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What is a phone case?

Phone cases are products manufactured to protect the phone's outer shell, avoid scratches and dust, and reduce the impact when the phone collides with a hard object.

In addition, the case is also a phone decorative accessory, highlighting the user's phone.

Basic phone cases

This is a popular back cover model used by many accessory manufacturers.

Hard plastic case

Polycarbonate plastic is the extremely commonly used material due to its advantages of high strength, good elasticity, and not being easily brittle or broken after prolonged use.

The disadvantage of this case model is that it typically only covers the back and two sides, not the top and bottom edges, so your device may not be adequately protected.

If you drop the device and it hits this edge, scratches or dents (for machines with metal shells) can occur.

This is also a trendy phone case. Almost all brands have this type of case.

The advantage of a flexible case is that it covers the entire body, so it protects the device better. The commonly used material is soft TPU (some low-priced ones are made from silicon), so it's prevalent because it's easy to install, remove, and comfortable to hold.

Flexible transparent case

This case model is available from any manufacturer; the brand and material usually determine the price.

The transparent plastic case (with pictures, stones, patterns, etc.)

Although large corporations produce this type of case, it is quite uncommon. The majority of them are designed for Apple iPhones.

The rest are primarily from small Chinese businesses

Alternatively, you can use a genuine, transparent plastic case (as a preform) and print the image as desired. However, if only 1.2 panels are published, the cost will be quite high.
Color TPU (or silicone) with or without cases

This phone case model overcomes the disadvantage of a transparent type that is not discolored while still providing the same benefits as the previous model.

However, the number is small and has not been updated on many models.

The majority of printed samples, like the transparent type, come from small establishments, or you order the prints yourself; the selection of large brands is quite limited.

Aluminum bezel

A few years ago, these phone cases appeared quite a lot on the models, but now it is no longer popular.

In addition to the decorative border for the device, this type of case often has low protection for the device. Because the back is almost not protected against scratches.

For these types of cases, when you accidentally drop the device, in some cases, the metal rim can shift the focus to the edges (because of the weight), helping to protect the screen and back of the device.

However, not all cases are guaranteed to be the same because it depends on your height or posture.

The advantages of using a phone case are numerous

Safe phone protection: It is unavoidable during use to drop or damage hardware such as broken glass, the back of the device, and dented edges. The cases, which are compact, easy to remove, and designed to fit the chassis, will help to reduce these unnecessary risks. The advantage of these cases is that they help save on repair costs compared to not using the case.

Create your style and personality: Previously, there were only basic designs and limited colors, but with the appearance of a variety of Chinese-made accessories, users now have more options. There are several options for giving your phone a new look.

Dirt-resistant: Using the case on a regular basis will make the device's back surface less prone to dirt and scratches. The case, in particular, is straightforward to clean; simply remove the case, rub the filthy part, and dry it, and you have a completely new case.

Stabilize the phone while in use: Today's smartphone models are all equipped with ultra-thin screen technology, are large sizes, and are very lightweight, and the risk of falling is relatively high if not careful. As a result, having an extra case makes it easier to use the phone, preventing it from falling and slipping out of your hand.

Notes when using phone cases

Nowadays, cases not only protect the phone but also beautify the phone, expressing the personal style of the owner. Therefore, many smartphone users do not hesitate to invest heavily in beautiful and unique cases. Note when using a case when using the case below will help your phone always stay beautiful.

Cleaning phone cases and leather cases

You should remove the case and clean the device after a period of use, which could be short or long, depending on whether you live and work in a dusty environment or not.

In general, clean it when there is a lot of dust on the contact points between the device and the case.

Why is it necessary to clean?

Tiny dust particles can get in anywhere, so after a long period of use, dust can get into contact between the device and the case, causing scratches to the device.

The case and machine are quite tight for genuine products with high accuracy, so it is good to limit the dust entering, if any, is also at a light level.

Many non-branded products are well-made, but the quality is not uniform, so some models will have gaps, allowing dust to enter quickly.

Remove the case when the device has to operate with high intensity

Using a phone case also more or less affects the heat dissipation of the device, so it is necessary to remove the case when the device is too hot temporarily.

Causes of overheating:

Chip: Newer chips often consume less power, so they generate less heat than older chips

Applications: Applications that require continuous high processing power, usually games (not all games)

Printerval - A prestigious address to buy phone cases

The outstanding feature of the Printerval case is that it is designed to be very thin, light, and beautiful with many patterns that catch up with today's trends. The case is manufactured on modern technology lines and printed with the extremely advanced printing technology available today, so the color of the case is pigmented and will not peel or fade.

The case is made of durable plastic material, suitable for many different phone models, and many other designs for customers to choose from.

The case's design is tight with volume up and down buttons, power button, headphone jack, etc., creating a perfect, beautiful case. The case is waterproof and safe, and it does not stick to fingerprints.

The case is relatively low-priced and suitable for the extremely popular iPhone phones today, such as iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13. For as low as $16.95, you may own a preference case.

The shipping fee is meager!

Printerval shipping is low compared to other phone case stores. It only takes 6 to 14 days, including shipping, and you won't have to wait a month for your items.

How to choose a suitable phone case?

Buying a colorful phone case is a quick and easy way to give your smartphone a personal touch and make it stand out. But a case is used for more than just that.

Some phone cases protect the phone from drops and the weather, while others can also be used as a wallet.

This buying guide will help you find the best phone case for your smartphone model based on your style and what features are most important to you.

Based on purpose

The bezel case is an alternative worth considering if you are a simple person who does not want to scratch up your smartphone with bulky cases.

Drop-resistant impact case can be said to be the extremely optimal protective case for your phone. This is an indispensable case for those of you who are constantly on the go or play sports. The case is designed with a sturdy exterior, making your phone resistant to shocks or pressure under harsh environments.

Waterproof cases for those who want to go to the beach, swimming pool, and take cool pictures underwater.

Choose the designs

There are numerous creative and distinctive printings for customers to choose from. You can also create your own artwork and have it printed on the signature phone case. The vivid colors here at Printerval will capture your heart and you will have no hesitance to purchase these fantastic phone cases for yourself and your family

Where to buy the coolest phone cases?

Nowadays, many people choose from the numerous companies and merchants that provide high-quality phone cases on the market. Printerval's premium phone case, on the other hand, is truly outstanding. We will assist you throughout your product's usage because we have a low price and a high-quality reputation.