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What Is Pennants?

Pennant is a fun and versatile way to decorate your home and yard. Many people think of pennant flags when they think of sports teams or colleges, but they can be used for much more than just decorating a dorm room wall. If you want to make your classroom, bedroom, kitchen, patio, office, or other place look better, all you have to do is hang up some pennant flags.

How to Use a Pennant to Decorate?

Some things you need to know about the usage of Pennant

Putting together a classroom

Pennant flags are a fun way to add color and brightness to a classroom, especially if it is full of young, creative people. Pennant flags in your classroom can show off your school's mascot or colors, among other things. Think about using pennant flags with letters or words to draw attention to a specific part of the classroom, like the teacher's desk or a place to drop off homework. Students can also make their pennant flags to show off their favorite color, animal, sport, or holiday. These pennant flags can then be hung over or across students’ desks or tables or placed directly on the wall as wall art.

Setting up a house

If the classroom isn't your thing, you could creatively use pennant flags to decorate your home! You can put up pennant flags in almost an infinite number of ways, such as:

Make a small string of pennant flags and wrap them around a plain or neutral lamp shade to give it some personality. Make small pennants with bright paper or fabric that match your home's style and color scheme. Backgrounds for pennant flags can be rustic, metallic, Americana, floral, vintage, or any other style that fits your taste. Connect the flags with a string or ribbon that goes with them, and you have the perfect display!

Above a porch or deck: Pennant flags are a wonderful addition to any backyard patio space, and they add just the right amount of flair to a summertime barbeque party.

As decorations for the holidays: One reason why pennant flags are so popular is that they can be used for almost any event. If you are feeling creative, consider making individual pennant flag banners for each season, major holiday, and birthday celebrated in your home.

Setting up an office

Even though it might seem like pennants belong more in a home or classroom, tasteful pennant flags can also be used to add personality to a bland office. Pennant flags are easy to make and make great centerpieces that let you show off your personality in a cubicle or at a desk. You can also use pennant flags to put your touch on office supplies like pens or highlighters. Miniature pennant flags are easily attached to writing instruments with tape, and they can also create a fun border around a desktop monitor or telephone docking station.

Why Should You Choose Pennants On Printerval?

Printerval has a wide range of products with very unique theme designs from world artists.

Printerval has a lot of Pennants with distinctive designs

Printerval offers a lot of templates and designs by artists around the world; especially these are all exclusive designs only available on the website. In addition, each design has a fusion with the type of Pennant, gentle motifs used for indoor Pennants; eye-catching vibrant motifs will be used for garden Pennants. Printerval is always confident about its diverse and distinctive designs.

Printerval has Pennants for many places

In addition to the variety of materials or sizes, it is easy for customers to choose the Pennant that is right for them. We also have Pennants for use in different situations and locations. The extremely popular today are Garden Pennant and House Pennant. These two types of Pennants have a decorative effect, emphasizing your space more.

Long-lasting material

With materials mainly made of poly or nylon, the characteristics of these substances are beautiful, sharp colors, strong Pennants, relatively high aesthetics, and durability. Printerval guarantees the quality of the Pennant will keep for at least more than 1 year, ensuring that the color of the Pennant will always be as beautiful as new...

Reasonable price

Depending on the size and image, the price of each Pennant will vary, but at Printerval, the price for you to own a house Pennant or garden Pennant with a distinctive design only ranges from about $18.70 per Pennant. In addition to highly reasonable prices, there are always special discounts on the website, don't miss these occasions!

Currency payment

Printerval only accepts USD currency for international orders, ensuring objectivity and safety. Printerval offers payment via many forms: Master Card, Visa Card, PayPal, Amazon Pay, or Apple Pay.

The delivery fee is so low!

Shipping fees are always a concern for many customers when purchasing. But at Printerval, in addition to the fast shipping service, the shipping price is also very low and reasonable. You don't have to worry about your item taking 1 month to arrive; buy here, it will only take 6-14 days, including shipping. Want to learn more about shipping policies.

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Can custom follow customer needs?

Custom-printed Pennants are a simple way for you to assert your individuality, style, and image. At the same time, it helps to increase the difference and help you stand out like never before. Therefore, owning a Pennant for yourself to express your personality and affirm your style is very important. Unlike other units, Printerval offers you a wide selection with an unlimited minimum number of Pennant printing products.

How To Choose Good Pennants?

To know how to choose a good Pennants, you need to know the following

Choose the shape of the Pennant

Many pennants are either square or rectangle-shaped. Your Pennant doesn't have to be square but should have simple, easy-to-see shapes. For instance, Nepal's Pennant is made of two triangles overlapping. Think about how you will use your Pennant. A triangle will work well for a pennant flat, while a rectangle will work for a sports pennant or the pennant of a made-up country.

In general, rectangles are the easiest shape to work with because they give you the extreme space to design. Many modern pennants are rectangles.

Choose a simple but distinctive design

Some of the extremely common Pennant designs use two or three colors, quarters, stripes, panels, or borders. Pennants can also be one color with a special symbol in the middle. Like the American Pennant, you could also put a symbol in a small rectangle called a canton in the upper left corner.

You could make a Pennant that is symmetrical, like Japan's Pennant, or one that isn't, like Norway's Pennant.

You can get ideas from the flags of other countries and sports teams. Being the same or be different is a good rule of thumb. Pennants with the Nordic cross, like those from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and more, are an example of a related Pennant.

If you want a Pennant with a lot of detail, look at some of the state and community Pennants. Keep in mind that many state flags are thought to be bad or poorly made.

Use two or three colors

You shouldn't use more than two or three colors in your Pennant design. It can be hard to tell them apart if you use too many. Black, blue, green, red, white, and yellow are the extremely common colors for pennants. Use light and dark colors to make a difference. Putting colors next to each other on the color wheel can be helpful, but it may make the colors blend together. Colors that go well together and stand out work better. Depending on the tone, you might want to make it very saturated or just a little bit.

You don't have to use extremely common colors. Choose a color representing the place or group your Pennant stands for.

Avoid putting together colors that look too similar, like red and orange or navy and dark purple. They won't be as noticeable.

Where to buy the lowest and greatest Pennants?

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