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What are the Tapestries?

Tapestries are often used to decorate a picture, to hide the life spread on the wall. Among the ways to beautify the room walls, such as tile, wood or wallpaper, 3D printed panel tiles, more sophisticated with bookshelves, printed photos, etc., the choice of wall Tapestries is both simple and supportive. very convenient, extremely suitable for those who follow the neat school.

Besides, the price of wall-mounted Tapestries has many different prices, suitable for the pockets of many classes. If you find your wall is too empty, you can immediately hang a rug, too convenient, isn't it? With other solutions, you have to spend more time than that.

When did Tapestries appear?

During the Middle Ages, art flourished and became inclusive of many elements, especially Christianity. Medieval art grew out of a mixture of German and Roman art, merging with the upheavals of the Middle Ages. The distinctive Gothic look and feel of this art form are largely related to its origins, then rapidly evolving along with different directions, setting it apart from other art movements. before or from then on.

Medieval wall tapestries

One of the extremely notable elements of this period was the development of tapestries. Medieval tapestries, some of which still exist today, are the epitome of elegant, expensive medieval art that continues to delight modern audiences. Because of this, today many modern home decor enthusiasts are even looking for medieval tapestries when having trouble choosing their home decor.

There are several enduring motifs seen in medieval work, including sensory and cognitive elements, mythical beasts, the glory of God, and carnival. of large families.

Of particular importance is the appearance of the theme of religion and belief; where art is used as a medium to convey multifaceted concepts such as love and redemption. Art has taken on the challenge, and the boundless liberality of its artistic output is one of the main reasons it has maintained its status as an iconic fundamental pillar of Western art. direction.
Many people are now looking back to medieval tapestries as interesting and different additions to their home decor choices. Chances are that they are being sought by more and more people as something that can make a little difference.

Many famous products from the Middle Ages have been reproduced into modern wall tapestries. Some of the coolest examples from history have been reproduced into truly distinctive pieces of wall art.

Why should you choose to buy Tapestries on Printerval?

If you're looking for everything from electronics to tapestries, you'll find it at Printerval, a true general market store. Whether you are buying tapestries or planning to purchase something from our store, you will get the ultimate benefits as listed below. 

Printerval has a lot of Tapestries with special designs

Today's tapestries have a wide variety of designs so that they may serve as vital home decorations. Like opposed to having only boring hues of blue, red, purple, and yellow... as in the past, the designers have produced many more tapestry images with exquisite textures.

You may select tapestries that complement the décor as well as the color of the floor in order to make your home appear more streamlined, elegant, and contemporary.

Tapestries can be found in a variety of styles, including classic, neoclassical, boho, charming, cartoon, pastel hues, and young Korean colors, among others.

Diverse from size to type

Today's market offers a variety of Tapestries, including tapestries for bedrooms... Therein, it is hard to avoid mentioning tapestries with several applications. In addition, modern tapestries come in a variety of sizes to better suit each room. Depending on the area, there are three primary Tapestry sizes on Printerval: Small (36" X 26"), Large (80" X 68"), And Medium (60" X 50").

Reasonable price

There are now numerous sizes and patterns of tapestries available on the market, but when selecting tapestries, you should select those that are suited for the area and complement the décor of the home. Such as selecting tapestries whose dimensions correspond to the room's dimensions. Tapestries with a distinctive design are constantly available at Printerval for costs ranging from $19.99 to $22.00.

Currency payment

To guarantee safety and consistency in international transactions, all payments on Printerval are processed in USD. We provide a reliable product delivery policy and a streamlined online payment method for making purchases. We offer a variety of payment methods, including PayPal, AmazonPay, Visa Card, and Mastercard.

The shipping fee is so low!

In Printerval, not only is shipping incredibly inexpensive but it is also expedited. It takes only 6 to 14 days, including shipping, and you will not have to worry about your items in one month. You may obtain it here. Would like further delivery details.

Please visit Printerval.com for further information.

Custom by request

There are tapestries accessible on Printerval, as well as a design service based on your desired image. I have created the extremely opulent, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting tapestries possible, assuring that buyers will be pleased with their purchase.

How to choose good Tapestries?

We determined that tapestries are typically selected to harmonize with the existing design in a room. Therefore, it's very important that you choose the right ones to make a good fit for your living space. 

Choose the right size

Tapestries are significantly smaller than other ornamental and practical Tapestries. Depending on the application region, Tapestries are typically 36" X 26", 80" X 68", 60" X 50" inches in size.
You should measure and examine the area of the door where the tapestry will be hung; if the door is broad, you should select a large tapestry so that it does not appear deformed or illogical. If the entrance is narrow, you should select a modest, eye-catching tapestry to complement its size.

In addition to size, there are typically three design kinds for tapestries: rectangular tapestries, oval tapestries, and circular tapestries. Rectangular Tapestries are extremely common among them.

Choose the right material

Tapestries are 100% polyester, with this material ensuring the aesthetics and durability of the Tapestries.

Poly Ester Tapestries are made of 100% Polyester - a high-grade synthetic fiber, so the Tapestries are extremely soft, have high dirt retention, and are quick to dry. In terms of durability, this is a type of tapestry that is highly appreciated by consumers compared to other common Tapestries. The textures on the Tapestries are beautifully designed, making Poly Ester Tapestries a product of choice for many families.

The product has a very good dirt retention capacity, is easy to wash, dries quickly, and helps keep your living space clean, with no dust.

Poly Ester rugs are small and medium in size and have delicate embroidery details on the surface, so the Tapestries are suitable for small and medium-sized areas such as in front of the house, offices, apartments, cafes, and doors. row,…

Choice for color

Soft hues will make you feel calm, at ease, and near to one another. Milky, white, light blue, and pink are simple, soft hues that are frequently picked by many individuals. These hues will make your living space appear bigger and airier.

Matching the tapestries to the interior and exterior paint colors of your home is a crucial consideration. To make your house beautiful, modern, and eye-catching, it is vital to select a hue that complements its surroundings. The living room is where the majority of goods will be displayed, therefore you should choose colors with attention.

Fashionable design

Rely on the home's existing furniture. However, we can select a model with an appropriate star pattern design. Or depending on the floor's color and substance. Or the primary hue of the living environment. From there, pick a color-coordinated tapestry.

For instance, selecting tapestries for the living room creates a pleasant environment. Consequently, the color of the tapestries will match the color of the floor. Or, if you want to create a focal point, the color of the tapestries will be a dominant tone that contrasts with the floor color.

How to choose the coolest Tapestries?

Tapestries are much loved for their diversity when it comes to practical uses. Following are some creative recommendations to apply to the Tapestries in different spaces. 

Tapestries wall for bedroom space

The simple bedroom will be more lively and sophisticated thanks to the modern patterned wall rug.

Modern bedroom with soft wall Tapestries

Not only for wall hanging, but the Tapestries can also be mounted directly on the wall, both convenient and quickly solving annoying problems. This measure applies to modern bedrooms, or children's bedrooms so that they don't hit their heads or body against the wall.

The Tapestries are in sync with the floor mat

With the uniformity of both colors and materials, the wall rugs and home appliances always go well together. The feeling of tone - sur - tone is very popular in the design industry, moreover, this combination is also a highlight in your home space, creating unexpected sophistication.

The Tapestries is like a vivid natural picture of the space

Are you a nature lover but don't know how to bring nature into your home? The wall rug with colors and textures of nature is one of the extremely suitable decorations in this case. Shades like orange, yellow, red, green, blue, etc., along with motifs of birds, flowers, and branches, will make your room come alive instantly.

Tapestries highlight the interior space

The large plain walls painted by the owner with neutral colors are often very boring and boring. What's more effective than manually hanging a curtain or Tapestries with a distinctive pattern? Surely the pattern of the wall rug will become the extremely distinctive highlight of your room.

3D Tapestries for hallway wall decoration

Corridor space for each family member to travel also needs decoration. Usually, people hang pictures in places like this, but you can also use wall rugs with background colors and patterns, creating a feeling of relaxation for everyone.

Why need bedroom Tapestries?

Increase aesthetics: The bedroom is a warm room, the bedroom will help you relax after a hard day at the office. The bedroom is a place to relieve stress, so the bedroom needs to be neat and beautiful. The purpose of using wall hangings to decorate the bedroom is to beautify the room and bring the feeling of warmth, closeness, and comfort to the homeowner.

Less empty: Looking at your bedroom, if there is only one wall color, it will look cold, if you are alone, it will be unlucky. A bedroom wall rug will help your room be less empty, and less sad, and bring a feeling of warmth and closeness to you.

Health protection: Cold walls can make you cold, and the use of bedroom rugs has the effect of warming your body, creating a comfortable feeling when you go to sleep.

High feng shui: When choosing a feather carpet for the bedroom, you should choose feng shui to protect your career path, as well as your comfort.

How to decorate a beautiful home with wall rugs?

The decorative wall rug is like a large art painting with captivating colors and distinctive textures. Whether hand-woven or machine-made, a rug is a story, a cultural beauty of different regions, and expresses different decorative styles.

Decorative wall hangings bring an oriental breath

Oriental rugs are usually woven by tying knots around them, which can be either a Turkish knot or a Persian knot. This style of carpet often gives your home a traditional touch thanks to the colors taken from natural materials such as indigo, and red tree roots.

Oriental-style wall hangings are usually divided into two parts: the outer border and the inner texture. The border is divided into two main and secondary parts. The interior motifs often have symmetrical designs, block motifs, or soft curves. Patterns on carpets are often very delicately woven, bringing classic features.

European-style decorative wall tapestry

If oriental-style rugs stand out with tradition and classic breath, European-style wall rugs show luxury and nobility. Carpets use the coolest materials such as fleece, velvet, or wool…; large size with impressive pattern lines; Colors are often deep like bass, brown, moss green, and red, combined with light cream, yellow, or white tones.

In addition, the layout of the European wall carpet is also very recognizable with the soft floral motifs curving symmetrically at the border; and stylized decorative motifs of circles, ellipses, or rectangles inside.

What is the average price of Tapestries?

When selecting a tapestry, you must also examine its high or low price in order to select a floor mat fit for your family's financial situation. You do not save a great deal of money by purchasing low-quality tapestries, as these tapestries frequently have a short lifespan and are easily destroyed. You may get your favorite Tapestries from Printerval for an average price of $19.99.

Where to buy the coolest Tapestries?

Numerous individuals pick from the various stores and merchants supplying quality tapestries on the market nowadays. But Printerval's high-end Tapestries are really remarkable. With a low price and a solid reputation for quality. Assist you throughout the duration of your product use. We will cheerfully assist you in any circumstance.