What Are Tacos?

Tacos are a traditional Mexican cake. This is also one of the street foods that many diners love. This cake is made from corn flour or flour with a crispy crust and colorful filling. In a Tacos, the outer shell is rice paper that is fried to soften and fold with the filling. The filling is varied from beef, pork, fish, chicken, tomato sauce, mushrooms, chili ... all will be grilled (or steamed) together. Depending on the preferences of the diners, the fillings can be combined in many different ways, creating a variety of flavors for the dish. Tacos of Mexican cuisine are reflected in the cornmeal rice paper shell, chili flavor is served with cakes and sauces. Chili peppers are present in most Mexican dishes, with the average local person consuming about 8 kg of chili per year. The most popular are green chili sauce and red chili sauce. Green chili sauce is made from green peppers and green tomatoes, it has a spicy and pungent taste. Red chili sauce uses red tomatoes and red peppers, its taste is more delicate. In addition, there are sweet chili sauce, bitter chili sauce, sour chili sauce… And the Tacos are served with red chili sauce. Tacos cake also has attractive colors. It is the bright yellow of the crust, the light brown of the meat and the green of the accompanying vegetables, and the red of the chili sauce. All create a symphony of colors and flavors.

Origin of Tacos

About the origin, the first tacos appeared in Mexico with the filling made from small fish prepared by the indigenous people living in the valley of Mexico. Over time, tacos recipes have gradually become more popular and more diverse in terms of fillings. It was not until the early years of the 20th century that this dish began to be popular in the US and Canada and appeared in many cookbooks in 1949.

Types of Tacos

Tacos are made from cornstarch or flour for the outer shell with a filling that comes in a variety of choices, from meats like beef, pork, chicken, to cooked fish. When enjoying, this cake is indispensable with a little salsa sauce and served with onions and coriander.

There are two types of tacos, soft crust, and hard crust. Thanks to the processing method and the use of extremely diverse fillings, there are now many types of tacos. However, the most popular and favorite type of tacos in Mexico is Taco al Pastor with the main ingredient being marinated pork, then skewered and grilled on fire.

According to Mexican tradition, soft-shell tacos will represent cornmeal ingredients prepared by steaming or baking. But the most popular tacos are still minced corn husks, onions, peas, lettuce, and spicy Mexican tomato sauce. Here are the most popular tacos today:

Grilled taco with crust is grilled on a charcoal grill until it has certain crispiness, served with chorizo ​​asado soy sauce. People call grilled tacos served with Oaxaca cheese and meat as mulita as it is called in Northern Mexico.

Taco de cazo is the type that is served on a metal bowl, the bottom layer of cooking oil is compared to imply how to cook the deep-fried and crispy crust. This type uses mainly beef filling.

Beef head tacos are a unique version of tacos with a core made from the cow's brain, cheeks, tongue, lips, and eyes. The skin of the ox head taco is steamed to keep it soft, served with onions and coriander.

Tacos sudados are a mixture of soft bread and spicy meat. The outer shell wraps the whole kernel to keep them hot and gives off steam to soften the shell. This variety can be made from shrimp, fish, and lamb.

Tacos are now considered world-famous street food. They appear everywhere. Tacos have become the number 1 choice of diners because of the attractive taste of grilled, fried, and steamed ingredients. In addition, this cake is also used as an after-dinner snack for Mexicans.

Tacos are also sold in fast food chains such as Mighty Taco, Taco Del Mar, Taco Bell, etc. Mexican fast-food restaurants such as Burger King or Jack in the Box also serve this dish. From a long-standing tradition of Mexico, tacos have become a dish known all over the world.

Interesting facts about Taco

You can't order a Taco at lunchtime in Mexico

Although Americans eat Taco at any time of day, in Mexico it is not. Tacos there are usually on the street in the morning or late at night, but between noon and 6 pm, it seems impossible to find tacos.

That's because Mexicans usually eat a hearty meal in the afternoon. But once dusk falls, the Taco wheels are back, ready to fuel those who come or go after a night of partying.

The story of starting a Taco car

The first Taco truck in America is attributed to Raul Martinez, a Mexican immigrant who opened up who converted an old ice cream truck into a mobile Taco restaurant in 1974. He parked the vehicle. Loaded outside a bar in East Los Angeles and was so successful he was able to open a restaurant (King Taco) just six months later. King Taco currently has 22 locations in California. You can buy a Taco quickly from a mobile truck like this on the street

You can make Taco with any ingredients

Taco's core is very diverse and customizable. Other popular Mexican tacos include Barbacoa (usually roast beef), Camarones (shrimp), and Lengua (beef tongue), but also more exotic varieties with organ meats (like bacon) or locusts fried.

Taco can be combined with ingredients traditionally associated with other cultures, like Korean barbecue. All in all, Taco's ability to combine is truly limitless.

Why is Taco so popular?

Taco is a cake made in the form of a tortilla folded in half, the inside is filled with meat, vegetables, sauce... Taco cake is now famous and popular in the world, so in each country sometimes the taste and flavor are the same. The way to do it has changed a bit. Typically, the following French-flavored Taco will surprise you when you see it for the first time.

A Taco cake is about the size of the palm of your hand, not too small nor too big, so a person can "cup" 2-3 cakes very easily. However, the Tacos of O'tacos store in Brooklyn, New York has challenged countless customers. In the past 10 years, only 30 people have been able to eat this cake all by themselves.

The special feature of this French-style Taco cake is its huge size. Because it weighs up to 5 pounds, equivalent to 2.3 kg. And if you put the cake right in front, it will definitely cover your face immediately.

To make this huge cake, of course, it also needs some special techniques and many times more ingredients. First is the crust, because the cake is too big, the crust must use many layers of tortillas on top of each other and rub the sauce evenly.

After that, people will put all kinds of fillings on top such as bell peppers, mushrooms, pork, beef, chicken, sausages... But, not stopping there, the filling will be piled high like a mountain with quite a few ingredients. lots of fries and greasy cheese sauce. Then, people pack the 4 corners of the cake tightly and put it in the oven to keep it hot and crispy.

Finally, deliver the cake to the customer. Customers who receive a Taco cake bigger than this person's face will be extremely excited. In particular, taking photos of virtual life is too ideal.

When you cut the cake in half, the ingredients inside have been mixed together, the cheese sauce is also absorbed so it looks very attractive.

However, the downside of O'tacos is that there are very few seats, only about 6 chairs placed next to the window. Meanwhile, the number of customers coming to the shop is very crowded, so almost everyone who buys has to take it away, but it is difficult to sit at the shop and enjoy delicious Tacos. The surprisingly large Taco costs $14. However, if you want to try the taste of this biggest Taco cake, you should go with a close group of 3-4 people to have the ability to "cup" the whole cake. And if you go alone, O'tacos also has a smaller size cake that fits your stomach even more.

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