Surprising facts about New Year's celebrations in the US

How are the American New Year's Customs?

Despite differences in geography as well as traditions and cultures, at the moment of transition between the old year and the new year, the whole world is eagerly waiting for a new beginning with many hopes and beliefs. America is a large continent with many ethnic groups living, so the customs of welcoming the new year of the countries here are also very special… and America is the most typical.

As a multi-ethnic country but mostly immigrants, the New Year in the US also has many different cultural nuances. However, one common feature on New Year's Eve is that people often take to the streets and dance all night to welcome the new year. The streets were filled with people with laughter, whistles, and whistles were filled with lights mixed with colorful confetti.

On the Christmas Eve of December 31, thousands of Americans gathered in Times Square. They stood side by side waiting for the first moment of the new year. When everyone shouts to count the seconds, finally, a beautiful shimmering glass ball, containing thousands of pieces of glass representing the burning stars shining through the darkness of the old year, falls. The moment the ball hits the ground is the moment when people chant New Year's greetings: "Happy New Year!" and sang in unison the wonderful melodies of the traditional song “Auld Lang Syne” and threw colorful pieces of paper into the sky.

Interestingly, on New Year's Eve, many people wear special costumes and eat special foods. Those who want to find true love often wear yellow clothes, and those who hope to make a lot of money wear silver. Others welcome the new year with delicious meals. But there is a point that not everyone knows that Americans eat cabbage in the hope that it will bring them... luck and money. 

After dancing to welcome the new year, they enter the party with dishes that Americans believe will bring good luck at the end of the year. It's cabbage, sardines, and honey. Cabbage was chosen because of its green color and the shape of a round metal coin; sardines always swim straight ahead in large flocks symbolizing abundance and straight forward; while honey brings joy to life, the yellow color of honey symbolizes wealth and wealth.

In the New Year, Americans often visit family, relatives, and friends or organize a meal… However, the first day of the new year is always a rather quiet day for many Americans. They often stay at home with their loved ones all day long as to make up for the busy days and look forward to a new year filled with more love with their family.

If you are planning to celebrate New Year 2020 in the US, you can consider the 4 best cities below

4 best New Year cities in America

New Orleans - Louisiana

At the end of the old year - the beginning of the new year, the climate in New Orleans is extremely warm. During the day, the city has a gentle beauty and at night it becomes bustling and bustling. You can stroll in the center of the old town of the French Quarter by the Mississippi River, visit the buildings 300 years ago with beautiful classical French architecture; Or go to Bourbon Quarter, ride a horse-drawn carriage through the old gray-brown cobblestone streets.

End of the year, head to the city's Jackson Square for a special New Year celebration in the atmosphere of the historic French Quarter.

San Francisco - California

San Francisco is famous for its Victorian buildings, cable cars, and beautiful scenery. Here, you can walk, shop, eat in China Town, check-in the 260-meter-high Transamerica Pyramid, walk around and watch flowers at Lombard Street, visit Golden Gate Park, and have fun. on the island of Alcatraz or check-in souvenirs with the iconic suspension bridge of San Francisco, the Golden Gate…

On the last day of the year, you can sit on the Hornblower yacht, watch the fireworks, enjoy a meal on a wonderful cruise on the river. In addition, you can also watch fireworks from viewpoints such as Twin Peaks, Embarcadero, etc.

Los Angeles - California

The Angel City of California is a destination not to be missed when people travel to the US. It has Universal Hollywood Studios, Griffith Park, Disneyland, Walk of Fame, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Getty Center Architectural Complex are famous destinations you cannot miss.

At the end of the year, Los Angeles also has great events taking place throughout the city, the most prominent of which is Grand Park - the city center, where you can come to watch fireworks, enjoy excellent meals, and watch shows. Attractive live music performance.

Atlanta - Georgia

Atlanta is the hometown of writer Margaret Mitchell - author of the famous novel "Gone with the Wind". Here, you can spend time visiting many outstanding destinations such as Atlanta History Center, CNN Headquarters, Georgia Aquarium, Martin Luther King Junior Historic Site, Stone Mountain Park Mountain, or strolling in the Little Five Points Neighborhood.

Atlanta is also a perfect place for you if you have a trip to the US at the end of the year. This city has shopping and entertainment areas that are open until midnight for you to have fun. Also, you will have the opportunity to enjoy local food, drinks, and music during the New Year event in this city.

The surprising truth about New Year celebrations in the US

41% of Americans call New Year's Eve their favorite day

New Year's Day ranks 4th on the list of favorite American holidays. According to predictions, 78% of Americans like Christmas the most. Thanksgiving is second and July 4th is third.

At least 48% of parents go to bed at 9 o'clock with their children

12 o'clock at night is the time to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new year, but not everyone stays up until midnight. WalletHub reports that 12% of Americans go to bed by 12 o'clock.

3% of Americans have no plans to celebrate at all

For some people, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day are not so special to prepare to celebrate. Not to mention the tradition of welcoming the new year is repeated many times, nothing is exciting anymore. However, 2020 will start a new decade, maybe people will have a different view?

People like to travel on vacation

The most popular destinations in the United States for New Year's Eve, in order, are Orlando (Florida), Anaheim (California), Honolulu (Hawaii). The two most popular cities are also home to Disney World and Disneyland, both of which host New Year celebrations.

This is the time when all means of transport are working at full capacity

6.7 million people will need to fly for the New Year, and more than 3.7 million will use other modes of transport.

New York is the most expensive city

If you want to celebrate the New Year in New York, prepare enough cash and credit cards. The average price of a dinner and a show for two in NYC on New Year's Eve is more than $1160.

Millions of people gathered in Times Square

According to WalletHub, about a million people will gather in Times Square to wait for the balloon to explode (at exactly 12 pm). 7000 police will be mobilized to keep street order.

The Balloon Tradition dates back to 1907

This year's ball weighs 11875 pounds and is covered in 2,688 Waterford crystal triangles. The ball will be kept in a building that is not open to the public. It was brought to the square only on New Year's Eve.

However, in 1942 and 1943 Times Square was still in darkness due to the influence of World War II, so New Year's Eve did not let the balloons explode.

More than 56 tons of garbage appeared after New Year's Eve

Of the 56 tons of trash in Times Square, there are 1.5 tons of paper fireworks. The local government has to mobilize 300 sanitation workers to work 12-16 hours to clean the streets.

Over 360 million glasses of wine were consumed on December 31

However, this is also the time when New Yorkers have an alcohol content exceeding the legal limit: 0.94% on average.

On the morning of the 1st, there are many people who buy food to relieve alcohol

28% of Americans need to buy refreshments from restaurants by January 1. According to Google, Louisville, Kentucky, was the city with the most drunken people in the US on January 1, 2019.

Eat 365 black beans

Americans believe that if you want to be lucky, you should eat 365 black beans in the new year. In Spain, people eat 12 grapes at midnight.

37 million people watch the Pasadena Rose Parade on TV

This parade is held on January 1 every year. Not only did tens of millions of people watch on television, more than 700,000 spectators also took to the streets to watch the parade.

Exercising more is always a big New Year's goal

Tet to spring is the time when we plan our goals for the new year. For Americans, 99% want to add some physical activity to their daily routine, 54% want to eat healthier, 51% want to save money, 48% want to lose weight, 38% want to reduce stress.

Theft is on the rise

Crime also exploded on December 31 and January 1. The most common date for car theft was January 1, with 2571 vehicles locked on the first day of 2018.

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