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What is the skull symbol?

Skull is an allegorical way to refer to a human skull, often associated with death.

Humans can often recognize buried skull fragments that are only partially exposed even when other bones may look completely like broken rock fragments. The human brain has a special area for recognizing faces, and it is so sensitive that it can recognize human faces in some graphic symbols, such as smileys, or strings of characters. horizontal self-view looks like facial expressions; The human brain cannot separate the image of the skull from the familiar human face. Because of this, death is often associated with a skull symbol.

What is the skull symbol meaning?

The skull icon has been a popular and popular design for a number of decades and it is still a popular design today. From scary to funny, from weird to bizarre, this Design can be expressed in many styles. Contrary to common perception, the skull symbol not only has a terrible and scary meaning, but today more and more people understand the meaning of the skull, this symbol has become an attractive artistic symbol of the world. fashion.

Skull has long been considered the vessel of souls, or ancestral wisdom. Skulls are not only a mere symbol of death but also a symbol of rebirth, symbolizing eternal life that can only be achieved through spiritual death and rebirth.

Since ancient times, when it comes to skulls, we often talk about the meanings of birth and death, protection, threat, death ... But besides that, the skull symbol has many other meanings that have many meanings. You may not know:

The skull is a sign of good fortune and protection for Africans. Deathly skulls are frequently placed at entrances to fend off bad spirits.

In terms of symbolism, the skull symbol represents outstanding intelligence, represents alertness, reason, and wisdom. Mexicans worship the circle of birth and death. And for them, the skull symbol represents insight into the complex concept of death and life. The transition between warmth and cold.

In addition, the skull symbol also has many other positive meanings such as the protection of strength, supremacy, or the meaning of overcoming all difficulties in life, even death.

One of the most common meanings of the skull and crossbones symbol is that it represents danger, toxicity, and prohibition. It is also a symbol of death and pain.

In ancient times, the Spaniards used to use the crossbones skull symbol and place it at the gates of many cemeteries. In addition, this death symbol is also used by many pirates. This image often appears on flags placed on ships.

The skull and crossbones flag - the iconic flag of the pirates - is also known as the Jolly Roger. Every time seafarers see these flags, they realize it's a pirate ship and wants to stay as far away as possible. The skull and crossbones flags of pirates also show that this group of pirates is extremely dangerous and can kill anyone they catch even if the victim begs for their life.

Since World War I, many countries around the world such as Britain have flown the skull and crossbones flags on some submarines after each victory returning home. In the event that there is not much space to plant skull and crossbones flags, a large flag is made and each time the victory returns, a corresponding line is drawn for each enemy ship that the submarine sinking.

World public opinion was also quite surprised when the US nuclear submarine USS Jimmy Carter flew the pirate flag after returning from a patrol mission. Many experts speculate that the US submarine flying the pirate flag could show the achievement of a certain underground mission that the ship has carried out.

Why are skull symbols so popular?

The meaning of the skull symbol symbolizes death and power

Almost all of us from childhood are always afraid of skulls and skulls because they represent death, demons, doom.

Back in the days of sailors when the problem of piracy raged. The pirate flag is usually a skull with two crossed swords. The meaning of this skull flag symbolizes danger, impending death, warning, threat, or submission or death. In ancient human cultures, the stronger tribes often collected the skulls of the weaker tribes that had lost the battle for territory. These skulls were marked with territory to warn other tribes against trespassing and also to show off their strength and feats.

From there, the meaning of the skull symbolizes death, the power of the strong, or a warning not to trespass. The meaning of the skull symbol is similar in the beginning, but as time goes on, people deduce more and more different ideas. In it, there are several meanings such as invisible protection, those who abuse will pay a heavy price, including bad luck and dangerous disasters or good meanings such as reminding this life is fair because everyone has to die the same, or everything goes to ruin, so live your life to the fullest...

Skull and rose symbol meaning

You often see some people symboling skulls with roses. Do you find it strange that these two seemingly contradictory symbols go together? It actually has a unique meaning depending on how you think.

The skull meaning symbolizes death, despair, and decadence while the rose symbolizes hope, life, beauty, and fragrance. The meaning of skull symbol with rose is symbolizing the opposition, the struggle between good and bad, between good and evil, between life and death.

Since then, the person who chooses the skull and rose symbol is someone who likes fairness, always considers both good and bad issues from many sides, and always perceives life as change, the exchange of good. and bad, of success and failure and there is no need to be self-deprecating, guilty or depressed before failure, proud of success.

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