The National Month of Hope - Looking forwards to a bright future

Mar, 30 2022
Posted by Frank Merino
The National Month of Hope serves as a pointing arrow for people who have become disoriented throughout the terrifying pandemic
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    The National Month of Hope serves as a pointing arrow for people who have become disoriented throughout the terrifying pandemic and, on a larger scale, during their entire lives.


    What is the National Month of Hope? 

    The National Month of Hope took place on the first Wednesday of April. It was founded in 2018 as part of a national awareness campaign by a non-profit organization called Mothers in Crisis. 

    The program aims to help families separated by addiction. Through HOPE (Helping Others Practice Empowerment), Mothers In Crisis reaches out to families by providing prevention, intervention, inspiration, and support. The movement began as a national program, but it gradually gained international recognition. 

    What is Hope?

    Hope - a short four-letter word that can change the way people perceive things. Hope is the fuel that drives us forwards, especially during tough times. Hope makes us once again have faith in the "new normal." Let's breathe and hope for a better future. 

    Hope derives from the word "cupio," which means "to desire" or "wish well," though the meaning of the word is not similar to the definition of "wish" and was defined as "confidence in the future," based on the old English word "hopa."

    Cambridge Dictionary defined it as "a confident feeling about what would happen in the future." Hope is simply a positive feeling over the future. 

    "Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible," said Hellen Keller. In simpler words, in life, there will be times when we stumble, believe in a beautiful future ahead, and walk strong. One day we will reach the finish line of success. 

    Hope can turn the impossible into possible, turn the seemingly useless things back to their original appearance. If everyone has hope, trust, and optimism, good messages will be spread more strongly, from which society will become better.

    How to observe the National Month of hope 

    Fill yourself with hope: Only when you genuinely feel hope within' yourself can you spread it to others. Make sure that you feel loved and know that everyone deserves happiness. We have to care about our minds as much as our bodies. You can go to the gym, eat healthily, and go on holiday, but you cannot seek hope if you don't control the negative emotions in your head. 

    Spread it widely: Hope is contagious. The good news is that becoming a hope-bearer requires a small amount of work. You can voluntarily lend somebody a hand or run small errands for them. Still, your presence sometimes is more than enough. Being there and listening closely to friends' problems are more valuable than material possessions.

    Contribute to the community: The world right now needs love and hope more than ever. Take part in volunteer work, doing something that you haven't done in a long time, like cleaning the trash in public areas like stadiums, children's playgrounds, etc. Keep yourself active for the whole month!  

    cleaning trash on the national month of hope

    The role of the National Month of Hope

    Make the world a better place to live: Hope is the belief in good things happening in the future. Without hope and faith, we lack the motivation and energy to keep moving forward. With hope and trust in ourselves, we can take on even the most challenging circumstances that we don't think we'll be able to do. 

    Hope is everywhere:  Hope is deeply rooted in every culture. The word itself has its version in every language. Hope has been the source of inspiration for numerous composers, artists, and poets to produce works of art over the years. Hope inspires people to spread love, find passion, and stay connected. 

    The National Month of Hope has allowed us to reflect on ourselves and have faith to face all of life's adversity. Try spreading it more, and it will eventually go back to you.


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    Posted by: Frank Merino

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