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What are men's shorts?

Shorts are short pants that reach above the knee and are designed in various qualities. Shorts are a variation of long pants. The shorts were born to suit the sweltering summer heat, keeping the wearer cool and comfortable and showing off their slim legs.

Unlike women's shorts that reach the pelvis, men's shorts are above or below the knee. Currently, shorts not only occupy a particular place in the fashion industry, but for men, shorts are an indispensable item in their wardrobe and are one of the extremely accessible items to coordinate.

The origins of shorts

Originally, shorts were only worn by boys who had not yet reached adulthood. Shorts were only worn by boys up to a certain age in Europe and South America during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Women, of course, do not wear this childish and somewhat impolite, hidden fashion, and men do not wear it to avoid being labeled as immature and not masculine.

Shorts were mainly worn for sports by the early twentieth century. Both sexes gradually used knee-length shorts by the 1930s, but only for a few activities such as sports and picnics due to their comfort and convenience.

Later on, this kind of clothes grew in popularity and entered the fashion world. Shorts were fashionable with males later, particularly in sports. Shorts were almost the default fashion in this profession during the 1950s and 1970s.

In the beginning, shorts for men and women did not have much difference. Since about the 70s of the 20th century, fashion houses have begun to seriously consider shorts as a component of the clothing world and have made significant investments to make shorts become a fad, a fashion with its style.

Women's shorts are also getting shorter and shorter, in proportion to their popularity in life, from knee level, above the knee, and then to thigh level. And now, many super-short, incredibly sexy shorts are used, helping the wearer show off their elongated legs and sexy curves of waist and hip.

As time goes on, shorts for women are becoming more and more stylish. Like short skirts, the introduction of shorts for women has a special meaning. Social activists once affirmed that allowing women to wear shorts on the street is the same as allowing them to vote and have equal rights with men in many aspects and fields.

Why should you buy shorts from Printerval?

If you are scouring the internet to find out the best website to buy an awesome pair of shorts, high chances are you catch sight of "Printerval". Wanna give us a try? We promise Printerval is worth your time and money because: 

Designs are exclusive

To ensure that the design of your baseball tee is original, artistic, and meaningful, Printerval works with numerous competent designers worldwide and infuses our passionate feelings into our design with the goal of providing you with the coolest baseball shirt with soul-and specific meaning. As a result, you won't have to worry about your style clashing with others, and you can put your faith in our printing technology.

Designs are tailored to the customer's needs

As a standard POD unit, Printerval provides the coolest models for customers to choose from. The product will then be printed in standard colors as displayed in our own printing facility, which is equipped with the extremely up-to-date technology.

Shorts are for everyone

Shorts are distinctive products for people of all ages, from children to the elderly. Following previous advancements, shorts have become widely available to all genders. You can easily find people wearing shorts in every corner of the world.

Full labels are attached to the shorts

When you read the product description on, you can check the materials and labels. The label is essential in any product, especially apparel. Buying a short with full labels gives you confidence in our legitimate commercial operation, our brand, and knowing important information about the item.

Colors and styles are abundant

Primary colors such as white and black are available everywhere, but hard-to-find colors such as Irish Green, Royal Blue, Pastel Shade, etc., or colors that you believe will complement your skin tone can only be found at Printerval.
On Printerval, you'll find shorts for any occasion: going out, going to the beach, working out at the gym.

Every detail in the products is sophisticated

We believe that micro details in our products are essential in our business, so we strive to provide customers with as many stunning textures and delicate lines as possible. Every seemingly trivial detail contributes to perfection with us, paving the way for great art in our clothing.

Clear and quick shipping delivery is a plus

Printerval has a diverse and adaptable shipping network in many different countries and continents. For more information, go to Printerval Shipping & Delivery.

5 elements to look for when shopping at Printerval for shorts

You may think that buying shorts is just easy as a piece of cake. The truth is, your spending would come to nothing if you happen to choose the wrong pair of shorts. So, here are what you literally should think about. 

Substance and materials

The material of the product is always the top priority at Printerval; we always research, develop, and test the materials before they are put on the market. With the goal of providing extreme comfort to users.
Printerval strives for simple designs and models that are easy to combine with other costumes.


Printerval products have earned the OEKO-TEX safety certificate, indicating that they are free of harmful substances.

Protect your health

Printerval's shorts and other products, in particular, are made from standard safe materials. Ensure the health of our customers when they use our products.

Soft sensation

Printerval's shorts are made of French Terry or Cotton to give you a soft, light hug. They are the best companions when it comes to assisting the wearer in experiencing a sense of comfort while using.

When to wear shorts?

The key is: You'll be OK if you just keep in mind that shorts are for casual occasions. Below are the cases in which shorts are there to upgrade your look instantly. 

Going out

For everyday activities like walking down the street with friends, dating, eating, and gathering... As a woman, choose short shorts that reach your thighs and show off your long legs. Furthermore, when worn, it will be very comfortable and easy to move. You should choose Jean Shorts for yourself because they are the extremely commonly worn and popular type of pants among women today.

Men should wear knee-length shorts with men's shirts, and sneakers to look masculine, young, and dynamic. You have the option of wearing Jean Shorts or Khaki Pants.

Go on beach

Going to the beach or having a picnic are relaxing activities for each person after stressful and tiring working hours. So we all choose for ourselves extremely comfortable clothes. Shorts with floral prints, and colorful are the top choice today. There are even couple of clothes for lovers, corporate activities, and organizations.

Where to buy the cheapest and coolest shorts?

Do you know where to get your hands on some shorts? Which designer label has a solid track record? Is it better to shop online or visit a brick-and-mortar location? is the place to go if you still have concerns. As a well-established company with more than a decade of experience in the apparel and fashion industry, we know what you want and expect in terms of customer service.

Printerval's goods are not only high-quality and made from a variety of materials, but they also come in a wide range of styles. From women in their forties and fifties to boys aren't exempt from the rule of thumb.