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What is a Pillow?

A sofa backrest pillow is a small size pillow that is placed on sofas, to bring comfort when users lean on it. However, with large sofas, a backrest pillow is also a normal pillow, which you can lay your head on or hug when resting and relaxing.

Currently, the sofa backrest pillows are considered one of the indispensable items when buying a sofa set for the family.

How to build a sofa backrest pillow?

Whether it's a high-end pillow or a low-cost pillow, the structure is the same. They consist of 2 parts: pillowcase and pillow core.

Pillowcases: Pillowcases are made from many different materials such as elastic, velvet, and felt, ... and the extremely advanced is silk fabric. They are passed through the steps of weaving, and fabric treatment, and stylized with delicate embroidery lines, through weaving, printing, drawing, etc., according to the creativity of the manufacturer. You will have a variety of products rich in designs and sizes.

Pillow core: the part that is not visible at first, but this is the part that determines the comfort when you use it. The material commonly used for pillow cores is cotton or feathers. For products in the low-cost segment, the pillow core will be used as industrial cotton. This cotton ball will be pressed slightly flat and then wrapped in white kate fabric to make cleaning and washing easier. However, cotton wool will collapse, so manufacturers often replace the pillow core with young rubber to increase the elasticity of the product, choosing pillows for the living room sofa.

Advantages of sofa backrest pillows

Everyone would need back support, but people who are hurt or in their golden years would need it the most. I'm in my 30s now, and I think I also need the right back support. I spend hours in front of my computer.

I can't do anything when my back starts to hurt. My sister told me to try using a backrest pillow. After putting up with back pain for months, I finally decided to look for the right backrest pillow.

Support user's health

The characteristics of sofa backrest pillows are softness and comfort. When you place pillows behind your back when sitting, they have the effect of supporting your spine, joints, and muscles, reducing the impact of gravity. From there, you will be more comfortable when sitting to rest and relax.

By using sofa pillows, you can minimize stress and strain on these components. As a result, you will reduce the risk of diseases of the back vertebrae or sciatica, ...

With this advantage, you can use it for families and especially families with elderly people with a history of osteoarthritis or pregnant women. Relaxing on the sofa with a backrest pillow is a relaxing activity for the whole body. Their body needs to be properly rested to avoid joint pain or fatigue. Moreover, they will eliminate headaches when it is too stressful.

Increase the aesthetics of the sofa

With a great combination of sofa and pillows, the aesthetics of the space is immediately enhanced and helps to enhance the design of the family sofa. For those with great taste, seemingly simple pillows bring an extremely luxurious but equally cozy space.

With a variety of designs and styles of sofa backrest pillows, you will be free to choose your favorite style. From simple, smooth designs to high-class pillows for homeowners with high requirements for a luxurious space, they are grestest met.

For sofas placed in inappropriate light positions or have been used for a long time. You just need to use a set of sofa pillows with a little special texture, with good light-catching material. It will enhance the ancient lines and slightly rustic, helping your sofa "incarnate" immediately.

Change living space quickly and efficiently, less expensive

When you've been using a chair style for a while and want to change it up a bit to give it a new look, changing the backrest is a quick and inexpensive way. You just need to change the style and color of the pillow to another style, the whole style of the sofa will be changed accordingly.

Good feng shui effect, bringing fortune to the owner

In interior design and arrangement, the art of feng shui has become more and more popular. And sofa pillows are also an important factor in arranging living room furniture according to feng shui.

When you choose feng shui sofa pillows, the things to keep in mind will be their color, texture, and style. There will be similar patterns and colors corresponding to each different par, such as white, black, yellow, etc., belonging to par metal; Blue color or images related to water are things that are engraved with destiny,…

Use pillows for many different purposes

In addition to resting your back when relaxing, you can use it as a pillow when watching TV or reading a book. With just a small pillow that has many different functions, the sofa pillow product has become a "top seller" item in recent years.

Make the space warm

Sofa backrest pillows not only provide support during your rest, but they also become a product that enhances the style you desire. With a simple sofa, you just need to put suitable pillows on it, their overall becomes soft and warm, more comfortable through the user's vision.

Bring positive energy

With eye-catching and bright color sofa backrest pillows, it will help encourage the user's spirit even when you feel tired and stressed. Currently, sofa pillow models are often designed with spiritually supportive tones and sometimes, they are also printed with messages as a way to comfort and cheer up the user's spirit.

Make a gift for a loved one

With a backrest pillow, you can turn them into a gift to give to relatives and friends. Lovely pillows with good health benefits will be a word of your concern and message to your partner that will make them feel much happier and warmer.

Why should choose to buy a Pillow on Printerval?

You might think that picking a Pillow is as simple as picking a color you like and a size that suits your mattress. Although selecting the appropriate Pillow looks to be a straightforward procedure, there is more to it.

Printerval has a lot of Pillows with distinctive designs, inspired by many designers

Pillows with distinctive designs designed by a range of designers are available at Printerval.

Take inspiration from tales and statements to convey the value of family ties. For example, some pillows have 3D images printed on them to produce realistic, fascinating, and amusing images.

Safe material

Pillows were given a comfortable, safe substance and admiration for a range of situations on Printerval.com.

Pillows are available in a range of materials, therefore choosing the greatest material for Pillows is a personal choice. A baby Pillow might be made of a different material than a cold-weather camping Pillow. To assist you in selecting the greatest Pillow for you, below are some typical Pillow materials and their benefits.

Spun-polyester pillows have a number of enticing properties. spun-polyester Pillows are hypoallergenic and lightweight, making them perfect for sensitive sufferers, babies, and anybody with sensitive skin. Spun-polyester Pillows are especially useful in the summer since they are permeable, allowing you to regulate your body temperature and keep cool on hot evenings.

Reasonable price

Each Pillow's pricing is determined by its size and style, however, Printerval.com offers a fair price that is acceptable for a wide range of consumers. The Pillow costs between $21.95 to $22.65, depending on the necessities.

Discounts and sales of distinctive and important Pillow goods will be available on particular occasions. If you wish to understand more about the Pillow for the offer, please go to Printerval's website.

Currency payment

To assure pricing and avoid difficulties caused by currency rate fluctuations. Make all payments on Printerval in US dollars ($). As a result, regardless of where you are, you may effortlessly purchase and pay for our Pillow items.

The delivery fee is so low! Shipping time is so fast!

Printerval constantly attempts to help clients get the greatest shipping rates, no matter where they are in the world. There are differences in the number of delivery days depending on the goods and the delivery location.

Visit the website's Get Help section to learn more about our shipping and delivery policies and to get an accurate shipping price and expected delivery time.

Custom follow customer needs

In order for customers to be creative, we also provide custom service according to customers’ needs. If you have a quote, a picture, or simply a funny image you want to print on the Pillow, make it your own. You just need to order in advance and wait for the date to receive the Pillow. Note that, if you want to customize the delivery time will be longer

Diverse from size to type

Customers have more options when it comes to style and size. There will be a Pillow appropriate for every need and purpose. In addition to standard Pillows, king-size Pillows are available, which are both comfortable and pleasurable.

How to choose a good Pillow?

If you've spent even ten minutes looking for a new pillow on the Internet, you may have noticed that there are a lot of options. So… How are you supposed to know which pillow is right for you? Well, let me show you how I choose a pillow that keeps my posture healthy and meets all my sleep needs. Let's learn how to pick the best pillow.

Choose the right size

If you want to get a Pillow for your bed, make sure it is large enough to cover your entire bed. The following are common Pillow sizes, however actual measurements vary per manufacturer:

Square sofa backrest pillow

Square pillows are the extremely commonly used pillows today with 2 popular sizes: 20" x 20", 14" x 14", 16" x 16", 18" x 18". Square pillows will work well with small and medium-sized sofas because the pillows won't protrude from the seat surface or protrude from the side of the chair, detracting from the overall aesthetic of the layout.

Rectangular sofa backrest pillow

Rectangular sofa backrest pillows will have dimensions like 14" x 20". Rectangular sofa pillows will suit large and classic style sofas or armchairs. The target audience of this pillow is usually the elderly, people who often have back pain or people who often use sofas to rest and relax.

Choose the right fabric

Choose from a range of traditional Pillow fabrics, each with its own set of benefits, to choose the one that greatest matches your needs.

Color choices

Our color selections influence our moods in ways we aren't even aware of. Vibrant colors offer a rush of energy and excitement. Cooler hues help us unwind and relax. To get the full benefit of your bedroom , it's a good idea to go with a relaxing color scheme. Although energy has a place in the bedroom, we spend much of our time resting and relaxing there. Blues and greens work well together in this setting.

This is mostly determined by the color scheme you choose. Pick a relaxing color for your Pillow if you want to try something new.

Famous and trendy design

Printerval also features Pillows with photographs or drawings from artists all around the world, with a variety of designs and visual themes. Not only that but there are also fashionable graphics that are appropriate for young people.

How to choose the greatest Pillow?

Choosing the right pillow can make a big difference in how well you sleep and how likely you are to wake up without any aches and pains. A pillow is meant to support your head, neck, and shoulders so that they stay in a comfortable position along your spine.

There are a lot of different pillows to choose from today. Some are made for people with special needs, like pregnant women or people with neck pain. A lot of research has shown that different pillow types and materials offer different levels of support and comfort, depending on what each person needs when they sleep.

We talk about what to look for in a pillow and how to test it to see if it's the right one for you.

Choose backrest pillows according to sofa materials

With each different sofa type, you will have pillows that are compatible with them. Therefore, do not choose an inappropriate sofa pillow indiscriminately, they will create the opposite effect, reducing the value and aesthetics of the sofa set as well as the living room space.

Backrest pillow for wooden sofa

Wooden sofa models are now one of the extremely popular choices for people because of their elegance and classicism. Wood material always succeeds in creating a cozy and close feeling for users. Thanks to that, you only need to add a few sofa backrest pillows to decorate, and gently touch to create comfort and comfort when using. Backrest pillows for wooden sofas often have natural styles such as flowers, leaves, and trees, ... bring a feeling of lightness and relaxation to help you feel like you are immersed in fresh nature.

Besides, the backrest pillows with love expressions express love, and closeness, ... make your space become much sweeter and happier.

Backrest pillow for genuine leather sofa

With a real leather sofa set, you will very much hope that the family space becomes more luxurious and classy, ​​right?! A high-class sofa backrest pillow will be an extremely perfect choice for you to contribute to the aesthetics of the room. When you choose a backrest pillow for a real leather sofa, you should limit materials that are too bright and easy to collect dust to keep the quality of the sofa as well as save time on constant cleaning. Leather-covered pillows are the right choice for you.

A little note for you, whatever style your family's leather sofa is, you should choose the backrest pillow in that style to create uniformity in the layout.

Classic or neoclassical sofas, you should choose pillows with soft colors to create a feeling of lightness and nostalgia.

With a modern sofa, you can choose a bright pillow style, youthful colors combined with many sophisticated and distinctive patterns. Besides, you can choose pillows of the same color or opposite to create accents that attract the eye.

Backrest pillow for fabric sofa

Fabric sofas are similar to real leather sofas, however, suitable pillows for this type of sofa will have light, modern materials such as fabrics and fibers, avoid using pillows with pillowcases from dark leather materials. color makes the composition heavy.

Choose a backrest pillow for each different style

On the market today, sofa backrest pillows have been designed with many different styles for you to easily choose the right product. Here are the sofa backrest pillow models that are greatest suited for individual styles.

Gentle style, naturalization

With pillows inspired by nature, your space will have light, pleasant colors with green as the main color, making anyone feel comfortable and relaxed during rest time.

The pillows bearing the colors of nature always have an elegant and fresh insert that will be the ideal choice in the summer.

Vivid pattern backrest pillow

Vivid pattern pillows are a safe solution for families with modern spaces, suitable for monochrome sofas. With special textures, it will be an extremely effective highlight to help your space become more harmonious and outstanding.

Traditional backrest pillow

Traditional backrest pillows will have the following types:

Vintage style sofa backrest pillow: For those who have a soaring soul, and love the gentle and distinctive beauty, the pattern of the vintage style backrest pillow will be very suitable. Textures of this type are often perfectly symmetrical with each other and meticulous in each line, bringing a simple and beautiful space to your living room.

Sofa backrest pillows with delicate embroidered flowers: In traditional, classic, neoclassical, or semi-classical styles, sofa pillows with embroidered floral lines are always an ideal choice. This type of pillow is often used with high-quality cotton fiber material to create a soft, smooth pattern on the surface of the pillowcase to help enhance the class of luxurious space.

Brocade sofa backrest pillows: Brocade pillows often have vibrant colors and sophisticated Bohemian motifs that greatest express the personality of the owner - a person with a soaring soul and an artist. . When you use this type of stylish pillow, your living room space will be in harmony between classic and modern, between sophistication and reasonable liberality.

Modern style backrest pillow

Modern backrest pillows are the choice of many families who love simplicity. They usually only use 1 solid color and have many different colors for you to choose the right one for your sofa set.

Sometimes, there will be some modern sofa pillows with a few lines of text or a few simple textures to make a special touch.

What are the considerations when choosing a sofa backrest pillow?

There are a lot of different design details that make each sofa unique. Some of these details might be very important to a client, while others might not be as important. These priorities can vary from person to person, often depending on the client's personal taste or how the couch will be used. The sofa's backrest is one of these design details. The backrest adds to the style of the sofa as a whole, but it also has some useful functions. Let's look at how they are different:

The size of the pillow should not be ignored

The size of the pillow should match the size of the sofa. If you buy a pillow for a single sofa, but the pillow is too big, it will make the seat cramped and cramped. If the pillow is too small compared to the sofa, it will make the sofa look quite empty.

Pay attention to the thickness of the backrest

Depending on your needs, you can choose between thick or thin pillows. If the sofa has a moderate depth, you should also choose a pillow with an appropriate thickness. Choosing a pillow that is too thick will make the user feel secretive when leaning back.

Quantity of sofa pillows

Not every pillow is more beautiful, the more beautiful the sofa is more eye-catching. All accessories need to ensure balance and fit. With a large sofa, you should choose about 4 pillows. For sofas with 2-seater and 3-seater sofas, you should only choose from 2-3 pillows.

Sofa pillow

Should choose the number of pillows that match the sofa size

Choose a pillow with the right price

Pillows that are sewn with good materials will not be threaded or ruffled. At the same time, the product also has the extremely effective direct support effect on the body.

Use backrest pillows that can be flexibly combined

Types of sofa pillows will have their own advantages and use. Which, the rectangular pillow helps to support the back and shoulder when sitting and is suitable for the user. Square/circle pillows are used for rest purposes, greatest suited for small-sized sofas. There are several types of pillows made to accompany every sofa set. Square, rectangular, and heart-shaped pillows are suggestions for all types of sofas.

What is the average price of a Pillow?

We consistently give the greatest and extremely inexpensive Pillows at Printerval.com, with an average price of $21.95. Beautiful Pillows are available in many sizes and styles.

Where to buy the lowest and greatest Pillow with pretty designs?

Printerval.com a reputable website, offers a wide variety of Pillows in all colors and sizes, specially designed to your liking, with a large distribution system across the country. Printerval.com is a reputable website, supporting users to the maximum, reducing shipping costs, and shipping quickly.