new seasons of your favorite network TV shows usually start this month. All in all, October is a special month for everyone, but people who were born in October have some distinctive personality traits and health traits.


You'll be healthy since people born in October tend to be very healthy as adults. NBC's Today says that people born in this month tend to have good heart health and lower cholesterol levels, which makes them less likely to get heart disease. Global healthcare surveys also show that babies born in October tend to live longer than those born in other months. The Journal of Aging Research found that people born in the fall (September through November) have a higher chance of living to be 100 years old. People born in October also have strong minds. Studies from the well-known healthcare journal Public Library of Science show that people born in October have a lower risk of depression and worry-related conditions.


October babies get twice as many jewels.

October is different from other months because it has two birthstones: the tourmaline and the opal. Many geologists think that the tourmaline is the extremely colorful gem on Earth. It is made when hot water and vapors get trapped inside caves and start to harden, which can cover whole caverns with pillars of tourmaline. People from Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Brazil have said that this site is very interesting. Even though a lot of tourmaline looks like emeralds and sapphires, this beautiful stone can also be pink, deep purple, or canary yellow.


Since ancient times, the opal has been the extremely prized gemstone. In fact, the name "opal" comes from the Latin word "opalus," which means "all precious stones." When cut well, the greatest opals, which come mostly from Australia, show a rainbow of colors. Opals come in every color of the rainbow, but black opal is by far the extremely sought-after. If you get an opal for your birthday, be careful about how you store it. The extremely beautiful opals have up to 20% water in them, which can dry out in hot places.


Congratulations, you were born to be in charge.

People born in October fall under Venus in the zodiac, so they tend to be natural peacemakers with a refined presence and the ability to express themselves. These are all traits of a politician or head of the office. Six presidents, including John Adams, Rutherford B. Hayes, Chester Arthur, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Jimmy Carter, were born in October, which is more than any other month. Women born in October also have the leadership gene. Both Hillary Clinton and Eleanor Roosevelt were born in October. Outside of politics, Pablo Picasso, and Mahatma Gandhi were all born in October. Lennon and Picasso were both groundbreaking leaders in their fields, and Gandhi was one of the greatest peacemakers in history.


The flower for October birthdays is more than just beautiful.

The Calendula, which many people call a pot marigold, is the birth flower for October. It is an earthy flower with long petals and bright orange and yellow colors. Marigolds come from south-central Europe and the Mediterranean, but the Aztecs were the first people known to have grown them. The Aztecs thought the flower had spiritual powers, mostly because of its medicinal properties. Calendulas contain inflammatory-resistant oils that can reduce swelling in the mouth, calm rashes, fight infections, and help wounds heal. Calendulas are known to keep deer and other grazing animals out of vegetable gardens. This protects the whole crop yield, which is another reason why the Aztecs respected the flower. Marigolds are seen as symbols of personal strength, unconditional love, and calm tenacity by people all over the world. These are qualities that are especially useful in today's stressful world.


People born in October have balance, power, and passion.

Many people born in October are Libras (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22). Libras are outgoing and friendly, but also logical and well-balanced. They strive for harmony in all parts of their lives, which is symbolized by their zodiac sign, the scales. Even nature shows this idea of balance in October when the number of hours of day and night is almost the same. Manilius, a Roman poet and author of one of the world's oldest known astrological books, says that the moon was in Libra when Rome became a single empire. Some well-known Libras of today are Bruce Springsteen, Kim Kardashian, Will Smith, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Serena Williams.


Scorpios (born between October 23 and November 21) are also born in the month of October. These people are passionate and loyal, and they will never change their beliefs just to please other people. A Scorpio is known to be strong-willed, independent, and smart all around. They also have a lively personality that they can show off without too much effort, Kendall Jenner, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, and Ciara are just a few well-known Scorpios.

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