Why is the Birthday topic chosen by many people?

A birthday is a meaningful event in the life of each of us, a milestone marking the day you were born as well as a day of gratitude to the person who was born.

The default birthday is the day that celebrates the birthday of a person and always carries great and important meaning.

Origin of Birthday

Celebrating birthdays has its roots in Christianity in Europe. In this Taoist culture, it is believed that a person's birthday is a time when evil spirits bring bad luck. To dispel bad omens, on birthdays people will give each other birthday wishes, flowers or gifts.

Today, birthdays are not only popular in Europe but also all over the world, regardless of skin color, gender or age, social status,... Besides, birthdays no longer carry a heavy burden. religious significance as before but simply a special of each individual and birthday parties are held to enjoy moments of joy with loved ones.

Meaning of birthday

Celebrating the birthday, remembering the birth of parents

Birthday marks our presence in the world, the first day we are exposed to the outside world. This is a sacred moment that means a lot to everyone. Besides, birthdays are also an occasion for us to remember the merits of birth and the upbringing of our parents. The day the child was born is also the day when the mother experiences the most difficult moments of childbirth, the day parents anxiously look forward to for 9 months and 10 days. Then there are the days when the children are taught and raised by their parents with all their hearts

Mark the growth of each person

Every birthday that passes is a new year for you, a time for you to reflect on how you have grown in the past, what you have done, what needs to be changed, and what plans you have for yourself. future.

Bonding emotions of each family member, building personal relationships with the community

As a time when relatives and family gather together to celebrate, birthdays are an opportunity to bond the feelings of each family member, to share joy and happiness with each other, and to wish for each other. good things in life.

Currently, when birthdays are gradually becoming an opportunity to exchange and meet new friends and new partners, this is also the time to expand your social relationships and build your reputation with the community.

Depending on the country, birthdays have a different way of celebrating, but in general, birthdays always have a special meaning for each person. Cherish the moments of your birthday as well as your family members and especially your parents because they are the most important people in everyone's life.

Birthday is an important day so many people often want to celebrate something special such as using Birthday t-shirts, Birthday mugs, or Flags, etc.

Meaning of the Birthday patterns?

Each item is printed with designs tailored to each occasion to suit. For example, with the Birthday in Lockdown 2020 2021 2022 birthday quarantined design showing the inability to celebrate birthdays during the ongoing Covid epidemic, the design with the meaning of birthdays during the lockdown period after 2 years has not ended yet. 

It is also advised that everyone should be vigilant and stay healthy in the present time. There are also many designs with the purpose of celebrating a special birthday such as A Queens Are Born In September Birthday, Vintage 2003 Limited Edition 18th Birthday, 30th Birthday, Gift Sister Of The Birthday Girl.

What is the purpose of printing on items?

Printing on birthday goods signifies sharing a wonderful day with family and friends or commemorating the birthday of a close friend who is no longer with the world. The items will have a variety of meanings and will be filled with a lot of love.

Beyond serving as a memento, birthday things are excellent birthday gifts for friends and family, or even for one's own enjoyment and enjoyment. What's even better is if the birthday gift is an item that was printed on your birthday, which will be a one-of-a-kind and special thing for you.

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What is the price of the items?

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How to use and care for items?

How to Care for Printed T-shirts/Hoodies/Tanktop

Things to do when receiving a shirt

When you first receive the shirt, the first thing you need to do is turn the shirt inside out and then use an iron to iron the picture for about 5 minutes to make the ink stick longer and stronger on the shirt.

Because when the shirt is printed, the printing side will send the product to you, so the ink is still new, not dead, so you absolutely should not wash the shirt right away as usual when buying new clothes, it will be able to make ink. If the print is smudged, discolored and patchy on the shirt, it needs to be left for at least 2 weeks for the ink to dry before it can be washed comfortably.

How to wash clothes?

When washing a shirt with heat transfer printing, you should not wash it in a washing machine, it will make the shirt crease and the print will easily peel and fade due to the great force, but you should wash it by hand to preserve the shirt.

When washing clothes by hand, absolutely do not rub detergent and detergents directly on the printed image, which will reduce the quality and durability of the print. With colored shirts or shirts with printed images, do not use bleach, which will cause the color to drift and smear, damaging the clothes.

When washing, you should also be careful not to use hot water because the heat will damage the fabric and damage the print.

How to dry clothes?

When drying the printed shirt, it is necessary to turn the shirt upside down so that the sunlight does not directly affect the print, causing fading and peeling of the print, but also be careful not to let the two prints of the front and back of the shirt stick together. When they dry they will stick to each other causing damage to the print.

In order not to make the shirt sag quickly, you can cross the shirt instead of hanging it on a hook, do not dry it in places where the sun is too harsh because the temperature is too high, it will quickly damage the fabric, lint, and the print will also be reduced. quality.

The uniform shirt is a necessary outfit used with high frequency, it can also be a memory that you want to keep, so take good care of the shirt to keep it for a long time.

DO's and DON'Ts when preserving Flags

The flag should be stored in extreme weather conditions such as strong winds, heavy rain, tornadoes, etc.

DO hang the Flag by attaching it correctly to the rope so that it does not wrap its body around again and again.

DO dry the flag when it shows signs of moisture, to avoid mold damage to the flag.

DO NOT curl, wring, fold or fold a wet flag.

DO NOT touch the flag in unfavorable weather (heavy rain, storm, …).

DO NOT store the flag in wet or hot conditions.