Printerval Reward Programs

1. What is the Printerval Reward Program?

You earn 3% back on every purchase! 


2. How can I use my Rewards?

- Your Rewards will be automatically applied towards your next eligible purchase on and cannot be used on any other websites.

- You can check your Rewards anytime in My Rewards


3. How long do I have to use my Rewards?

Rewards have an expiration date. The expiration date for Rewards earned through order payments. The expiration date is 90 days after the Rewards amount is posted into your Rewards. You can check the expiration date on the My Rewards page.

If you don’t make a Purchase or use your Rewards before its Expiration Date, any expired Rewards will be automatically deducted from your Rewards.


4. Program-Specific Membership Benefits & Restrictions

Enrollment in the Rewards is effective after registration at and is totally free. reserves the right to cancel, change, suspend, or modify any aspect of the Rewards Terms at any time without prior notice to you.



- A Member that makes a Qualifying Purchase (defined below) may earn Rewards equal to 3% of the Net Amount (defined below) paid for that purchase.

- Qualifying Purchase means a purchase placed online of one or more products from that is paid in full.

- Net Amount means the cash amount paid by the Member for the product(s) purchased in the Qualifying Purchase after applying discounts or deductions.

-  Rewards will be posted to your Rewards account once delivery is completed.

- Members can check their Rewards in their account at any time by logging in to the My Account page and clicking on My Rewards. is not liable for any failure, delay, or error in crediting Rewards to an account. Each Member is responsible for any and all activity occurring in or through his/her account, including the redemption of Rewards, whether or not the activity was authorized.



- Rewards are not awarded for purchases paid for in their entirety with Rewards. The total of a Purchase paid for in part with Rewards is eligible to earn Rewards on the portion of the not paid for with Rewards

- Rewards have an expiration date. If a Member does not make a Purchase or use his/her Rewards before the Expiration Date, any expired Rewards will be automatically deducted from his/her Rewards.


5. Redemption of Rewards

Rewards will be automatically applied toward the next eligible purchase on In order to use Rewards to pay for an order, the order must be placed in the same currency as the Rewards. To redeem Rewards, check the applicable box during the checkout process on


6. Withdrawal

Rewards cannot be withdrawn.


7. Returns

If returning an item in an order that was paid in whole or in part using Rewards, the return will be processed in accordance with our Return Policy.


8. Non-Transferability and Non-Aggregation of Rewards

Rewards and any other right or obligation may not be transferred, assigned, sold, traded, or bartered by any Member or any other person without prior written consent of Any attempt to do any of the aforementioned shall be rendered null and void. In addition, the Rewards  is for the Member's personal use only. Members may not aggregate Rewards from multiple accounts or use Rewards for the purpose of purchasing products from on behalf of others or for the purpose of reselling such products to others.


9. Program Period

This Program will continue until terminated, suspended, modified, or converted to another Rewards program by