What is feminism?

Feminism is a social movement whose primary goal is equality between women and men. At many times and places in the past, it was insisted that women and men have similar abilities, and efforts were made to improve the social status of all women, as well as the status of women. men. However, as an organized movement, feminism arose in the nineteenth century in Europe and America in response to the vast inequalities between the legal status of female and male citizens in different regions of the world. The western country has become technological.

Where does feminism come from?

The feminist theory first appeared in 1794 in the book A Vindication of the Rights of Women by British writer and thinker Mary Wollstonecraft. This work is considered the first feminist manifesto.

Meanwhile, the term Feminism - Féminisme first appeared in the novel Men - Women by French writer Alexandre Dumas con, published in 1872. In fact, there were the first elements that paved the way for the style. feminist movement from the beginning of history. In other ethnic groups, as well as in Vietnam, history credits powerful female generals and queens in history, such as Hai Ba Trung, Ba Trieu, the most powerful queen of ancient Egypt, Cleopatre or Nu. Queen Elizabeth I...

However, by the end of the nineteenth century, the movement for equal rights between women and men was born in Western countries. First, activists fought to open up new opportunities for women, first of all for the right to vote. Next, the movement emphasized sexual liberation, women's reproductive rights as well as gender equality. Recently, many people have talked about the "fourth wave" of the feminist movement, which focuses on practical equality (e.g. equality in wages, employment opportunities) between men and women.

Currently, the feminist movement in some developing countries has not made much progress. In some countries with radical Islam, people are still fighting for the right of women to go to school, or the right to drive themselves (recently recognized in Saudi Arabia), the right to make their own decisions. me. With many efforts to overcome religious and cultural barriers, feminists in these countries have achieved certain successes.

Born more than 100 years ago, the feminist movement has spread around the world, to every continent, in every country, in every religion. The individuals who represent this movement come from many different backgrounds as well as social classes or genders.

The world feminist movement also achieved many results thanks to the American First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962). Before becoming First Lady, she was actively involved in women's rights movements such as partnering with the American Union of Women's Trade Unions. She later became Chair of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, and then Chair of the Commission on the Status of Women, under President John F. Kennedy. Opra Winfrey, an entertainment queen, and activist. The famous feminist who has inspired millions of other women around the world.

Thinking of today's most outstanding women, one cannot forget Iran's youngest and first female judge Shirin Ebadi - 2003 Nobel Peace Prize winner - with her iron will in the act for the cause. human right. Born in Iran, a Muslim country with many prejudices against women's rights, she has emerged as one of the region's leading reform activists, tirelessly fighting for women's rights and children.

Feminism is essentially man-hating?

The answer is NO. Feminism has always been confused with misogyny. By definition, feminism means 'advocating for women's rights on the basis of gender equality. All feminists believe is that women should be treated fairly. Not above or below anyone, just equal. The equal rights agenda has nothing to do with hating men. They do not rely on the gender of men but judge that all men are chauvinist and discriminatory. What they disagree with is actually patriarchy, the notion that men are superior to women and, of course, anyone who promotes this ideology in any form, regardless of gender...

Only women are feminists?

Feminism is an ideology that aims to create equal opportunities for women, and supporting it has nothing to do with your gender. Men can be feminists too, and you might be surprised to learn a lot of men are actually feminists. Or, anyone who advocates equal rights for women is a feminist. So if you treat all the women around you equally, if you think they're as good as men in all areas, if you don't agree with concepts like patriarchy and matriarchy because they put one gender above the other, you are also a feminist.

Feminists want things to be easy?

It is often misunderstood that feminists want everything in their lives to be easy. In fact, they understand the difference between equality and privilege. They don't want to be taken to a higher level; they just want to have the chance to live freely like men. It's not fair that women, even in the most commercial sectors like the fashion industry, are paid less than half as much as men in the same position. They don't ask for privileges. They just want what they deserve.

Is feminism detrimental to men?

A lot of men disagree with the mere mention of feminism because they feel threatened by its impact. Although feminism is primarily about fighting for the equal rights of women, it also benefits us, men. Feminism supports the view that men don't have to give in to societal pressures to be the shield, to be the mainstay. At the same time, it advocates that women should be allowed to break social stereotypes.

Modern feminism - Inspiration is constantly spreading

Michelle Obama is considered one of the most influential US presidential wives ever. Not only is the wife of former President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama is also a successful lawyer, having graduated from Princeton University and Harvard Law School. She has always been actively involved in social activities and contributed to the success of Mr. Obama's previous presidential campaigns, and at the same time helped his image in the public eye become beautiful. , more perfect.

She has long been a symbol of feminism, of girls and women, not only in the United States but around the world. Her words have moved millions of women on the planet and her actions have made everyone admire.She has become an inspiration to many, rekindled the dream of going to school or having a fair life like many girls. She actively conducts large-scale and far-reaching programs in American society, such as improving the quality of nutrition for young children or helping girls have better learning opportunities. For her, a country's development depends on whether girls are given the same rights and equal opportunities as boys..

She has successfully organized many campaigns to promote girls' rights to education and fight obesity. She has helped build the Global Alliance of Girls to support 1,500 girls' education organizations around the world. The program will also encourage young people to join these groups and turn their passions on. theirs into action.

She also worked hard to build the "Let Girls Learn" Fund to support 62 million girls around the world to get an education. The Let Girls Learn Foundation provides scholarships, uniforms, and transportation to keep girls safe. “As a woman, above all a mother, I want my children to be empowered and to fulfill their ambitions and dreams,” she said.

Over the past years, the world political scene has witnessed the emergence of more and more powerful famous women such as former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former British Prime Minister Theresa May, or Angela Merkel, the first female Prime Minister, and was elected. Dubbed the Steel Lady of Germany. For many years in a row, they were voted by Forbes magazine as the most powerful women in the world. Smart, strong, and decisive are common traits of famous powerful women in international politics.

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