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What is Tumbler?

Tumbler is the name of a type of glass with a flat bottom, gradually growing up to the top of the Tumbler, used to drink cold drinks. A tumbler is commonly found in offices and cafes. These thermos Tumblers are not made of glass but are made of heat-retaining materials.

There are products with lids, with a two-layer structure with high heat retention, allowing users to carry their favorite drinks, but its heat preservation function cannot be compared with a thermos bottle (plug). water) retains heat, and the structure is simple. The attractive point of the Tumbler thermos is that it is easy to clean and comes in many stylish designs.

More and more people bring their own mugs to coffee shops, and some coffee shops even produce their own tumblers like Starbucks. If you have a separate Tumbler, you can actively use it in many situations, such as during breaks at home, or at the office.

What are the benefits of Tumbler?

There is no limit to the uses of insulated tumblers. Before making a purchase, you may personalize a tumbler to your taste. In addition, tumblers are ideal for beverages that require a particular temperature. There are several advantages to using a tumbler.

Effective heat retention

The usual structure of the Tumblers is usually 2-3 layers: the outer shell - (vacuum layer) - the innermost layer is usually stainless steel (201, 304). With that structure, the thermos has a pretty good temperature preservation effect for both hot and cold foods. Combined with the design of the exhaust-resistant lid, it will increase the ability to retain heat. Normally, the thermos can keep hot for 6-8 hours, and cold for about 10-12 hours.

Safe food storage

304 or 201 stainless steel is used for the innermost layer, the layer in contact with the food of the thermos is quite safe for health. It ensures that no harmful substances are released into the stored food, and it is very easy to clean after use. Many reputable firms produce Tumblers with stainless steel 304 or 201

Convenient multi-function

With the structure and materials used, Tumblers can be used to: Hold hot/cold drinks: tea, coffee, juice, and drinking water. Store ice or boiling water as a backup.

Fashionable, compact, convenient, flexible movement

Quite compact design, Tumblers products are easy for users to take with them when going out, hand-held, or put in backpacks or bags. Some bottles also have a convenient hanger.

Helps you quench your thirst quickly

Many people have a habit of drinking cold water, or are addicted to hot/ice coffee, or hot/ice tea… But not anytime and anywhere you can buy or mix that favorite drink. That way, prepare them as soon as you can and stock them in Tumblers, and you've got your favorite drink for the day.

Hold water and drinks

Just like other types of bottles, you can use the thermos as a container for water and drinks.

Keep drinks warm

As the name of the product, the main function of the thermos is to keep the temperature of the water as close to the original as possible after a certain time.

Normally, the thermos bottle is capable of keeping the water temperature for 6-8 hours. With quality, thermos can keep water temperature from 8-12 hours.

You can use the thermos when you need to make tea, coffee, or smoothies or get hot water to drink, etc. The thermos helps you save time and always has delicious drinks available to enjoy.

When going out or going to work, you can bring hot or cold water with you, which is very convenient to use. For families with children, the elderly or sick people, the thermos becomes even more important.

Meaningful gifts

The thermos bottle is quite familiar to households, so it will become a meaningful gift to give to relatives and friends. In addition, with a compact, lovely design, the thermos will satisfy even the extremely demanding people.

Why choose to buy Tumblers on Printerval?

Printerval has a great supply of Tumblers goods. Tumblers-level designs for Printerval are diligently developed by designers from all around the world. The patterns are one-of-a-kind and eye-catching, and they may be used in a number of settings.

Printerval provides items on Tumblers with images created by a number of famous designers

The Tumblers product is printed with inspiring photos and patterns that are distinctive and ornate. Among the various print, kinds are quotations from life or somewhere else, humorous graphics, images/quotes from movies, and designs produced by designers from across the globe. Additionally, the Tumbler is imprinted with hot events or created according to the customer's specifications.

Printerval provides Tumblers with safe and healthy material

The absolute rust resistance of stainless steel is suitable for sports, exercise or daily use. Besides, the advantages of good scratch resistance, high hardness as well as color retention, and environmental friendliness, do not cause irritation to the skin of the hands.. Printerval focuses on distributing porcelain Tumblers so that users can use the safest products.

Printerval provides Tumblers with diverse sizes

Printerval concentrates on 1 main size: 30OZ which is similar to 900m. These is typical Tumbler sizes that can be used by both adults and children.

What is the coolest color for Tumblers?

White Tumblers have always been linked with bitter coffee. Many people loathe coffee because it is bitter, while others would rather begin their day with a stronger Tumbler. To give you a boost in the morning, the coffee tumbler you use in the morning should be white. And the black Tumblers assist to emphasise the artwork, enhancing the Tumblers' allure. Suitable for beverages like hot chocolate and lattes.

Price of Tumblers

With a variety of sizes and designs, the cost is also somewhat variable. Depending on the material, style, and design, tumblers vary in price from $36.99. As a consequence, consumers may confidently pick the appropriate Tumblers for themselves.

Although the pricing for the Tumblers varies, there is no variation in quality between them. All are of the same caliber and worth. Therefore, you should not be concerned about the quality problem.

How about the payment?

To be competitive on e-commerce shopping platforms, Printerval.com accepts the U.S. dollar as payment.

Fast shipping of Printerval.com

After their money has been received and their purchase has been processed, the client will typically get their order between 10 to 21 business days, depending on the product and quantity.
To learn more about shipping methods and policies, please visit the Delivery & Delivery part of Printerval.com. To get the precise shipping cost for each region, please visit the Shipping & Delivery section.
We are devoted to expedient delivery so that the consumer may enjoy the goods as soon as feasible.

How to choose a good Tumbler?


Thermos Tumblers are made from a variety of materials, so choose the glass material according to the type of drink or need to use. If you want to use a durable and easy to clean Tumbler, stainless steel is a perfect choice; while if focus on cost and design, choose plastic.

If you like fermented fruit juice, use metals like tin, copper, and titanium, as they are great at chilling. Both materials have a premium feel, so it's perfect for those looking to enjoy a luxurious dinner at home. There are products that are difficult to condense steam with a double-layer structure, and those that make the foam of the beer smoother; so it's interesting to choose the material of the thermos carefully.

However, some metal Tumblers are not suitable for holding hot drinks if they are not equipped with insulation, so consider your needs before choosing to buy.

The Tumblers keep hot and keep the cold feature

You want to enjoy your drink as hot as possible, or as cold as possible. Unlike glass, there are many materials that have excellent heat retention and cold retention properties. If you have a good hot and cold glass, you can enjoy your favorite drink anywhere, anytime, such as during a break between working hours at the office or when doing housework.

In particular, we encourage you to choose a thermos with a double-layer construction. In addition to high insulation and heat retention, it is difficult for steam to condense even when you have cold drinks, or even when you have hot drinks, your hands will not be burned, so you can use it more comfortably use.

Choose Tumblers with lids and easy to use

If you often use Tumblers on your desk in the office, or when traveling by car, choose a mug with a spill-proof lid. Or if you want to carry it around in a bag, handbag or something like that, check the reviews and choose a thermos with a tight-fitting lid, with a high degree of tightness. Some Tumblers have a design so that even when the lid is closed, you can drink from the drinking position on the top of the lid, very convenient and safe.

Easy to clean

It is also important that the thermos Tumblers can be used every day, without the need for extensive care. If your glass mouth is wide, you can easily reach the bottom and clean. In addition, with the type with the lid, you should disassemble the cover and choose one that can be cleaned individually. If you normally use the dishwasher, it's a good idea to check that the Tumblers are dishwasher safe. If suitable for the dishwasher, you can use the Tumbler and clean it quickly, without wasting time and effort.

Stainless steel has excellent cold retention

According to the verification results, products made of stainless steel often outperform in cooling energy and differ by more than 5 °C compared with materials such as plastic and ceramic. , after an hour it only increases by 1.5°C. If you want to enjoy a cool drink in the summer, you can opt for a stainless steel mug.

Design suitable for drinks

Through the test, to drink hot drinks, it is coolest to have a certain distance from the rim of the cup to the mouth of the drink, if the cup is tilted, the drink will not pour out immediately. If there is this distance, it will help you determine whether the drink inside has reached the mouth of the glass or not, thereby controlling the tilt of the cup to get a moderate amount of hot water, without causing mouth burns.

Sliding lids are easy to leak

Although it is still resistant to spills, the sliding lid will not be as secure and leak-proof as the closed lid. Especially for those who often use water in the office, it will be a bad thing to contaminate the water on the table or computer, so choose one with a secure lid so you can enjoy your favorite drink right away. at his office.

Reputable shopping address

Products are currently distributed quite a lot on the website Printerval… with diverse designs and many preferential prices you can choose from. So users can rest assured to compare products with different levels. The price is right for you.

Are the Tumblers only used to keep the temperature of normal drinking water or other foods?

Users often want to take advantage of the heat retention ability of the thermos to help keep hot/cold not only by drinking water but also juice, coffee, tea or porridge, soup ...

In fact, to be able to store a variety and effectively and safely keep the heat of the above foods, users need to choose the right product "amphoteric thermos" made of stainless steel.

The type with stainless steel structure - vacuum layer - stainless steel (304) will keep food well at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius, keeping heat for 8-24 hours. The price of this type is usually a few hundred thousand dong.

Another has an inner layer material coated with a silicone layer for better heat retention (up to 48 hours). This type is only used with water and hot food below 70 degrees Celsius, the price is also quite expensive from a few hundred to a million dong, but not very popular.

How much does an average Tumbler cost?

Investing in a Tumbler is a wise decision; for about $36.99, you can get a Tumbler with a distinctive design and stunning color.

Where to buy the cheapest and coolest Tumblers?

Printerval.com is one of the largest online websites for Tumblers in a range of shapes and colors. In addition, the prices on Printerval.com are incredibly inexpensive and suited for a wide variety of individuals, including officials and employers.