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What is Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving Day, also known as Thanksgiving, is a solemn occasion of the year for Catholics, usually celebrated annually mainly in the United States and Canada. This is a holiday to celebrate the harvest of crops, and at the same time give thanks to God for giving people a peaceful and full life.

By law in the United States and Canada, Thanksgiving Day is an official holiday for all workers. Many Americans also humorously liken that this is the day of death for turkeys because this is the occasion when this food is used the most.

What day is Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Day - Thanksgiving Day does not have a fixed date that will change from year to year. This date is calculated as follows:

In the US, Thanksgiving will take place on the 4th Thursday in November, not the last Thursday of November as some people mistakenly believe (some November years have up to 5 days). Thursday). And specifically, this 2021, Thanksgiving in the US will take place on Thursday, November 25.

In Canada, Thanksgiving will be held on the second Monday in October. In 2021, Thanksgiving in Canada will take place on October 11.

What is the meaning and origin of Thanksgiving?

The Origin of Thanksgiving Day

Despite being right next to each other, the origins of Thanksgiving in the US and Canada are completely different. Thanksgiving Day in Canada was first celebrated in 1578, originating from the 3rd trip to Canada of explorer Martin Frobisher. On the way, he encountered many storms, so when he arrived at Nunavut, he decided to organize a party to celebrate his safe journey.

Meanwhile, Thanksgiving in America took place in 1621 with a completely different story. The first American Thanksgiving is considered to take place in the colony of Plymouth in present-day Massachusetts - USA. Between the 16th and 17th centuries, some Englishmen were forced to convert by the emperor. However, these people did not accept and were then spent many years in prison, finally, the emperor forced them to leave England.

Initially, they settled in the Netherlands but soon realized they could not fit in and they were afraid that their descendants would lose their roots. Therefore, a group of 102 people left the Netherlands on the Mayflower to go to America. When they arrived in Massachusetts, just as it entered the fiercest phase of the cold winter (November 1621), half of them had to die from starvation and lack of food. Fortunately, the good Indians here taught them how to survive. In the end, they got up and could take care of their own lives, so they decided to hold a party to thank God for being with them, and to show their sincerity towards the Indians. Since then, every year, the descendants of these "American immigrants" (also known as the Pilgrims) have always celebrated Thanksgiving to thank them for the good things that have come to them in life.

Although historically, Thanksgiving has been around for a long time, this holiday has only become an important national holiday in the United States since the 19th century.

Abraham Lincoln - the first US president to declare Thanksgiving an annual national holiday. Since then, Thanksgiving has just begun to be fixed on the fourth Thursday of November since 1941 under President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Meaning of Thanksgiving Day to Americans

To the American people, this Thanksgiving day has a great meaning. This is an opportunity for them to look back on their lives, appreciate what they have, and thank God for the grace that God has given them.

Besides, many Americans also consider Thanksgiving as an important symbolic meaning associated with the founding of the nation.

Whatever the meaning, Thanksgiving Day is also an opportunity for people here to gather, gather with family and loved ones and enjoy cozy meals, giving each other thanks. Therefore, Thanksgiving in the US is also considered an important holiday for the family.

A few interesting facts about Thanksgiving

Roast turkey

According to the American Turkey Association, up to 88% of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Therefore, when it comes to Thanksgiving, many people immediately think of grilled turkey.

Baked cowpeas

Besides roasting turkey, cowpeas in the oven are also a traditional Thanksgiving dish. Up to 78% of Americans think that baked cowpea is an extremely attractive dish.

Rugby matches

On Thanksgiving, there's a lot going on, like themed parades in cities like New York, Plymouth, Houston, Philadelphia, and Detroit. Besides, rugby match is also one of the main activities on this special holiday.

In addition to the professional football teams that compete against each other, there are also many high school or college football teams that also compete.

Amnesty turkey

Every year on Thanksgiving Day, the sitting president of the United States will release a turkey as a pardon. No one is sure when this tradition began, some suggest that it began in 1860 with the current president, Abraham Lincoln. After his son Tad asked his father for a turkey as a pet, the chicken has since escaped the fate of having to become a Thanksgiving dinner table dish.

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