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Sep, 27 2022
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Halloween is one of the most anticipated days of the year. As Halloween approaches, we want to answer your questions regarding "What is Halloween?" and provide valuable information. Let's get started!
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    What is the meaning of Halloween? 

    Halloween is the spookiest time of the year but it is also among the most awaited days for everyone. As the big day is just around the corner, we would like to write this post for you to feed your curiosity about "What is the meaning of Halloween" and all the helpful Halloween information. Without further ado, let's dive into this post!

    The true meaning of Halloween

    Keep scrolling down buddies as in this post we will provide you with so much interesting information that you might not know about this spooky season. 

    The origin of the word "Halloween"

    It might come as a surprise to you that the word "Halloween" was first turned up in a Scottish poet's poem in 1785. It is said that this word is the combination of two words, which are "Hallow" (meaning "a saint" or "a holy individual"), often used to mention all the saints who are honored on All Saints' Day, and "een" is a short form of the word "eve" (meaning "the evening before").

    All in all, Halloween is essentially an antiquated way of stating "the evening before All Saints' Day," which is also known as Hallowmas or All Hallows' Day.

    Why is Halloween celebrated on October 31 each year?

    To find out What is the meaning of Halloween, it's crucial to get to know why people celebrate this big event on October 31 and not on other days.  

    The ancient Gaelic celebration of Samhain, often regarded as Halloween's earliest known source, was held on October 31st, thus the holiday's observance on that day. The turning of the seasons was a significant event in and of itself, but some observers also saw this period as a window through which they may communicate with the dead. 

    Ancient people also had a strong belief that on this day, when the invisible border between the two worlds of the living and the dead is blurred, the existence of the supernatural spirits made it simpler for the priests to make forecasts about the future. During the cold, dark months, these predictions provided much-needed hope to a people who relied only on the whims of nature.

    Halloween costumes

    How did Halloween rise to prominence?

    In the past, Halloween festivals would be the time for neighbors to gather together to share tales or legends relating to the dead, or perform fortune-tellings, and also to dance and sing to show gratitude for a successful harvest season. 

    During Colonial America's Halloween celebrations, it was common practice to tell scary stories and get into all sorts of mischief. Despite the widespread popularity of yearly fall celebrations by the mid-19th century, Halloween was not yet widely observed throughout the United States.

    If you are curious about what is the significance of Halloween, you should know that it was not until new arrivals to the United States swamped the country throughout the latter part of the nineteenth century did Halloween become well-known. It was largely due to these new arrivals, notably the millions of Irish who fled the Irish Potato Famine, that Halloween became a widely celebrated American tradition.

    How Halloween Is Celebrated Today?

    We have witnessed significant changes in the way how Halloween has been celebrated throughout the years. Besides some old traditions such as trick-and-treat, carving pumpkins, making bonfires, throwing Halloween parties, etc., Halloween now has successfully become an important event that we cannot live without. To celebrate the day, Halloween theme parks, Halloween-inspired TV specials, Halloween charity balls, and other alike forms have mushroomed all over the place. By this, we can see clearly the huge power of Halloween in today's world. These are all practical evidence to show you what is the meaning of Halloween.


    What are the symbols of Halloween?

    We have provided you with detailed information about the true meaning of Halloween, now we would like to flesh out the most iconic symbols of Halloween. There are tons of symbols of Halloween that we can think of, such as:

    • Bats
    • Jack-o-lantern
    • Skulls
    • Skeletons
    • ...

    We have picked 3 symbols that we think to be the most iconic ones as below. 

    Carved pumpkins (as known as Jack O’Lanterns)

    Indeed, you can easily see carved pumpkins anywhere, anytime at this time of the year. It is the most iconic symbol of Halloween and also of the Fall season. Most folks enjoy a day of pumpkin harvesting in the days leading up to the frightening holiday. The purpose of pumpkin picking is to select the best possible pumpkin for carving frightening images like witches, bats, ghosts, and cats into. Upon their arrival in the New World, Irish settlers carried with them the practice of hollowing out turnips and lighting them with coals or a candle. Then, around Halloween time, they were placed on doorsteps to scare off the ghosts of the dead. People still practice this custom today, however, its significance has changed throughout time. The widespread popularity of frightening movies and other media has led to a proliferation of interpretations of the pumpkin emblem. One of the most recognizable icons of Halloween, remember that even in its many forms, it is always a must-see.


    The witches

    Around this time of the year, you will see a countless number of individuals who collect things or dress up like a witch. When you poke around on the Internet to seek Halloween-themed stuff to buy, one of the most popular images popping up for you is also the witch on her broomstick, flying away from the full moon. 

    In the Christian perspective on witchcraft that emerged from the Middle Ages, witches were seen as working hand in hand with the devil. This is because Halloween and Samhain have always had a special place in their hearts due to the witches' ability to conjure spells and communicate with the other side. 

    Black Cats

    When it comes to Halloween, Black Cats are always among the most popular images that conjure up in everyone's mind. They are considered to be the sign of mystery and have a close relation to witchcraft. As a result of their association with the event, black cats are often barred from adoption during the Halloween season by humane societies out of fear that they may be tortured or sacrificed.

    The bottom line

    Printerval does hope this post provides you with all the most helpful information about “What is the meaning of Halloween” that you should know to get into the Halloween spirit to the fullest. Wish you all a spooky and fun Halloween season!

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