International Cat Day And Perfect Gifts For Cat Moms in 2023

As the calendar turns to 2023, it brings with it a special occasion that cat lovers across the globe eagerly await: International Cat Day. A day dedicated to celebrating the playful antics, undeniable charm, and unwavering companionship that our beloved feline friends bring into our lives. As we honor these enigmatic creatures on their designated day, what better way to express our love than with thoughtful and purr-fect gifts? Whether you're a devoted cat parent or simply cherish the company of these mesmerizing creatures, join us on a journey to discover the ultimate gifts for cat moms this International Cat Day in 2023. From toys that ignite their curiosity to cozy comforts that warm their hearts, let's explore the perfect presents that will leave the kittens feeling adored and cherished on this special occasion.

The history of the International Cat Day

Cats are mostly carnivorous little furry creatures with four legs, a tail, and claws that people have domesticated as pets since the beginning of time, despite the fact that they originally hunted vermin and are descended from the African Wildcat.

Ancient Egyptian civilization contains the earliest known mention of cats in human history. Because the Egyptians revered and regarded cats as gods, we all appear to associate cats with the ancient Egyptians. During the First Dynasty, Mafdet-the first recorded cat deity-was revered as a protection against snakes, scorpions, and evil. For them, cats were thus more than just deities-they were also guardians.

Later, after the Egyptian dynasty was overthrown, cats gained popularity all throughout the world! Cats were once the property of the affluent and powerful in the East, where the Greeks and Romans utilized them to control pests. Although too many cats were slain throughout the Middle Ages in Europe due to superstition and the belief that they carried the sickness during the Black Death of 1348, it wasn't until the 1600s that cats' reputations began to improve.

Cats were transported to America as part of the colonization ships' cargo in order to reduce disease and vermin, and as a result, those cats thrived once they arrived. We have over 500 million cats in the world, thus cats appear to be one of the pop idols in contemporary society. And since 2002, cats have had their own holiday due to the "International Fund for Animal Welfare"!


How to choose the right gifts for cat moms?

Choosing the right gifts for cat moms involves considering their interests, preferences, and the needs of their feline companions. Here are some tips to help you select thoughtful and meaningful gifts:

1. Know their preferences

Take note of the cat mom's personal tastes and hobbies. If she enjoys reading, consider a book about cats or a subscription to a cat-related magazine. If she loves crafts, a DIY cat toy-making kit could be a fun and engaging gift.

2. Consider their Cat's needs

Pay attention to the cat's age, size, and personality. Choose gifts that align with the cat's preferences and play style. For example, if the cat is active and playful, interactive toys like wand teasers or puzzle feeders could be ideal. For older cats, consider cozy bedding or grooming tools.

3. Practical and useful gifts for cat moms 

Think about items that can make the cat mom's life easier. A high-quality cat carrier for vet visits or travel, a stylish and durable cat leash for outdoor adventures, or a smart pet feeder for automatic feeding can be thoughtful and practical choices.

4. Personalized gifts

Consider adding a personal touch to the gift. Customized items like engraved cat tags, personalized cat mugs, or custom-made cat artwork can be cherished keepsakes.

5. Health and wellness

Show that you care about the cat's well-being by gifting health-related items. This could include premium cat food, natural treats, calming aids, or a grooming kit to keep the cat looking and feeling its best.

6. Support a cause

If the cat mom is passionate about animal welfare or specific cat-related charities, consider making a donation in her name to support these causes. Many organizations offer symbolic adoptions of animals or sponsorships that contribute to their care.

7. Gift cards

If you're unsure about specific preferences or needs, a gift card to a pet store or a cat specialty shop allows the cat mom to choose something she and her cat will love.

8. Consider the cat mom's lifestyle

Take into account her lifestyle and living arrangements. If she lives in a small apartment, space-saving cat furniture or wall-mounted shelves might be appreciated. If she enjoys outdoor activities with her cat, consider gifts like a portable water bottle for pets.

Some of the most in-mand gifts for cat moms 

#1: Personalized cat necklace

A necklace featuring the cat mom's cat's name or initials is a sentimental and stylish accessory that allows her to carry her fur baby's name close to her heart.

source: Etsy, Price: from $22.84+

#2: Cat-themed coffee mug

A cute and quirky coffee mug with cat illustrations or funny cat quotes is perfect for cat moms who love starting their day with a smile. 

Cat-themed Coffee Mugs on Printerval is also a great choice for you to look for perfect gifts for cat moms.


#3: Cat scratching post

A sturdy and attractive scratching post provides an essential outlet for the cat's scratching instincts while saving the furniture from damage.


#4: Cat Trees & Condos

Cat Trees & Condos give a cat a dedicated area to perform different hobbies like climbing, scratching, hiding, and exploring. These stimulating environments keep the cat busy and minimize boredom, which lowers the risk of behavioral issues that might result from a lack of stimulation.

#5: Pet camera/Treat dispenser

A pet camera with treat dispensing capabilities allows cat moms to check on their cats remotely and even reward them with treats while away from home.

Price: ~28.00

#6: Cat-themed planner/notebook

A cat-themed planner or notebook is ideal for cat moms who like to keep their schedules organized and jot down their thoughts, all while surrounded by adorable cat designs.

Price: ~ $7.97

#7: Cat bed or hammock

A cozy cat bed or hammock gives the cat a comfortable space to rest and nap while also providing the cat mom with adorable photo opportunities.

Price: ~$17.99

#8: Cat water fountain

A cat water fountain encourages cats to stay hydrated and provides fresh, flowing water that many cats prefer over stagnant water bowls.

Price: ~31.99

#9: Cat grass kit

A cat grass kit allows cat moms to grow safe and healthy grass indoors for their cats to nibble on, aiding in digestion and preventing them from chewing on potentially harmful plants.

Price: $19.90

#10: Cat teaser wand

An interactive cat teaser wand provides endless entertainment for both the cat and the cat mom, fostering bonding and playtime.

Price: $9.85

#11: Cat-themed tote bag

Of all the best gifts for cat moms, a cat-themed tote bag is a practical and fashionable accessory that allows the cat mom to carry her belongings while showcasing her love for cats.

Price: ~29.95

#12: Cat hair removal glove

A grooming glove designed to remove loose cat hair is a helpful tool for keeping the cat's coat clean and the home fur-free.

Price: ~14.99

#13: Cat treat assortment

A selection of premium cat treats in various flavors is a delicious way to spoil the feline friend and reward good behavior.

Price: ~39.99

#14: Cat face mask set

A set of cat-themed face masks adds a touch of whimsy to the daily skincare routine and shows off the cat mom's passion for felines. This is definitely one of the cutest gifts for cat moms

Price: ~$6.36

#15: Cat-themed puzzle

A cat-themed puzzle provides a relaxing and enjoyable activity for cat moms to unwind and indulge in their love for cats.

Price: ~$24.99

#16: Cat-themed wall art

Cat-themed wall art or prints featuring artistic representations of cats add charm and personality to the cat mom's living space, showcasing her admiration for feline friends.

Price: ~$58.41


Whether it's pampering cat moms with personalized cat-themed merchandise, treating their furry friends to the finest treats and toys, or embracing the joy of adopting a rescue cat, there are endless ways to express love and gratitude. Remember, the best gifts for cat moms are those that come from the heart and reflect the unique personalities and preferences of both the cats and their moms.

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