1. Length is measured from the highest point on the collar down to the bottom hem.
2. Width is measured across the body of the shirt under the armpits, one way.
3. Sleeves are measured from center back to hem.


Popular Tee - Unisex


Size Length Chest
S 28in 18in
M 29in 20in
L 30in 22in
XL 31in 24in
2XL 32in 26in
3XL 33in 28in
4XL 34in 30in
5XL 35in 32in


Size Length Chest
S 71cm 46cm
M 74cm 51cm
L 76cm 56cm
XL 79cm 61cm
2XL 81cm 66cm
3XL 84cm 71cm
4XL 86cm 76cm
5XL 89cm 81cm