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What is Sticker?

A sticker is a label type: a printed piece of paper, plastic, vinyl, or other material on the one hand that has a pressure-sensitive adhesive. Depending on the context, they might be utilized for decorative or useful functions.

Sticker is a term that is used quite commonly these days. You can simply understand that a sticker is a handwritten, printed, or drawn drawing, a copy of the text, etc. Even images, broken images are glued or printed directly on the product's packaging.

For each distributor, sticker printing is one of the most important stages, requiring the most serious and careful implementation.

Currently, the printing of stickers on products is a way for manufacturers to distinguish their products from other products of the same type and design.

( Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sticker )

Who invented Stickers?

The earliest stickers might date back to ancient Egypt, the historians argue. Traces of paper were uncovered on the walls of antique shops to exhibit items. Archaeologists found

More contemporary bags may be found on Sir Rowland Hill, which in 1839 created adhesive paper. Eventually, Hill stickers became the first postmark. Stanton Avery, the creator of Avery Labels, is also mentioned by certain experts. The first self-adhesive label was invented in 1935

Over time, stickers develop. Hundreds of stickers from a range of materials are now available. Common materials include foil and plastic, paper, vinyl, and rubber. Adhesives are permanent, replaceable, or may be removed. In certain wet situations, stickers can even be covered so that they can be used outside.

(Source: https://www.wonderopolis.org/wonder/who-invented-stickers )

Benefits of Sticker

Durable, beautiful 

High-quality stickers are manufactured from weather-resistant materials such as vinyl with a strong waterproofing layer. When pasted on products and documents, the Stickers will not fold or peel at the corners. It is also resistant to harsh weather elements including rain, wind, sunshine, etc.

A great promotional tool

A Sticker template with a nice design, good print quality can be a promotional tool. great that your company can use. If you are intending to use them for propaganda, advertising, do not forget to add your company's name, web address, and phone number to the Sticker

Very diverse in design

Design flexibility is another benefit that Stickers bring. Traditional stickers have basic shapes like rectangles, circles, etc. But nowadays, in addition to standard shapes, you can even design them in special shapes related to the type of business. your business.

How to choose a good Sticker?

It is essential to have a thorough understanding of the essential qualities and specifications of Sticker before making a purchase. The following is some advice that should be kept in mind.

Based on the Sticker size

Stickers don't have a specific size rule. Its size will depend on the requirements of the manufacturing unit. However, it should have a shape and size proportional to the product. Do not be too big or too small for customers to read. At Printerval, there are 2 main sizes available: 2'' and 3'' so that customers can choose depending on the purpose of use.

Choose based on materials

Currently, the material of the sticker can be made from metal, plastic, or decal paper. Each material will have a different printing method, cost as well as advantages and disadvantages. If you are a manufacturer, you should carefully consider the intended use of the sticker to make the right choices.

Content on sticker

The most basic, on the sticker must have the main content including the manufacturer's logo, product name, use, usage as well as the expiry date of the product.

At the same time, it must also ensure the content is short, easy to understand, large enough to read. Particularly, the illustration must be the same as the product inside. Images need to be eye-catching to attract users. The background, text color, and color of the image must be in harmony. It is best to choose text and image tones that are light.

Base on shape 

Depending on the purpose or location you use, you can choose the right Sicker, there are many different types of stickers such as images, quotes, or cuts, you need to choose the position of the sticker to fit it. Too big will make the picture not beautiful and perfect.

Color choices

In addition to many choices of sticker size or type, you can also choose stickers with many different and cute colors such as unique emojis with black color or love themes with blue color.

Stickers with the best price

Although the price of the sticker is not too much, you also need to be aware of the price of some items, it is obvious to buy a small size sticker but at a high price. Need to choose a sticker with an average price, suitable for the above price market

Safe Origin

When buying stickers you need to ensure the origin as well as the origin of these stickers. Made from reputable manufacturers, to buy low-quality stickers

Ways to use decorative stickers 

Laptop stickers are a trend popular in today's youth community. With the choice of stickers, you are not limited to a framework at all. You can freely choose from a variety of styles and shapes for stickers to decorate your laptop, as long as you like. Stickers show a lot of different styles for you to choose from:

Stickers show your concept: From cute concept images to cool, gentle, cool, funny, 

Stickers show your favorites: For example, if you love a movie, the sticker on your laptop will be full of pictures of that movie, you love this actress and your laptop will stick it. The sticker is all her pictures,... it shows your preferences.

Stickers with colors that match your destiny: For example, if you match fire with red, pink, purple, ... then you can use a sticker with those colors as an amulet. destiny for yourself, helping you to have more luck and fortune in life, everything is happy.

Sticker attached to your story: You can set it as a sticker with a commemorative image attached to you to help your laptop paste images filled with memories, preserving each moment.

The difference between Sticker, Label, and Decal

Stickers are a type that brings a lot of benefits to companies in advertising. Unlike stamps, stickers are larger, but depending on the product, they will have the corresponding size. Stickers are designed to be eye-catching to provide full information about the product to customers. It will include the use, name, ingredients, expiry date, etc.

This is the most impressive part of a product. But with some products with specially designed packaging, the label will no longer be used, it is only used as a seal, a warranty stamp.

Labels are used to convey information and images of products or companies. Labels will be affixed on the outside of the goods, but may also be on the inside of the packaged product. Currently, there are many different types of labels including warranty stamps, anti-counterfeiting stamps, sealing stamps, etc.

The thickness of the labels will depend on each type, each item has different images. The color of the label will usually be beautifully designed and bright. Printing colors are also simple and will often be designed in a circular shape for easy pasting.

Material of labels is usually taken from offset paper, stencils, kraft paper. Currently, people use labels to provide the brand's logo image, seal or confirm the quality, and ensure authenticity.

Finally, a decal is a form of label that contains a layer of glue and a layer of paper to protect it. Simply peel off the protective paper and lightly press it against the product's surface to adhere it. Unlike other forms of stickers, stamps, and decals, decals use equipment is usually that is formed by wetting and drying. Alternatively, you can heat the pre-installed decal's adhesive. Then take the attachment material and lightly push it.

Currently, the decal is also used to make stamps and stickers. As a result, it is also known as a decal sticker or a decal stamp.

Tips to help you peel off stickers 

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Remove stickers from glass or meta

Fill the sink or container with warm water, then submerge the item to be removed. If you want to remove the sticker from an empty bottle, the more effective way is to put warm water inside the bottle. You can add OxiClean or detergent to the water, different stickers will require a different amount of time to soak before they can be removed.

That's why you should check by removing one corner of the sticker. Then, if any labels are left over, use a wet sponge to wipe them off.

Removing stickers on plastic

Stickers are often difficult to stick on plastic objects, so manufacturers often have to use "strong measures" to make them stick. The main result is that it is very difficult for the user to remove them. Here are the two most effective ways to remove stickers on plastic bottles that you should know.

Remove stickers from ceramics

Flood your sticker items with a warmed vinegar solution. If the item is too large, soak a cloth in this solution and place it over the sticker for 15 to 30 minutes. Then, remove the object from the cloth and begin to remove the label from the corner. Finally, use the sponge to remove any excess labels left on the item.

Why Should You Choose to Buy Stickers on Printerval?

Printerval is an online shopping platform, a friendly playground for all the independent sellers from all over the world to come join and sell hundreds of products that have designs that are unique and stand out. This helps you find the best stickers for you.

  • Unique and Artistic Designs: At Printerval, we take pride in offering a wide array of stickers with unique and artistic designs. Our platform brings together talented artists who pour their creativity into each sticker, ensuring you have access to a diverse collection of captivating designs that stand out from the ordinary.

  • Support Independent Artists: When you buy stickers on Printerval, you directly support independent artists and designers. Your purchase enables these creative individuals to continue pursuing their passion and craft, fostering a thriving artistic community.

  • High-Quality Materials: Our stickers are crafted using high-quality materials that guarantee durability and long-lasting adhesive properties. Stick them on your favorite belongings or use them for various creative projects, knowing they will maintain their charm for years to come.

  • Versatility of Use: Our stickers cater to a wide range of interests and purposes. Whether you're looking for unique decor for your laptop, a fun addition to your stationery, or a creative touch to personalize gifts, Printerval's stickers offer limitless possibilities.

  • Eco-Friendly Options: Some of our stickers are made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials, allowing you to make environmentally conscious choices while expressing your style.

  • Customization and Personalization: Printerval offers the option for custom-made stickers, allowing you to create personalized designs that reflect your individuality. Make your belongings truly one-of-a-kind with custom stickers from our platform.


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