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What Is the Meaning of Social Justice?

The idea of justice is synonymous with the concept of fairness. Social justice is defined as fairness as it expresses itself in a given society. This encompasses issues such as equity in healthcare, work, housing, and other areas. Discrimination and social justice are incompatible with one another. While the phrase "social justice" is becoming increasingly popular, it is not a new concept. It first appears in The Federalist Papers, and it is most probable that it was originally employed in the early 1780s there. As the Industrial Revolution came to an end, American legal academics used the word to the field of economics for the first time. The term "social justice" now includes all parts of society, including races and genders, and it is strongly associated with the concept of "human rights."

In order for social justice to be achieved, everyone's human rights must be recognized and maintained. Everyone is given the same opportunity. Obviously, this doesn't mean society will be flawless or that everyone will be happy all of the time. Everyone, on the other hand, will have a fighting shot at living the life they choose. The fact that they are not hindered by factors beyond their control, such as institutional impediments or prejudice, is significant. However, there is no single clear paradigm for what successful social justice looks like in reality, which is why concepts such as participation are so critical. Progress is achievable as long as a nation upholds social fairness and is devoted to equal opportunity.

The protection of human rights

Over time, the relationship between social justice and human rights has become more clear and solidified. Activists and governments have realized that one cannot live without the other, and the other cannot exist without the first. When a society is just, it protects and respects the human rights of all members of the community. Because human rights are recognized around the world, it is critical to establish this link. A variety of treaties assist in holding governments responsible.


It is vital for a just society that people have access to basic necessities such as housing, food, and education. Individuals, communities, and society as a whole suffer when access to resources is restricted on the basis of criteria such as gender, ethnicity, or class. Social justice activists fight to expand and restore access to resources, ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to live a fulfilling and productive life.


If just a few voices are heard, social fairness will be impossible to achieve. Unfortunately, this is frequently the case, and the voices of the disadvantaged and defenseless are often drowned out by the majority. Although society attempts to solve problems, solutions will fail if those who are most impacted are not allowed to participate in the process. Participation must be encouraged and rewarded in order for everyone – especially those who haven't had a chance to speak previously – to have the opportunity to do so.


Many people assume that one of the foundations of social justice is "equality," however the term "equity" is actually more accurate. What exactly is the distinction? In order to achieve equality, equity must take into consideration the consequences of prejudice. There's a graphic that illustrates this point quite well: Three individuals are attempting to peer over a fence. One of them is already tall and able to see; together, they symbolize the most fortunate members of our community. The next person can only see with difficulty, and the final person — the most vulnerable in society – cannot see at all. "Equality" provides everyone with the same box to stand on, even though the tallest person does not require it and even though the smallest person does not have the ability to look above it. "Equity" does not provide the privileged one with any checkboxes. Instead, the person in the center receives one package, and the person, in the end, receives two. Everyone is now on an equal playing field.

There are 10 reasons why social justice is essential

It guarantees that everyone has access to the necessities of a healthy existence

When it comes to what is fair, everyone is entitled to some fundamental rights. The most basic need include access to food, shelter, and clean water. These are typically taken for granted by the bulk of the population in particular civilizations, but there are always exceptions. Consider the city of Flint, Michigan, where safe drinking water that is not contaminated by lead is not a guarantee. Food deserts may be found throughout the United Places, and the homeless issue has reached a critical stage in states such as Oregon and Washington. Social justice applies to other nations as well, where fundamental requirements are just as urgently required as in the United States yet are not met. People are advancing social justice by speaking up in support of basics such as food and shelter.

It makes certain that everyone has access to adequate healthcare

It is impossible to overestimate the significance of excellent health. Here, it truly is a question of life and death. The healthcare system of a society influences who receives what services and how much they are willing to give in order to receive the treatment they require. In their efforts to achieve social justice in healthcare, individuals are advocating for better and more inexpensive insurance plans, more access to medicines, and other benefits.

It provides protection for persons with impairments

Disability rights have been overlooked and neglected for many years, but with the growth of social justice, individuals are now being given a platform to express themselves. Disability-related discrimination occurs often in the workplace, in healthcare, and in other settings for those with visible and invisible impairments (such as mental illness). Disability rights must be taken into consideration if social justice is to really be justice for all.

It prevents people from being subjected to religious prejudice

Religion is an important element of a person's identity, and the right to be free from religious discrimination comes squarely under the purview of social justice. There are laws in many nations that restrict religious freedom, while others fail to implement the laws that are in place. Those who work for social justice want all religions to be free and safe, and they support a person's right to choose not to follow any religion.

It safeguards individuals against ageism

As people get older, they are frequently subjected to age discrimination simply because of their age. They may be sacked from their work in favor of a younger employee, or they could be treated with disdain in their everyday lives. When it comes to discrimination, ageism falls under the purview of social justice.

It prevents persons from being discriminated against because of their sexual orientation

LGBTQIA people are routinely targeted for prejudice in every aspect of their everyday lives, and this is especially true for young people. A significant portion of social justice is devoted to solving this issue because it has the potential to deprive individuals of their capacity to work, love, and even live in many sad situations. It is necessary for a society to treat LGBTQIA persons fairly in order to be deemed "just."

It protects individuals from racism

Discrimination on the basis of race is a major problem in most civilizations, as well. It can make it difficult for people to obtain jobs, live peacefully, marry the person of their choice, and do a variety of other things. One of the most important characteristics of social justice is that individuals of all races may live comfortably and have equal chances.

It contributes to the promotion of gender equality

It appears that discrimination based on gender is one of the oldest kinds of injustice in the world, dating back thousands of years. Historically, women and girls have been the most persecuted group on the planet, and their situation further worsens if they are also members of another oppressed community, such as a certain race or religion. It is the goal of social justice to close the gap and empower women, regardless of where they live.

It contributes to the promotion of economic equality

Despite the fact that the gap between the affluent and the poor appears to be widening, Simply put, it is unfair that some individuals are unable to provide adequate food for their families while others receive millions of dollars in severance packages. Inequality does not necessarily imply that everyone is wealthy; rather, it should imply that everyone is able to satisfy their fundamental requirements and live their lives without fear that a single setback would force them to live on the streets. It is about ensuring the economic stability of all people that social justice is practiced.

It contributes to the improvement of educational possibilities for children

A decent education is essential for breaking the cycle of poverty and ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to achieve their goals. However, a large number of individuals are prevented from obtaining a quality education merely because of where they reside or because they are subjected to various forms of prejudice. Everyone should be able to study in a secure environment that is both encouraging and gives equal possibilities, according to social justice. When children receive an education, the entire society benefits.

Examples of Social justice 

Social justice is possible when the four principles we mentioned before are followed. Where is it necessary to pursue social justice? Some social justice concerns are more important than others, depending on the country in which you live. In general, most cultures grapple with issues that are comparable. Here are a few illustrations:

Equality in terms of race

Racial inequality is one of the most prevalent social justice concerns in the world, and it affects people everywhere. The majority of governments have a history of some form of racial discrimination and prejudice against minorities. Inequality in educational opportunities, employment opportunities, and access to healthcare are all hampered for racial minorities.

Gender equality is important

According to the current state of affairs, it will take 100 years until worldwide gender equality becomes a reality. It will be 208 years until it occurs in the United States. Obstacles such as the gender wage gap weakened reproductive rights, and uneven educational chances prevent women from achieving their full potential. Gender equality, which has ramifications for other concerns such as racial equality, is considered one of the most significant social justice issues of our day by social justice advocates.

Human rights for LGBTQ+ people

People who identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community are subjected to high levels of violence and prejudice around the world. Their capacity to obtain jobs, housing, healthcare services, and safety are just a few of the difficulties they face. Even in the most progressive countries, social justice for the LGBTQ+ community is not well-established. Some states are more hazardous than others, and some cities are more dangerous than others. If you're interested in learning more about the LGBTQ+ community, check out our selection of free online courses.

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