20 Perfect Gifts For Dad With Dementia in 2023

Parents are just like the indispensable gift that God has sent to us. They have become part of the furniture in our lives and it's sad to even just think about the period when they start aging and encountering a slew of unwanted health problems. As Father's Day is on the way so close to us, we would like to present to you this article, which is specially made for those individuals having fathers that have been diagnosed with Dementia - a progressive condition that affects a person's ability to perform everyday tasks such as memory ability, thinking ability, speaking ability, etc. and it can also impact behavior, personality, and mood. It is, sadly, said to have no known cure for dementia. The good news is that early diagnosis and treatment can help manage symptoms and improve quality of life.

We well acknowledge that choosing gifts for dad with dementia is not an easy task as the gifts are expected to be truly thoughtful and pragmatic, not to mention this is the task of choosing gifts for the old. 

So here we are, trying to give out the best recommendations that we have spent much time and effort rounding up a list for you, to help you through with some of the best gift options that are sure to bring a big smile to your father's face. 

Tips to choose gifts for dad with dementia

So, before jumping into our curated list of the best gifts for dad with dementia, we would very much like to give you some useful tips when it comes to choosing gifts for your dad. These are the things you need to bear in mind:

- Consider familiar items 

Choose gifts that are familiar to your dad, such as items that he used to enjoy or that are connected to a hobby or interest he has.

- Focus on sensory experiences 

Gifts that engage the senses can be very effective for people with dementia. Consider things like aromatherapy, music, or tactile experiences.

- Keep it simple

Choose gifts that are easy to use and don't require a lot of cognitive effort. Avoid gifts with complicated instructions or multiple parts.

- Choose practical items

Consider practical gifts that can be used in everyday life, such as adaptive clothing or simple kitchen gadgets.

- Focus on social interaction

Gifts that promote social interaction, such as games or puzzles that can be played with others, can be beneficial for people with dementia.

- Avoid triggering negative emotions

Be mindful of gifts that may trigger negative emotions or memories, such as items that are associated with a difficult time in your dad's life.

Top 20 highly recommended gifts for dad with dementia 

#1: Photo albums or digital photo frames

Pictures can help trigger memories and create a sense of familiarity and comfort. By revisiting the old photos with his closest people often, he will remember well the important persons in his life, knowing that he is loved and not alone. Additionally, they also help your dad keep track of time, appointments, and important events.

#2: Fidget toys

These can help provide sensory stimulation and reduce agitation. They can provide them with sensory stimulation and help alleviate feelings of restlessness or anxiety. Fidget toys are designed to be touched, squeezed, and manipulated, providing a tactile experience that can help improve concentration and focus. 

#3: Comfortable clothing

Dementia can sometimes make it difficult to dress oneself, so comfortable and easy-to-wear clothing can be a practical and appreciated gift.

#4: Music players or CDs

Music can be calming and enjoyable, and may even help improve cognitive function. A music player can provide a source of comfort and entertainment for a dad with dementia, allowing them to listen to familiar tunes or favorite songs from their past. And yes, it can promote cognitive and physical activity by encouraging movement and engagement with the device. 

#5: Reminiscence books or journals

These can prompt conversations and help dads reminisce about their past, which can be enjoyable and therapeutic.


 #6: Puzzles or games 

These can help stimulate the brain and provide a sense of accomplishment. The games chosen for a dad with dementia should be tailored to their level of ability. Some games may be easier or more difficult depending on the person's cognitive function. It is also recommended to choose games that have bright and clear cards and pieces.

#7: Therapeutic activities such as coloring books or art supplies

These can be a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend time, and may also help improve cognitive function.

#8: Personalized items such as mugs or blankets 

These can provide a sense of comfort and familiarity, especially if they feature family photos or familiar phrases.

source: Etsy

#9: Essential oil diffusers or scented candles

Gifts for dad with dementia such as scented candles can play a role in providing comfort and relaxation to a person with dementia. Certain scents can trigger positive memories or emotions, which can be beneficial for individuals with dementia who may experience difficulty with memory recall or emotional regulation. Additionally, the warm glow of a candle can create a calming ambiance and promote relaxation. 


#10: Books or audiobooks

Reading or listening to stories can be an enjoyable and stimulating activity, and can also help improve cognitive function.

#11: Indoor plants

Indoor plants can help improve the air quality and create a calming environment for your dad to relax and enjoy.

#12: Exercise equipment

Exercise can help improve your dad's mobility, balance, and overall health. Simple exercise equipment, such as resistance bands or hand weights, can be a great gift idea.

#13: Sun lamp

A sun lamp, also known as a light therapy lamp or phototherapy lamp, could be a helpful gift for a dad with dementia, particularly if they experience symptoms of depression or anxiety. Sun lamps mimic natural sunlight and can help regulate the body's internal clock and improve mood. They can also be beneficial for sleep quality and may help reduce symptoms of sundowning.

#14: Day and time clock with reminders

Day and time clocks are highly sought-after items for seniors suffering from dementia and other memory-related issues. Your dad may struggle with keeping track of time, which can cause anxiety, restlessness, aimless wandering, and repetitive questioning. The day and time clock with reminders that comes with additional features like alarms and reminders will surely become an exceptionally helpful item for your dad.

#15: GPS tracking watch 

Of all the best gifts for dad with dementia, we highly recommend the GPS tracking watch for you. A GPS tracking watch can be a useful gift for a dementia dad to prevent wandering. It can provide real-time location tracking and alerts if the wearer wanders outside a designated area. This can help ensure their safety and give peace of mind to caregivers.

#16: Senior cell phone with picture dialing

A senior cell phone with picture dialing is one of the greatest gifts for dad with dementia as it can help them stay connected with their loved ones and caregivers. The phone comes with large buttons and picture dialing, making it easy for them to use and make calls independently. It also eliminates the need for them to remember phone numbers and reduces the frustration associated with dialing a number incorrectly. 

#17: Doorbell camera

A doorbell camera can help monitor the safety of a person with dementia by allowing caregivers to see who is at the door before opening it.

#18: Voice-activated virtual assistant

Devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home can be helpful for people with dementia to set reminders, listen to music, or make calls without having to use complicated technology.

#19: Therapy robot

A therapy robot like a robotic seal can provide companionship and comfort to a dementia patient, with its lifelike movements, sounds, and fur.

#20: Weighted wrap 

Weighted wraps can provide non-pharmaceutical relief by promoting relaxation and calming the mind of individuals with dementia. The wrap applies soothing pressure to the shoulders while sitting, offering targeted benefits.


In a nutshell, finding the perfect gifts for dad with dementia can be a challenging task. However, with a little creativity and thoughtfulness, it's possible to give a gift that can improve their well-being and bring them joy. The 20 gift ideas discussed in this article are just a few examples of gifts that can make a significant difference in the life of a dad with dementia. It's essential to keep in mind their individual needs, preferences, and abilities when selecting a gift. By doing so, you can show your love and support while helping to improve their quality of life.

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