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What is Palm tree?

Palm tree, also known as Arecaceae, is a family of perennial flowering plants whose growth form can be climbers, shrubs, tree-like, and stemless plants. Within Palm trees, there are 181 genera with 2,600 species restricted mostly to tropical and subtropical climates. Most Palm trees have large, compound, and evergreen leaves which are called fronds and are arranged at the top of an unbranched stem. Yet, Palm trees are diverse not only in physical characteristics but also in the living habitat in which palms inhabit from rainforests to deserts. As a result, these kinds of trees are among the best-known and most extensively cultivated plant families. 

In addition, Palms have been important to humans throughout much of history because they were used to make common products and foods in previous times. Besides that, palms also symbolized victory, peace, and fertility. Nowadays, palms are widely used in landscaping, making them one of the most economically important plants and are the symbol of the tropics and vacations. 

( Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arecaceae)

What are the features of Palm trees? 

There are some key features of Palm trees relating to their living habitats and ecological functions you should keep in mind. 

With regard to habitats, most palm trees live in tropical and subtropical climates that means palms are native to moist and hot climates. In fact, they can be found in a variety of different environments, in particular in wet and lowland forests. Some regions of palm concentration are South America, the Caribbean, and areas of the South Pacific and southern Asia, etc. Within them, Colombia may have the highest number of palm species. Some desert areas such as the Arabian peninsula and parts of northwestern Mexico are also the ideal habitats for some palms. In addition, the cultivation of palms can be seen in the north of subtropical climates, and some higher latitudes such as Ireland, Scotland, England, and the Pacific Northwest.

In terms of functions, palm trees inhabit a variety of ecosystems because more than two-thirds of palm species live in humid moist forests where some species grow tall enough to form part of the canopy and shorter ones form part of the understory. On the other hand, some species form pure stands in areas with poor drainage or regular flooding. Raphia hookeri, which is common in coastal freshwater swamps in West Africa, is a typical example. Besides, palms may also exist in grasslands and scrublands, usually associated with a water source, and in desert oases such as the date palm. 

In particular, palm trees are a monophyletic group of plants that means the group consists of a common ancestor and all its descendants.

( Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arecaceae)

What factors make Palm tree-style interesting?

Except for its vacation and recreation symbol, casual designs and adaptability are two factors making Palm tree styles on-trend. 

Every year, when people wear or use Palm tree-style items denotes the coming of summer. No one tells but people know that as a natural instinct because the palm is a symbol of summer vacations which people expect annually. Catching the tendency of societies and people’s thoughts and expectations, a large number of designers and producers focus on creating more and more items with Palm tree styles including Palm tree t-shirts, Palm tree tank tops, Palm tree mugs, etc. The designs of those items are usually simple but eye-catching and unique. That brings the feeling of coolness and attractiveness, making your mind refresh and relax. With summer, the less sophisticated the designs are, the more appealing the items are. Moreover, palm tree-style items are often comfortable, breathable, and adaptable. They are suitable on various occasions, not only on the beach but at parties, hanging out, dating, etc. These factors facilitate the prevalence of Palm tree-style items that seem not to go out of date. 

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How unique are Palm tree designs on Printerval.com?

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Which occasions to use Palm tree styles?

Palm tree styles are usually worn or used at every summer vacation on the beach, at parties held on small grassland, etc. Because palm tree styles belong to casual use, they are convenient and adaptable. In addition, although Palm tree Hoodies are not for summer, they are ideal in many different situations with extreme weather. 

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