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What is liberalism?

Liberalism or the “liberal approach” is one of the most important schools in international relations theory. Emerging from the 16th-century religious reforms in Europe, liberalism has developed into a school of various branches of thought despite sharing the same basic assumptions. Accordingly, liberalism upholds the role of individuals, limits the role of the state, emphasizes the principle of rule of law, and protects individual civil liberties and private property rights. … Accordingly, with regard to domestic politics, liberalism holds that polities should respect and protect the liberties of individuals, especially civil liberties, and at the same time limit interference. state intervention in economic activities.

For international politics, liberalism emphasizes the role of individuals and organizations as agents in international relations besides the state. Unlike realism, which emphasizes the selfish, evil side of human nature and holds that international relations are a zero-sum game in which nations are always competing with each other, liberalism by emphasizing the potential for human progress and suggesting that nations, instead of competing, can cooperate with each other to achieve common interests, especially through international institutions.

Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and their ideology?

On November 24, the President was announced by the media to be elected as the US President in 2020 - Mr. J.Biden announced his foreign policy and national security team, with a strong message that his choice demonstrates a commitment to diversity and multilateralism.

Immediately after the G7 meeting, President Biden delivered a speech expected by Europe on strengthening transatlantic relations. Mr. Biden was the first sitting US president to speak at the Munich Security Conference and opened his speech with a pledge "America is back", "the transatlantic alliance is back". He affirmed that the transatlantic partnership is a cornerstone of US foreign policy. Washington will continue to work closely with all of its European partners and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. NATO). In addition, Mr. Biden also addressed the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is pushing the world into chaos and threatening democracies. He emphasized that only through global cooperation, challenges - including the fight against climate change - can be resolved and shared values ​​and prosperity can be ensured.

Trumpism is synonymous with a good deal, including a trade deal. The North American Free Trade Agreement is a bad deal, Mr. Trump renegotiated it, replacing it with the US-Mexico Free Trade Agreement, American farmers thus reap great benefits, food prices and consumption both increased.

Trumpism is about building a strong job market, a strong family force; building a vibrant economic, cultural, and humanistic environment, building America into a nation that benefits all Americans. This contrasts with the Democrats' and leftist's criticism of America, denigrating American history. American patriotic conservatives believe that America is blessed and blessed by God, proud of America, leaving the next generation with genuine historical education and patriotism education. , respecting American traditions, respecting the elites of previous generations such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and all those who have contributed to America, respecting the American flag.

President John Biden and the difficulties he will have to deal with

Mr. John Biden is honored to be written in American history as the 46th President, but to be honored, President Biden will go through a difficult and challenging road.

Never before has the majority of the American people and world politicians looked forward to and hoped for the new US President like now. The victory of Mr. John Biden and two Democratic senators in the state of Georgia has brought a huge political advantage to the liberal trend, abolishing "Trumpism", promoting multilateralism, opening a new era. new source for global politics.

In addition to the huge political advantages gained when the Democrats hold both houses of Congress, President-elect John Biden will face many challenges stemming from the power of the presidency, the coordination of actions between the executive with legislation. And most importantly, is President-elect Biden's thinking in shaping foreign policy in line with the trend of global politics. Besides the challenge of US presidential power, which is limited by the Constitution. Mr. Biden still faces many difficulties in realizing his ambition to return the United States to the leading position, building multilateralism, and preventing the expansion of influence from Russia and China. The reason is that the current world order is very different from the years after the end of the Cold War, all countries now put national interests above international interests. Although there is currently no multilateralism, political organizations tasked with maintaining world peace and security and maintaining the influence of the United States have all revealed their inadequacy and need to be reformed.

Due to the influence of politics, many citizens also have their own ideas and support the president and the ideology that they think will be good for them. Therefore, many Americans like to wear t-shirts with slogans printed to support the president they love.

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Why is America called the country of the free?

When it comes to America, people often think of a civilized nation, a country of freedom, equality, and opportunity.

Personal freedom is upheld

Americans always uphold individual freedom and equality among people. Everyone is treated equally with equal respect and equal rights in life. They like the competition to produce the best results and they take pride in it. Of course, they also honor and reward outstanding individuals.

Freedom to choose and express beliefs in the community

As a multiracial country, immigration has brought sects of immigrant believers to America. Religions in the world as well as indigenous beliefs live together with such as Protestantism, Catholicism, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. In the US, everyone has the right to freely choose and express their beliefs. their beliefs and religions in the community.

Freedom of speech

In the US Declaration of Human Rights, Congress announced that there were no restrictions on freedom of speech. For example, in the field of cinema, images of American rulers and stories surrounding national politics are also allowed to be made into movies and sometimes even shown around the world.

In addition, people are free to assemble peacefully and petition the government to correct grievances.

Freedom and equality in the choice of rulers

In the United States, citizens are free to choose their leader and, through equal elections, have a say in what they want from their government. America was founded on the people's desire to participate in government decisions. This is also a fundamental right and duty of American citizens.

The emphasis on individual liberties is one of the prominent features of the American republic. The builders of the Constitution, while empowering the federal government, were careful to protect everyone's rights by limiting the powers of both the federal and state governments. The result is to ensure that the American people live in a just, civilized, modern society with various freedoms. American citizens look to the courts for justice and protection when they feel these rights have been violated on American soil, or even in any country outside the United States.