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What are Rugs?

Rugs are a finishing floor covering material after construction, it is also known as an interior decoration material. Nowadays, this product plays an increasingly important role in life, it is not only used in houses but also used a lot in offices, restaurants or hotels.

Rugs are popular in today's homes because they create a more beautiful and luxurious environment. Decorative carpets are also available in a variety of styles, like modern rugs, classic rugs, and so on, to fit a variety of locations.

To create a more professional environment, office rugs are made to be simple and have beautiful colors. Carpets are good noise absorbers, so they not only add beauty to a room, but they also make it quieter and more productive.

(Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rug )

When did the Rugs appear?

Rugs have been produced from every possible object throughout centuries. The free people used camel hair, sheep, and goats as weapons over 5.000 years ago. Archaeologists have discovered evidence of the carpet in graves in Egypt and the Middle East that are more than 4 years old.

Despite the start of the rather basic tapping and the softness of the floor, the more attractive maths became a symbol of credit and level as the process progressed and cultures formed.

Even the most prestigious palaces in England were set out on dry grass before weaving became widespread. For years, European families have continued to order rugs from the Middle East's most talented people.

Today's rugs are most likely created using a chemical technique, making them far more valuable than the majority of individuals that frequent them. Even so, the weapon taps are still appreciated for their artistic worth and are still marketed in huge numbers today, when they are weaned from polyester and polyester by other deposits and plant materials or nylon.

(Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rug )

Why should choose to buy Rugs on Printerval?

Nowadays online shopping is reigning the consumer buying behaviors. There are too many options for people to choose from when it comes to online websites. To save you some hassle, Printerval is here to provide you with top-tier products and services.

Printerval has a lot of rugs with exclusive designs

Always trying to provide the most original and fashionable items to clients. Printerval provides unique designs with vibrant colors and eye-catching graphics. You did not have to pay much time selecting your preferred carpets.

Printerval has rugs for all types of rooms.

Printerval introduces the most unique and luxurious living room rugs for your house, so let's get started on ideas for a more distinctive living room right now. By purchasing a living room carpet with various designs, materials, and styles a  reasonable form will offer a warm sense of space, blend colors, improve aesthetics, and represent the owner's style and individuality. You may select the appropriate type of rug based on your needs. For example, in a tiny living room, a piece of carpet should be placed at the foot of the living table.

Diverse materials 

To meet the decorative needs and different uses of families, floor rugs are increasingly being produced in a variety of materials, the most popular are the following 5 materials. Synthetic fibers are the most commonly used material for the production of floor rugs thanks to the advantages of tough, soft, colorfast, and non-static fibers. Polyester is a soft fiber, light color, and has a high elasticity, which is used a lot to produce rugs. Nylon is a material with good elasticity, can withstand pressure, and withstand heavy movement when moving objects. Rugs made of Acrylic fibers are usually of good quality and durable... Wool carpets have the advantages of being soft like velvet, supple, luxurious and delicate colors, and highly durable.

Inexpensive price 

Printerval always provides cheap rug prices and the best quality. The price of the rug ranges from $70-$85 depending on the quality of the rug, the thickness of the carpet, the origin as well as the volume of sale.

Currency payment

For all customer transactions, Printerval accepts USD ($). Using the common foreign currency will be the ideal option for consumers to pay on receipt or with their payment card.

Payment may also be accepted through Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, or Paypal

Worldwide shipping

The shipping service Printerval ensures the least possible delivery time and minimizes shipping expenses as much as possible. Printerval has its own procedures to assist consumers to get products promptly for overseas shipping.

You may consult Worldwide Shipping for information on delivery services to discover more about the shipping regulations

Custom follow customer needs

Not only helps customers find good distributors, and good quality, but also helps customers print rugs on demand, rugs are an indispensable decorative item. Therefore, to ensure these criteria, it is extremely important to choose a rug printing manufacturer on demand.

In order to create a solemn space, accompanied by high-class furniture, the use of quality carpets brings aesthetics, safety, and health. Printerval provides printing services for custom-made rugs, customizing the size, color, and texture is the most optimal solution today.

Diverse from size to type

At Printerval there are all sizes for you, we have 3 standard sizes 






Best gift for people

For some people, a rug might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about holiday gifting. Choosing a rug as a present requires some thinking and study. A rug, on the other hand, is one of the most meaningful presents you can offer to a family member, close friend, or just to individuals you care about.

Factors to help you choose the right Rugs

Like many other products, there are some important standards when choosing rugs, too. 

Choose based on colors and textures

Color is a significant component that contributes to the overall harmony of the environment. To pick the correct color and texture for the rug, consider the paint color of the walls and other furniture in the room. If you want a light environment, smooth rugs in neutral, calming hues such as white, light grey, beige, and light blue are ideal. And if you want to add individuality to a space, you should prioritize rugs with vibrant hues, such as yellow, pink, or patterned living room rugs... to give it new life.

Choose based on the shape

You may pick the correct shape for the living room rug based on the size of a living area, whether it's big or little, and your own choices. If your living room is narrow, a circular rug in the center will give a sense of warmth while also helping to extend the area. To make the place more modern and smart, pick a rectangular living room carpet if the room is big.

Based on the materials 

Today's living room rugs come in a wide range of materials. Wool rugs, polyester, polypropylene, and fur rugs are all popular materials. The living room rug will change depending on the demands, design, and situations of each family. For example, if your living room is tiny and your favorite color is soft white, a soft rug will make the area seem more inviting and pleasant. Polyester and polypropylene carpets, on the other hand, are ideal for families who value convenience, simplicity of washing, and low pricing.

Suitable size

When choosing the correct rug size, keep the room's space and furnishings in mind. There are a variety of carpet placement options, such as spreading a 1m6 x 2m3 carpet from the edge of the chair to the end of the table, spreading a 2m x 3m carpet in the middle of the room, and setting the table on top, or spreading the entire room space. Furthermore, you should select a living room rug that is smaller than the couch so that the chair's legs do not dig into the carpet.

Reputable brands include: Buying living room carpets from renowned manufacturers will save you time, and money, and provide you with high-quality, visually attractive items. 

Prestigious brands

Choosing to buy living room rugs from reputable brands will help you save time, and costs, and products that are both quality and aesthetically pleasing. One of them must be mentioned Printerval- a unit specializing in providing beautiful and quality living room carpets in Nordic style.

How to choose the best Rugs?

As you may know, rug is a wonderful and practical item, which you can place anywhere in your home. However, each room should be adorned with the right type of rug. Let us walk you through this task of selection. 

Rugs for living room

The perfect rug can completely alter a living area. There are several advantages to using a living room rug, whether it is to provide some extra color and warmth or to assist emphasize those aspects in your design. It's easier than you think once you get your head around the minor details like rug maintenance and material. Choosing the finest rugs for living rooms may be difficult, but we hope our guide has helped you go one step closer to finding your ideal rug!

Rugs for Bedroom

A cozy rug under your bed will not only prevent cold feet in the morning but will also help enhance loud sounds and provide an extra level of texture and color to the room. To create a cozy, peaceful, relaxing, and comfortable atmosphere, you should give priority to choosing carpet products for the bedroom with a single-color design with neutral colors such as brown, cream yellow, beige. dark, gray. Woolen floor mats always stand at the top of the most popular high-end carpet materials of all time. With wool, you're probably pretty well aware of the excellent quality that only this natural material can give you.

Choose a beautiful and safe bathroom Rug to use

The bathroom space has very different characteristics compared to other spaces, especially in terms of humidity, high level of slippery and dangerous, especially for the elderly and children. Therefore, choosing an anti-slip smart bathroom rug or a super absorbent bath mat that helps drain water quickly will be a priority.

Usually, the rugs assembled in the form of pieces will be suitable for the bathroom space because of good drainage and change and adjustment to suit the bathroom space better.

How to choose an office Rug?

In most workplaces and businesses, the frequency of travel is quite high, therefore the floor mats must serve the dual function of minimizing noise and having a long lifespan. As a result, these carpets must be thick and strong, with a high fiber density.

Depending on your budget, you may select low-cost or high-quality office rugs made of materials such as wool, nylon, and polyester... Because the office is a working environment, the rug colors are appropriate. The office should emphasize efficiency and kindness.

Choose Rugs based on the price

To be able to choose the right carpet for your budget and the size of your family's house, you need to choose rugs with good and reasonable prices for your budget, coming from many carpet distributors on the market.

Clear Origin

A rug of unclear origin, the ambiguous label is most likely a fake, poor-quality product, even posing a risk of harm to the health of the user. Therefore, you need to choose a rug sample with a clear origin and a clear supply address.

The most popular on the market today are carpet samples imported from Thailand, Turkey, Belgium, Malaysia, and China,... Among them, floor rugs imported from Turkey and Belgium have always been popular and appreciated for their production technology as well as the durability of the product.

The best way to unwind a Rugs

To help you make the most of the rugs, we highly recommend you to: 

Place the rug parallel to the bed

The rug should be placed parallel to the length of the bed or parallel to the end of the bed in this manner. By carpeting your bedroom in this manner, you may fill up any gaps that may exist. In this case, the carpet with the smallest footprint is the best option.

Put the rug under the bed

Place the mat under the bed in this manner, so that the bed covers about 12 or 1/3 of the rug. This type of carpet design makes the room feel more open and airy.

Don’t and Do when using Rugs

If you want to extend the longevity of your go-to rugs, comply with the recommendations below.

Do keep your look general

The first step is to assess the area as a whole and determine if you'll be selecting a rug to match what you currently have or if you'll be redesigning the entire room. If your room has a lot of textures or vivid colors, instead of competing for space, select a single color or a neutral tone to complement them. A vibrant, patterned rug may make a statement in a space with a minimalist aesthetic. Soft, neutral carpeting can assist to relax the room in a quiet location.

Do first evaluate your space

After that, consider your room's design. Consider the sofa arrangement if the rug is for the living or family room; the form and size of the rug you choose will be determined by your seating.

Determine the size of the space. Draw a layout to measure the area and consider where you'd want it to go and how much of the rug you'd like to show.

Do research yourself

Your rug material will depend on where you live and what it serves, whether it's utilitarian or adding a touch of luxury. Look for synthetic fibers, wool mixes, and natural fibers such as sisal, which are very wearable if they are to have a long-lasting life. The size and form of the space depend on your round, square, or rectangular tee.

Do shopping around

The more expensive rugs you may anticipate spending, the larger the rug is. Some online stores like Printerval provide a free online styling service to assist you to discover the ideal room for your room if the choice is excessive.

Don’t rush to buy

If you purchase quickly, you may end up with low-quality and unsatisfying tapestries without thoroughly checking the goods. So, each fabric is modified so carefully, producing an aesthetic of its own.

Don’t select a small carpet

The larger rugs are more costly, but there are a lot of cheap, colorful rugs to split your space without spending money! A rug that is too little is going to look out, and you will repent and pay for the substitution!

You should ideally be big enough to fit all of your furnishings in the room. But if you can't buy such a big rug, you may apply several methods to make sure that the rug is somewhat smaller but still functions.

The dining area, where a robber must be large enough to support your table and chairs, even when pushed out, is one where you should not use little teacups. A too-tiny rug is a risk when people move.

Don't choose a too realistic picture

If your family has children, you should not choose a rug with too lively pictures. Instead, you can choose rugs with gentle patterns to create a sense of peace in your home.

A few notes to help preserve decorative floor mats to stay beautiful

When using a vacuum cleaner to vacuum carpets, be sure to suck in the direction of the carpet hairs.

When cleaning carpets, you should remove other furniture from the cleaning area. If not, you need to cover the legs of chairs, tables, and other furniture.

Do not let the carpet get too wet, it will easily peel off the sole, lose color, and also create an opportunity for bacteria and mold to multiply.

Do not use carpets in damp rooms, it will cause the carpet to become moldy

Where to buy the cheapest and best Rugs? 

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