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Rose Suitcase

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Spiderman Suitcase

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What Is Suitcase?

A suitcase (from the French word suitcase /valiz/ in English, the suitcase is suitcase) is a type of bag used to store luggage. It is usually relatively flat, rectangular with rounded or square corners, and can be made of metal, hard plastic, fabric, vinyl, or leather – as long as it is strong enough to keep the shape of the suitcase from deforming. much. It has a handle on one side and is often used to store clothes and other items on long trips. The suitcase opens and closes with a hinge similar to a door and can be locked with a padlock or a code lock. – according to Wikipedia

From the beginning, when the suitcase was formed, it was just simple materials such as wood, and the suitcase shell was made from wool and linen, then leather became a common material. This shell is used to cover the wooden case of suitcases, or even it is the only shell of collapsible suitcases. It is difficult to enumerate all the materials used to make suitcases. Like other consumer products, the materials used to make suitcases change over time, and many modern suitcases are born.

The process of moving suitcases is becoming increasingly cumbersome and difficult to move, so the need for a suitcase that is both portable and convenient has been thought of by people, and transporters have devised a way to put the suitcase on a trolley. or lightweight wheeled harnesses so luggage can be placed temporarily or temporarily attached to luggage – dating back to at least the 1930s. By 1970 The first commercially successful wheeled suitcase was invented by Bernard D. Sadow.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Suitcases?

The rectangle suitcase guarantees that clothing and furnishings are put in a neater and more orderly manner.

Organize your clothes more neatly

The suitcase with a rectangular shape ensures clothes and furniture are arranged in a neater and more orderly manner. Often, many people choose backpack products for long trips because of the compactness of the backpack. But if you think again, compared to the ability to store, organize and take out clothes, suitcases are still better than backpacks.

Currently, on the market, suitcases carry a variety of designs in terms of design and size. The internal capacity of each suitcase easily meets the needs of many different objects.

Not only is it meeting the needs of many people when they go away, but the fashion needs of each suitcase are also essential that many people cannot ignore when choosing to buy from eye-catching colorful suitcases, funny motifs for children, to simple suitcases, elegant colors for adults.

The suitcase is also color coordinated and has eye-catching distinctive images to help you add more personality to your exciting trips.

Make you more fashionable

For the purpose of serving long trips, so the durability of the suitcase is always a factor that many people care about. Made of durable materials such as waterproof, dustproof cloth or high-quality plastic, waterproof, dustproof, easy to clean.

The materials for the suitcase are always guaranteed, bringing lightness, convenience and durability over time to help you feel secure when using.

Persistence over time

It is also made of durable materials that are waterproof, dustproof, solidly built, and have good bearing capacity, so the suitcase helps protect the clothes and belongings contained inside better than backpacks or bags. ordinary fabric.

Easier to move

Four wheels make it easy to rotate 180 degrees, and the wheels are made of high-quality plastic, so they can withstand the weight and impact ability without causing the wheel to break or fall off immediately.

The pull handle is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, easy to pull out and retract, and fits within the range of the pull for the user to move more easily.

Seat replacement

Waiting in line at the airport always makes you feel tired, then a hard plastic suitcase will help you replace the mobile seat when your legs are tired, so convenient.

Suitable for young children

A small plastic suitcase instead of a backpack is definitely a good choice when your child's books are getting heavier and heavier. Not only that, some plastic suitcase products also have the function of making toy strollers for babies.

This is very convenient because when parents are busy doing airport procedures, these suitcases will help parents comfortably carry out without being disturbed by their children.

Why Should You Choose Suitcase On Printerval?

The rectangle suitcase guarantees that clothing and furnishings are put in a neater and more orderly manner.

Suitcases Templates With distinctive Designs On Printerval

The patterns and graphics printed on the suitcases were created in partnership with designers from all around the world, and they are all exclusive and one-of-a-kind creations. In order to give consumers the coolest and extremely inexpensive options, Printerval offers.

You may find all sizes and types on Printerval. The website is constantly updated with the newest, trendiest models that are appropriate for you to utilize, depending on the requirements of each customer.

Varied Sizes

The size will also be quite various to fulfill the requirement for many different sizes to satisfy different sorts of demand: S, M, L.

A Reasonable Price And Many Positives

You can easily get a Suitcases at the coolest price on the market at Printerval, so don't worry about price or quality. You may get a high-quality, one-of-a-kind suitcase for for approximately $136.60.

Additionally, Printerval often introduces new models and offers exclusive discounts to consumers on essential occasions so that customers may enjoy purchasing.

Payment in currency

For all client transactions, Printerval only accepts US dollars ($). The ideal option for consumers to pay is with a popular foreign currency, while you can also use your credit or debit card. Additionally, we accept payments using PayPal, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay.

Fast delivery and shipping

The shipping service provided by Printerval always ensures the shortest number of delivery days and the lowest amount of delivery expenses. In order to assist clients in receiving items swiftly, Printerval will have its regulations for foreign shipping.

Visit Worldwide Shipping to get the extremely recent information on delivery services and learn more about shipping regulations.

Custom meet client needs

Printerval offers extra design services based on customer needs, always putting the customer's needs first. Do you like carrying around suitcases with images of your family on them? And more is within our power.

How To Choose A Good Suitcase?

You need to know the following to know how to choose a good Suitcase:

Standard suitcase size

Each type of suitcase has its own size according to the general size standards of common suitcases. Currently on the market, suitcases have 3 standard sizes: 20 Inch, 24 Inch and 28 Inch. According to this standard size, it will be easier for you to choose a suitable size for yourself.

The small 5-inch suitcase has an average weight of about 2.5 to 3 kg, with this small type you can choose for solo trips, long-distance work is the extremely reasonable. Because it is small, it can only fit a few clothes and personal belongings. The average suitcase has 6 inches, the average weight is from 4 kg to 4.5 kg, if fully loaded, it can be up to 10 kg. Finally, a large suitcase with 7 inches with a weight of about 5 kg to 6 kg and a lot of space to put things, if you fill this suitcase can be up to 20kg.

If you have a lot of furniture or go for a longer day, you can choose a medium suitcase of 6 inches is the extremely reasonable. In addition, those of you who have the whole family going on a long trip should choose a 7-inch type to store more items, especially families with small children; choosing this large type is necessary because children often have a lot of space more items and supplies.

Wheel quality of tow suitcase

For normal suitcases, there will be 2 wheels or 4 wheels. The 3 or 5 cakes are also available, but I rarely see them, and it is not very popular. You should choose a 4-wheel suitcase to make it easier to move and not spend too much effort moving with your suitcase.

With 4 wheels, the suitcase will balance on the ground in the coolest way compared to 2 wheels; you need to pull it away when moving or when you want to stop, you need to lean the suitcase somewhere to keep it. balance or tilt the suitcase backward. In general, 2-wheel suitcases are more inconvenient than 4-wheel suitcases in terms of good balance without effort when traveling with a suitcase full of things.

Composite plastic is the material that makes up the wheel, has extremely high durability and usually lasts a few years with no signs of degradation. With 4-wheel suitcases, you should choose wheels that can rotate 360 ​​degrees to help you reduce fatigue and move back and forth easier and more conveniently.

Handle quality

Choose the length of the handle to suit your body shape; choose those with an excess design that can be pulled up a few steps so that when used, it is more relaxed, not having to bend your back when using with other people. Short handle type.

The handle is also a part you should pay attention to when buying a suitcase; choose a sturdy stainless or alloy aluminum handle so that it is easier to hold, and the durability of the alloy will be higher than that of the plastic handle. damaged. Should choose the length of the handle to suit your body shape, usually, the handle will be designed with a notch for easier use.

Suitcase lock quality

Zippers are also an important part of today's suitcase, it will help you secure and secure the contents inside your suitcase so that it does not fall. There are three types of zippers on the market, each with its own pros and cons. So depending on your needs and preferences will decide what type of zippered suitcase you spend money on.

Zippers are the extremely common type of all items, not just suitcases. With a zipper for your suitcase, it is probably also very convenient and unlikely to be damaged nor will it be bent or dented. But if you do not use it carefully, the zipper can be more difficult to run, squeak and easily cause damage.

The second type is the number lock; with this type, you can easily operate it by folding the 2-sided suitcase together and using the number lock to fix it to ensure the items are safe. In addition, you can still use it with a regular lock to keep your belongings inside to avoid theft.

Another type that usually costs more is the collapsible aluminum frame suitcase. You must turn the two suitcases together for this type of lock and secure the two ends. With a collapsible aluminum frame, the suitcase shell is usually designed with high-quality plastic with high strength and durability of the product. The sturdy design has an aluminum frame, so it will not be suitable for carrying on the plane but only for checked baggage.

Where To Buy Low-cost Suitcases?

Printerval online shopping website for customers around the world, just find the Printerval website all product information and promotions are available, choose products, and with 1 click pay by a card, or directly, your favorite suitcase will be quickly delivered the fastest way.

The above useful information hopes that Printerval will help you easily choose the right product!