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Reasons why having a birthday in September is the greatest

Ideal weather

September Birthday people don't have to worry about how the weather will affect their awesome birthday outfits. The weather is at that perfect point when it's not so humid that your back sweats in ten minutes and it's not so cold that you'll freeze your birthday socks off. So, you know, work it.


Excellent timing

You don't even notice that summer is over because you're too busy counting down the days until your birthday. September babies don't feel sad during the summer. In fact, you're glad when it's over because you know it's time to pull out your birthday badge. Yay.


So many ways to dress!

If your birthday is in September, you don't have to worry about fitting into a small dress or a tight vest. Not at all. Instead, you can enjoy the beauty of fall fashion and put on your greatest sweater.


And what to eat

As the weather gets a little cooler, salads and fruit juices become less appealing, and hearty dishes like cheese potato pie and roast dinners become more appealing. Your birthday meal might as well be a roast dinner.


Cool horoscopes

People born in September are either Virgos or Libras. So you're either the highly heated star sign or have a strong sense of right and wrong. There won't be any of this boring water carrier talk here.


Birthday drinks

Does anyone else have a drink that reminds them of the month they were born? Perhaps not. No one knows exactly when he was born, so the whole month is devoted to him. A great reason to drink a bunch of J. Daniels.


So much fun ahead

Having a birthday in September is a great way to start a whole year of fun. A birthday right before Starbucks brings back the Pumpkin Spiced Latte, then Halloween, Bondistinctive Night, the start of a new TV season, and Christmas? Sure, go ahead.


Famousness in the classroom

There's no better way to make sure that you're the extremely popular kid in class than to bring in a lot of treats in the first few weeks of the new term. Also, it's a great time to have the craziest birthday party the local Wacky Warehouse has ever seen, which will make you popular for the rest of the school year.


Birthday trips are less expensive.

We all know that a short trip is the greatest gift for a birthday. And now that kids are going back to school, you can be sure to get a great holiday deal. A round-trip flight to Barcelona for £50, when in August it cost £200? Amazing.


New beginnings

Everyone thinks, wrongly, that January is a good time to start over, but we all know that this is not true. Have you ever started something in January and finished it? Well, perhaps...not. But in September, you'll actually stick to new things you try, like that new TV show that just started or your promise to try everything on the new autumn Costa menu.


Makes you smart as a whip

It seems that babies born in September have a 25% better chance than babies born in August of getting into Oxford or Cambridge. We quite like those odds, soz August babies.


Vacant amusement parks

Going to a theme park is probably the greatest way to celebrate your birthday, and in September babies can have fun without having to wait in line because all the annoying little kids are back in school. The greatest daytime fun is when there aren't any lines and the weather is great. And if you act like it's your birthday enough, you can probably get in for free.

Why Does Everyone Have a Birthday in September?

Winter is the time for love. If you turn the big clock back 40 weeks from September 19, you'll be in December for the holidays. Stiles says on his blog, "If these babies were born after the usual amount of time, they would have been conceived on Dec. 17 and Dec. 27." This makes sense: Around Christmas, many American students and workers have time off, so couples have more time to go on vacation, relax, and, yes, make babies. There's even data to support this: According to the numbers, more couples get sexual on vacation.


So, people think that Christmas and New Year's are the least popular times to have a birthday because many doctors try to take their own holidays off. According to Mental Floss UK, "10% of births in the U.S. were induced before 1990, and that number almost doubled in the next 10 years." From the data, you can see that there is a drop in births on Christmas, followed by a rising right after. We can say that more parents are likely to have their babies before or after the winter holidays, rather than during them.


Our bodies need warm hugs in the winter. We may be biologically more likely to get pregnant in the winter, even if it's just because we have more time to spend with our partners. In 2001, scientists at the University of Texas School of Medi cine put together a summary of the different ideas: "Some biological theories say that the quality of spermatozoon gets worse in the summer, that the length of daylight changes the way the anterior pituitary and ovaries work, and that the quality of the ovum or the receptivity of the endometrium changes. People have also thought that the rise in conceptions in December might be due to the fact that people are more sexually active during the holidays at the end of the year. We don't know what the exact reasons are."


Everyone has a birthday every day. Stiles says that even though there is a clear peak in September, the difference between the number of babies with common birthdays and those with less common birthdays is often only a few thousand. For example, on September 19, which is the second extremely common birthday of the year, about 12,229 babies are born on average. On November 24, which is the 356th extremely common birthday, about 10,015 babies are born on average. Except for Christmas Day, when only 6,574 babies are born, almost every day is a pretty common day to be born.

Why is September the greatest month to be born?

Birthdays are our own personal holidays. They are a special 24 hours to spend with friends and family and are sure to warm the heart no matter what time of year it is. September babies, on the other hand, have a few perks that people born in other months don't get to enjoy. September is a great month to have a birthday because picture-perfect weather is back, rare seasonal treats are available, and you can get some distinctive presents.


The greatest birthdays are in September.

People whose birthdays are in September often choose birthday cakes with fall colors.

In September, you can get a lot of food and sweets from seasonal harvests. If you were born in September, you can choose a simple cake with white frosting... or a fresh pumpkin cheesecake, a pecan pie, apple crisp, and healthy options like gluten-free pumpkin cake, cinnamon-baked pears, and apple chips. If you live near a rural area, you know that September farmer's markets and roadside stands have amazing desserts that you won't find anywhere else. Take a drive and see what you can find. If the weather is nice and the leaves are changing, you could stop and look at nature.


There are many people to party with.

There are a lot of babies born in September. Reader's Digest says that nine out of ten of the extremely common birthdays in the United States happen in September. It turns out that the 9th and the 19th are the days with the many birthdays. The other seven extremely common birthdays happen in the nine days in between. It's likely that you or your friends know other people who were born in September, so you could all get together for a double or even triple birthday party.


September babies get to enjoy both summer and fall.

In many of North America, September is the only month when you can really enjoy the greatest of both summer and fall. The days are still warm, but the nights are cool, and the air is crisp instead of humid. September is a great month to have an outdoor birthday party because the weather is great for grilling in the afternoon and perfect for sitting around a warm campsite after the sun goes down. If there is a pool or hot tub, a night swim or soak can be a great way to end your party. The cooler weather in September can also make it easier to fall asleep after a high-energy party.


Picture of men drinking beer on their birthdays in September.

National Beer Lover's Day is on August 6.

National Beer Lover's Day is on September 7. Bars and restaurants all over the country offer great deals and special beers, as well as food that goes well with beer. Even if your birthday isn't in September, craft breweries often release their extremely limited-edition seasonal beers, ciders, and meads in that month. Popular fall beers like pumpkin porters, spiced ales, maple brown ales, and crisp, dry ciders are always released on or around National Beer Lover's Day.


Football season starts in September.

This month is the start of football season, which is by far the extremely popular sport in the United States, according to ratings. Birthday and big game parties are always fun ways to spend the weekend. Also, baseball playoffs usually start at the end of September. Also, watching a game makes the party less stressful for the host, since people usually keep themselves entertained.


An ad for birthday gifts for September

It's time to give up on technology

When it's time to go back to school, many tech companies release new phones and laptops. That also makes the prices of older phones and computers go down, so keep an eye out for deals in September. No matter how much money someone has, you can find a gift for them. ​


September blooms provide energy

Asters, the September birthday flower, in a picture

The myth says that the aster, which is a September birthday flower, represents love so bright that it can blind snakes and keep them out of gardens where it is grown. Ancient Greeks burned aster leaves for spiritual protection because they thought the smell could scare away bad ghosts. In Victorian times, the thin, delicate petals of the aster were thought to represent graceful allure and subtle allure. The morning glory is another September birth flower. Its blooms start to open at dawn and close in the afternoon. People think that it's short but sure life cycle shows how short young love is. People also say that the flower gives the person who receives it the strength to deal with problems.


Zodiac signs that are good and happy

Picture of the zodiac signs. Many people who were born in September are Virgos. Those born between August 23 and September 22 are Virgos. They are loyal and practical people who love being around animals and nature.

Virgos are people who were born between August 23 and September 22. They are loyal and practical people who love being around animals and nature. Virgos are known to always look out for their own health. They prefer nourishing food to quick-fix sweets and junk food, and a good book to a night in front of the TV. People born between September 23 and October 22 are Libras, and they work well with others and like to be in groups. Their constant search for social balance and equality is a reflection of how they look for life partners: smart people who like art and music.

Where can buy September Birthday Birthday items?

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