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T-shirt Personalizada

T-shirt Personalizada

By Jodie
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What does Clothing refer to?

Clothing, known as clothes, apparel, or attire, are items worn on the body which is made of fabrics or textiles. Previously, clothing was made from animal skin or other thin sheets of materials. Clothing has a long and glorious history, along with the development of human beings, and is an inevitable feature of all human societies. Clothing has become more and more diverse, depending on genders, body types, social and geographic conditions, as well as religions. People wear clothing for various purposes, from protection to status, etc. In fact, no one can deny the existence of clothing and wearing clothing because it is essential as food, water, or other properties as well. 

( Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clothing)

Why do we wear clothing?

No one can answer when humans started wearing clothes and why we have to put these items on. There are some reasons that we usually think about. Firstly, people wear attire to be eye-catching, attractive, and trendy. In current societies, aesthetics is one of the top priorities of humankind. As a result, everyone pays much attention to decoration and ornamentation. 

The second reason is to protect ourselves from the effects of climate and the environment. In fact, apparel plays an important role as a physical safeguard to the body. We always desire good health and less be negatively affected by outside factors. Clothing helps us to do that.

There is a saying that “ we are what we wear”, it is true as clothes we put on every day can present who we are and what we do. For instance, an office staff’s outfits will be different from those of farmers.

Moreover, you can hear a lot of stories relating to body-shaming around you. How do you feel? Modesty is another function that attire can help us to achieve. Thanks to flexible and magical costumes, people feel confident and comfortable about their bodies.

The last thing that clothing can do is to express people’s status. However, it is not completely true because everyone has the right to choose their own styles. Sometimes, you can not predict their position through what they put on.

( Source: https://www.uen.org/lessonplan/view/30865)

How has the evolution of clothing been?

While textiles appeared for the first time in the Middle East during the late Stone Age, there is no evidence to determine exactly when humans started wearing clothes. It is believed that this phenomenon began from 100,000 to 500,000 years ago. In fact, people have found prehistoric sewing needles and dyed flax fibers which are dated back to from 30,000 to 40,000 years ago. 

In the period from 1200 BC to 500 AD, which is known as the Iron Age, in northwestern European women wore wool dresses, tunics, and skirts mixing with leather belts, metal brooches, or pins. Meanwhile, men wore breeches with leg wrappers and long trousers as well as other accessories such as caps, shoes, etc.

Until the 14th century, that fashion boomed in Europe with a huge range of styles, trends, brands, etc.

In particular, the Industrial Revolution encouraged the use of machines in spinning, weaving, and sewing as well as manufacturing clothes from better quality and lower price. Since then, apparel production has moved from small cottages to assembly lines and specifications. 

The evolution of clothing has never stagnated, along with globalization and economic integration, and people’s increasing demands. And especially, the Internet makes it easier to purchase clothes than ever. Printerval is a typical example of an online shop where you can buy various types of apparel with low cost and fantastic designs.

( Source: https://www.uen.org/lessonplan/view/30865)


How many types of clothing does Printerval have?

At this moment, we are selling 10 clothing items on Printerval.com including:

  • Polo-shirts ( cost from $20 to $100)
  • T-shirts ( cost from under $10 to $80)
  • Hoodies ( cost from under $18 to $63)
  • Cloaks ( cost around $90)
  • Tank Tops ( cost from under $15 to $30)
  • Sweatshirts ( cost from $20 to $29)
  • Baseball Tees ( cost around $20)
  • 3D T-shirts ( cost around $16)
  • 3D Hoodies ( cost from $28 to $31)
  • 3D Tank Tops

In addition, we continue updating and selling many ubiquitous and trendy types of clothing on our website “Printerval.com” so that you have a sense of diversity when you come to us.   

The reasons why you should buy clothing items on Printerval? 

Low cost but high quality

We always give you- our beloved customers many levels of discount when you come to us. With cheap and good clothing, we ensure that shopping on Printerval.com will bring you much satisfaction and fulfillment. With reliability and dedication as our pivot operating principles, we focus on manufacturing clothes with excellent quality by using durable, comfortable, and ecological materials. In addition, we have a strict supervising team to make sure that every detail, every texture on apparel is perfect and sophisticated.

Diversity in terms of sizes, styles, colors

You will be impressed when accessing Printerval.com not only because of its eye-catching and system but also due to the abundance of products to sell on it.

We provide customers with multiple sizes for kids, adults, even for plus-size guys, along with various styles and colors for various seasons, occasions, or places. In terms of diversity of clothes, Printerval can be described as “Infiniti”. You can shop now to enjoy that feeling. 

Trendy, exclusive, and subtle designs

POD or Printed-on-demand is our strength and concentration. We would like to help you to express your personality, identity, and messages on what you wear. As a result, we cooperated with many reputable designing teams to create the most trendy, exclusive, and subtle apparel for you. We believe that uniqueness is a significant element to make you special and attractive. 

Fast and safe shipping

We have a wide and stable logistics and transportations system spreading in hundreds of countries in the world. Therefore, no matter what country you live in, we still ensure door-to-door delivery for you. Believe in us!

In addition, we attempt to minimize the risk for your items during the shipping process through practical policies and close coordination.

Printerval is really an ideal shop for you to purchase clothing where you can find out the real happiness in shopping.

Let’s explore yourselves on Printerval.com!