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PLA Bento Boxes With Band And Utensils Unique Design

Are you looking for a Bento Box? You know what, here at Printerval, we have many kinds of PLA Bento Boxs With Band And Utensils for your choice. Simply stay at home and choose the appropriate items with Printerval

Bento - What is it?

In simple terms, Bento is a single-serving, packed meal. A traditional bento box may include rice or noodles with fish or pork, as well as pickled and cooked vegetables. Bento Boxes can be handmade lacquerware or mass-produced disposables. Various dividers are frequently used for separating components or dishes, particularly those with strong tastes, to prevent them from impacting the taste of the remainder of the meal.

The name "Bento" comes from the Southern Song Chinese slang phrase of "convenient", but only for the person who tastes it! Bentos are made for the recipient's convenience, but they are typically a labor of love from the creator. Let's find out some interesting facts about bento culture.

There are 3 type of Bento Styles:


Kyaraben is a Japanese word that basically translates to "Character bento", and they are extremely charming. Being Inspired from anime, cartoons, comic books, video games, and other pop culture allusions, Kyaraben will make both adults and children feel happy.


The second most well-known style is Oekakiben. Inspired by buildings, monuments, flowers, and other sceneries, all items within the box have a purpose more than food; all have integral, planned locations aimed to produce a palatable picture that makes the eater smile even before they taste it.

Aisai bentos

On the other hand, aisai bentos prove the proverb "food is love”, it’s handmade with a great combination of furikake spices. These foods are made by significant others for their partner or moms for their children.

Where did Bento come from?

Bento originally comes from a Japanese traditional concept during the Kamakura era (1185-1333)when cooked rice was taken into work in a tiny bag.

Bento as we know has just occurred during the Azuchi-Momoyama era, between 1568 and 1600, when Lacquered wood boxes were created, becoming Japan's exquisite equivalent of a picnic basket. People's lifestyle gradually changed, leisure habits in the Edo period had a significant impact on the development of bento boxes. Also during this period, two-part boxes with rice and side dish pieces were popular, which persisted through into the future.

Kind of Bento Boxes

Most families nowadays use bento boxes made of wood, metals and plastic. The boxes are typically rectangular or circular in form, with two levels. There are also bento boxes with tight seals for soups and other liquids, boxes made to keep meals warm, boxes that may be microwaved.


Wood is an environmentally beneficial choice for bento boxes. Wood is now often used for handmade lacquerware bento boxes. Eco-friendly Wood Bento Boxes are the appropriate sustainable option for presenting your next Japanese-inspired lunch.


Metals like anodized aluminum, stainless steel are always a good choice for bento boxes. Metals not only don’t make a touch of BPA, PVC , BPS or PHTHALATES goes into making this food storage container, it is also friendly with the environment and easy to be cleaned.


Single-use, pre-filled plastic bento boxes are now very popular. Because of their low manufacturing and production costs, plastic bento boxes soon gained popularity and eventually became a modern-day need.

Plastic bento boxes are so lightweight that they are easily transportable.But, in fact, these are often thrown away right after the first use, this problem makes people concerned about the environmental impact. Another problem is that plastic bento boxes cannot be used in the microwave, cold food may affect the taste, so people gradually turn away from this type of product.

PLA Bento Boxs With Band And Utensils - Best Bento Boxes for the best life

PLA stands for "personalized lunch accessory", but it has a more profound meaning. It's a bioplastic that is made from the polylactic acid that comes from plant starches, an environmentally benign alternative. These PLA Bento Boxes with Band and Utensils include bands to keep the contents inside as well as the utensils you need for enjoying lunch.

Nowadays, people are increasingly aware of the importance of protecting health as well as the environment. PLA Bento Boxes both help you bring the food for your meal and help the world reduce plastic waste. These boxes also have many kinds of shapes, size, color for you to pick. A good news is that you now can even customize your Bento Box with Printerval. Not only saving the world, but also spreading your style to other people.

Why should you buy PLA Bento Boxs With Band And Utensils at Printerval?

PLA Bento Boxs With Band And Utensils wide variety at Printerval. PLA Bento Boxs With Band And Utensils-grade products for Printerval are carefully crafted by designers from all around the globe. The patterns are unique and beautiful; you may use them in a variety of contexts.

Printerval has a wide range of unique PLA Bento Boxs With Band And Utensils with various designs and images for your taste

Many selections of templates and designs developed by artists from across the world. Printerval help you to create your own bento box without any difficulty

Long-lasting and eco-friendly material

These objects, which are often made of PLA, have gorgeous, sharp colors, a hard texture, and a relatively high level of aesthetics, and they can withstand years of everyday use. Printerval guarantees that the bento boxes' quality will persist and that the color will always seem as good as fresh.

Price was fair

Each bento box's pricing varies depending on size and image, however, at Printerval, you can have a customized PLA Bento Box with band and utensils for as little as $24. In addition to having very low rates, our website consistently provides fantastic discounts that you should not miss.


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