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What are Shower Curtains?

The bathroom is considered the private space of each house. The bathroom is also a place to bring fresh energy to help you feel comfortable and relaxed after a long tiring day. And the bathroom curtain is one of the interior accessories with the function of shielding, protecting privacy, and supporting the beauty of the bathroom space. Please refer to the criteria for choosing a quality bathroom Shower Curtain with Printerval in the article below to choose the excellently suitable bathroom curtain for your space.

Shower Curtain isn't just for creating privacy. It is also considered an interior decoration, helping the bathroom space become more complete. Moreover, the bathroom is your resting place; if it is well decorated, you will have more relaxing moments. In some rooms, the curtain also blocks water from the nozzle when in use. They prevent water from splashing onto the floor, helping to keep the foot dry.

What Is the Purpose of a Shower Curtain?

It is undeniable that shower curtains are aesthetically and functionally designed and among the best inventions that have ever existed. Adorning your bathroom with a beautiful one can bring you a lot of benefits. Let's check them out!

Create privacy for the bathroom space

A bathroom is a private place that needs a lot of privacy. A bathroom window curtain is essential to feel more secure and relaxed when you shower.

Space separation

Many housing spaces, such as modern apartments, often integrate bathrooms and toilets in the same area to save space. However, this integration makes users inconvenient if the condo or apartment has many users. Glass partitions or glass doors are often expensive and take up space, so using a Shower Curtain to separate these two areas is essential.

Avoid writing water on the floor

As mentioned above, Shower Curtain separates the two spaces of the bathroom and the toilet area. In addition to ensuring privacy, the bathroom Shower Curtain also prevents water from splashing on the floor, keeping the bathroom dry and ventilated, avoiding mold and slippery.

Increase aesthetics

Like other types of Shower curtains, Bathroom Shower Curtains are beautifully designed, so they have a perfect aesthetic effect. Currently, there are many different types of Shower curtains, from simple to modern, bringing a beautiful, luxurious, and warm bathroom space in winter and ventilation in summer. You can use roller blinds, aluminum blinds, wooden blinds, and roman blinds with eye-catching colors suitable for the bathroom space. What could be more wonderful than soaking in the bathroom with a fresh and cozy Shower Curtain surrounding it?

Why should you choose to buy Shower Curtain on Printerval?

Shower Curtains are unquestionably one of the most important accessories to every house. However, buying the right one for your home isn't as easy as it might seem. And one of the factors that you need to think carefully about is Where? Where to buy the right one, which is of high quality and not breaking the bank? Give Prinveral a chance for the reasons below. 

Printerval provides a large selection of contemporary Shower Curtain with lovely textures

Curtains should match the room's design, therefore Printerval provides a variety of patterns in a variety of materials and colors. Many consumers will want to match your Shower Curtain to the color scheme of the space in a lot of circumstances. Instead, use curtain colors that contrast with the room's hue to create a distinct effect.

Printerval has a variety of curtain materials.

Printerval provides a choice of blinds and materials for consumers to select from, depending on the purpose and space of use. Plastic, cloth, and polyester are some common materials...

Fabric is one of the extremely important items to consider when purchasing window coverings for your house. The type of fabric used in the Shower Curtain affects the texture, coverage, durability, and ease of laundering. Look through the curtain fabrics listed below to find which ones greatest fit your décor and needs.

Safe materials

Cotton is adaptable and simple to clean, but velvet is opulent and intimate, but might be too heavy for some areas. Many bathroom Shower Curtains, which are generally made of water-resistant materials, are made of cotton or linen fabric, which is quite safe for children.

Reasonable cost

Prices for all varieties of Shower curtains are clearly displayed, ranging from less than $55.68 to $66.05 depending on the material and size. The price ranges from low-cost to expensive, allowing clients to pick the curtain that greatest fits their budget. Printerval will also have some distinctive Shower curtains on sale on the floor on various important dates throughout the year; stay tuned for the greatest discounts!

What about the payment? accepts payments in US dollars ($). Printerval makes worldwide commerce and payments considerably easier no matter where you are in the world. International payments go through the same approval procedure as domestic ones, and you will always be informed of your payment status.

Quick delivery

Customers can count on Printerval to deliver their orders as quickly as possible, with ordinary orders taking an average of 6-14 days. Visit the Worldwide Shipping section to learn more about shipping regulations and learn more about orders.

Customer requirements are customized

Printerval, in addition to offering a variety of Shower curtains, also offers a service that allows you to print graphics on the curtain on demand.

Various in size and kind

Curtains for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and ornamental Shower Curtains are available in a range of sizes and materials.

Produced in a high-end facility

Textiles satisfy high safety and environmental requirements thanks to the use of an independent certification system.

How to tell if a Shower Curtain is good or bad?

When mentioning what characteristics define whether a shower curtain is of good or bad quality, stick to the important things below.

About resistance to moisture

This ability is an extremely important issue you have to take care of. More than any curtain used for other rooms, the Shower Curtain needs to withstand high humidity. The bathroom is often wet, if the curtain is not dry, it is easy to breed bacteria. This is absolutely not good for the health and aesthetics of the room.

Curtain material

There are two types of shower Shower Curtains: window Shower Curtains for bathrooms and Shower Curtains for bathtubs lying or standing. With these 2 different uses, you can choose different materials. Used for windows may not require the use of water-resistant materials. Also for the bath, must use a waterproof shower Shower Curtain. Some of the materials available are listed below:

Plastic curtain: A bathroom is a humid place, so it is necessary to prioritize the selection of a water-resistant Shower Curtain. At this time, a plastic Shower Curtain is still preferred. This material is waterproof and if splashed with water can dry very quickly.

Fabric curtain: Depending on the structure and location of the bathroom, you choose the right type of curtain. You can choose a premium fabric Shower Curtain with a water-resistant lining. Note on how to choose a bathroom curtain is not to let the curtain touch the floor to limit the situation of getting wet. Outside the market, there are also waterproof curtain models with extremely diverse designs. Or you can choose cotton fabrics. This fabric is characterized by being quite light, if it gets wet, it will dry very quickly, so it has high durability. The fabric Shower Curtain makes the room more luxurious, gorgeous, and aristocratic.

Hanger material

And even for the shower curtain hook, you also have to choose a durable material. Be it stainless steel, it's both luxurious and water-resistant for a long time.
bathroom curtain hanger

Guaranteed privacy

Of course, this factor is just as important as the moisture resistance factor above. Following the modern trend, almost every bathroom is designed in a style with a window. It is therefore essential to have a curtain already. In this position, you need to choose a curtain with thick material and 100% light-blocking ability. In addition, it is also necessary to completely block the wind so that in the cold season the room is warmer.

Ensure aesthetics

Even though it was just a bathroom, almost no one entered but their family members. However, you still need to choose Shower Curtain carefully to both promote the desired effect and bring overall beauty to the bathroom. Because sometimes the bathroom is not just a place to shower, it is also a place to relax. And especially in hotel bathrooms, this factor is even more important.

To do so, in addition to the material, you need to pay attention to the style and color of the curtain to match the surrounding interior space but still ensure the privacy required. Usually in the bathroom, you should only choose a simple Shower Curtain, no need to have sophisticated textures, just a dark-tone plain curtain is enough to highlight the elegance of the room. And if you like elegance, a light-colored Shower Curtain like milk cream will be a safe choice. This color is also especially suitable for small bathrooms.

How to avoid throwing money out of the window for a shower curtain?

The answer is: Invest in the one that is worth it! Spend your money wisely by taking into consideration the following notes before buying one. 

The Reason for Using a Shower Curtain

You will have an acceptable choice for your home depending on the aim of employing the Shower Curtain. Do you wish to shield yourself from the sun? Avoid the heat? Shower Curtains of sturdy materials are recommended. Velvet, brocade, or a double-layer Shower Curtain are the two extremely ideal options. If you want to use the curtain to decorate, you should consider the material, color, and style. Automatic blinds are especially beneficial if your household includes senior members who have difficulties walking.

Select the appropriate fabric

When selecting a Shower Curtain, the material is equally crucial. It's important to make sure the material is suitable for healthy jellyfish and that it doesn't fade after cleaning. Of course, it must also be appropriate for the curtain's purpose and location. Each substance has its own set of benefits and costs. Brocade, chiffon, cotton, and other fabrics are frequently utilized.

The color selection

Shower Curtains come in a wide range of vibrant hues. Colors like black and red, on the other hand, should be. These two hues effectively obstruct the spectator, making your family's room dark and mysterious. Furthermore, the color of the curtain must complement the color of the wall paint and the room's interior.

Choosing an ideal length

Curtains that fall to a reasonable floor price are trendy. Choose a curtain size that is a few inches longer, enabling the draperies to pool on the floor for a more dramatic appearance. If you have children, however, your Shower Curtain should be hung a few inches above the bed. Ending curtains at the sill is another traditional option for narrow windows, but full-length drapes might also work.

Depending on the width

The width of your windowpane or door molding determines the proper width of your Shower Curtain. One method for establishing the ideal width is to measure the frame.

New styles

A beautiful and original design will demonstrate that you have good taste. Therefore, selecting fresh, contemporary designs and patterns can also enhance the beauty of your home or work area.

Shower Curtains can be lined or unlined

The privacy of a blackout shower curtain with a curtain lining is maintained while appropriate light is let into the room. Consequently, consider the function of the Shower Curtain or blinds you've chosen. When exposed to direct sunlight, a protective lining may make window Shower Curtains darker, fade more slowly, and stay longer. A transparent covering also allows you to control the amount of seclusion and light you want. The reality is that the curtain will not last without a lining, so pick wisely.

What is the average price of a Shower Curtain?

Consider the price of a Shower Curtain while selecting a floor mat within your family's budget. Because it has a limited lifespan and is quickly destroyed, a low-quality Shower Curtain will not save you money. Printerval charges an average of $37.89 for your favorite Shower Curtain.

Where to buy the greatest Shower Curtain?

When you've decided on the color, length, fabric, and form of your shower curtains, look for them online or in stores, or go to The goods appear to be entirely updated, and the country will be able to secure the cargo. Apart from Printerval, there are always other cost policies to consider, so you don't have to be concerned.