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What is rap? 

Rap stands for three words Rhythm - And - Poetry has been an art form in the Hip hop culture of Europe and America for a long time. The expression of the Rap genre is unique. It has distinct characteristics: performing through speaking or chanting and rhyming lyrics, with attractive and eye-catching dancing and shaping movements. 


Rap's musical rhythm has no pitch or length. It just depends on how fast or slow the rapper wants to read.


Rap music is poetry accompanied by the beat and sound of a bass guitar or electronic instrument. Often referred to as “hip-hop,” rap music derived from Hispanic black artists in New York City in the 1970s and has spread around the world since.

The origins of rap 

What country does rap come from?

Currently, there is no exact document about the birth of rap. However, a widely recognized origin of rap dates back many centuries in a small region of West Africa. In the history of West Africa existed historians who told the story of their land with simple drum beats. This style is considered to be almost like our current rap music.


According to records, there was a time when Africans were brought to America to be forced into slavery. At that time, rap music also became popular in the Ghetto (USA) - an area where many enslaved people, the poor, and people of color were stigmatized and discriminated against. At that time, Rap was considered the "soul" of people, a way to voice their hearts under injustice and racism in America. At the same time, rap is also something that helps them forget about real life, their poverty, and discrimination.

The birth of a loop in rap

Since then, rap has gradually gained popularity in America. They became widely known and played when New York DJs took percussion from soul, disco, and funk music to create repetitive background beats. Many people credit DJ Kool Herc as the originator of the genre. Furthermore, at school parties in the 1970s, he used his two hands to turn discs to create loops and prolongation of the musical accompaniment. He also realized the need for a person to keep the crowd enthusiastic and excited. Therefore, he invited a friend named Coke La to do this, and from there, the rap rhythm was officially born.

The development of rap 

In the Bronx, New York state, the wave of hip hop love was on the rise. The 1970s featured legendary DJ names like Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash. During that time, DJs became a new phenomenon in music. Also, many artists and groups of artists around this time were born. These include Kurtis Blow, the first rap artist to sign with Mercury Records in 1979. And the two groups, The Fatback, and Sugar Hill Gang, also released official albums consistently in the Billboard top 40 throughout the later years.

In the 80s, DJ Grand Wizard Theodore suddenly invented the act of "scratching" and the needle drop technique that took rapping to new heights and created new ideas for DJs to play music.

The Golden Age of Rap music

In the 1984s, rhyme and rap were still pretty simple. But under the development of sound technology, a new generation of rappers was born with the name "the Golden Era.” In this era, he released songs or albums that brought modern rap music's color, tone, and direction. The beat was denser, the singing was faster, and the sampling technology skyrockets. 

At the same time, it also coincided with a period when the lyrics became a powerful form of protest, focusing on the injustices of American society at the time. The two most famous artists were Melle Mel and Duke Bootee.

The entry of many young rappers

From 2000 to the present, online technology and new technological advances have allowed the creation of more music with more nuances and more emotions. It also supports sampling methods, beat implementations, and music delivery methods. Along with that, the entry of young rappers has created many ideas that make this genre more relatable, more accessible, and one of the most loved genres in the world.

The relations between rap and hip hop

The similarity between rap and hip hop

Both rap and hip hop are subsets of urban music.

Urban African Americans flourished both in the United States.

Both combine DJing, turntablism, scratch, and beatbox.

The difference between rap and hip hop 

Rap and Hip hop are two completely different concepts.

Hip hop is a culture, and Rap is part of that culture. Hip hop culture includes speech (MC), beat (DJ), street dance (breakdance), and graffiti art. 

Rap consists of speech (MC), beat (DJ), and delivery (tone and speed of what is spit). It can be said that Rap is an indispensable part of Hip hop culture. Therefore, it is understandable that people confuse and equate these two concepts.


The features of rap

Rap makes a big difference from all other genres of music, and perhaps because its origin is an aspiration, a strong personal expression. Rap has the following distinctive features:

  • The typical rap song first shows the beat to match the content it wants to convey, unlike other genres that center on the tone and pitch of the music.
  • The words used in rap are often very liberal and not limited. That's why sometimes the composer also inserts a few implied swear words.
  • When performing rap, rappers must be able to express the techniques in their sentences fluently and with their distinctive qualities. Rap pays more attention to music theory so that the song's harmony is not broken, thus not catchy.

The rapper will use words skillfully in the following ways:

  • Using puns, comparisons, metaphors, double rhymes, mid-sentence rhymes, vocabulary fields, rhyming, malicious swearing, exploiting information, breaking lyrics in battle/dissing, etc.
  • Expressed in a flow way, which is a combination of sentences, rhymes, and accents on the background of music in a unique, reasonable, and creative way.
  • Plan the content/topic he wants to convey
  • Freestyle: can improvise instantly by rapping on the given beat.

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